Snow snow snow!

OMG, someone turn off that darn AC and tell the snow it’s not suppose to be here yet. It needs to come for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and then go away, right? Right. James and I went to Walmart today because if the weather is correct we’re suppose to be getting a whole lot … [Read more…]

Phone call more important than passenger safety?

Some Blueline taxi drivers need to go back to class on passenger safety if there is such a thing. Especially when driving passengers with some form of disability. Early this morning I had a huge craving for nachoes and cheese sticks and just had to go to Denny’s So off James and I went. We … [Read more…]

Know any good books?

I love reading and always on the look out for great books to read. I read everything from childrens books to westerns. I even read non-fiction books like Ann Rule. In fact, she’s one of my favourites. So if anyone out there has great books that you’ve read or might be reading soon please post … [Read more…]

Nerves strike again

Well, those darn nerves are striking again can you believe that? I’ve been with James for 5 months now and it’s been awesome. We hit it off from day one much to both of our shock, *smiles* Even though I’ve already met some of his family and spent time out at as I call them … [Read more…]