You brave enough to answer?

Come on, you’re not chicken are you? Tell me what you think.

(1) Crazy .
(2) I’d marry you .
(3) I’d date you .
(4) Sarcastic .
(5) I miss you .
(6) I’d kiss you .
(7) Beautiful .
(8) Smart .
(9) Imaginative .
(10) Random .
(11) Jerk .
(12) Funny .
(13) Funny as crap .
(14) Amazing .
(15) Tough .
(16) Cute .
(17) I’d hit you with a bus .
(18) I love you .
(19) Weirdo .
(20) Friends forever

If you answer keep in mind that I’ll comment right back if I know you, *smiles*


Found Our Dream House

OMG, I’m soooooo in love!

This afternoon James and I went to look at what we were first calling our potential new home. Well, that potential has turned into a “absolutely!”

Accora Village won me over when I first looked at the description on their site, but after going there today and seeing first a garden house and then a townhouse I’m in love. The places are totally awesome and that makes staying here at Greenbank Towers extremely difficult. Especially now with everything going on, but more about that later.

James and I will be moving into a garden house. If you count the room that’s in the basement it’s 5, count them, 5 rooms! We will have our pools both inside and out, a hot tub, fitness centre and loads more at this community. Go check it out and you’ll see. I’d say it all here but then the post would go on forever!

This will be the perfect house for us to have that family that we’re also planning on.

Another great thing is that we’ll also be close to our favorite anniversary place to eat Boston Pizza and they hopefully we’ll deliver since we’ll be closer to one of the locations.

Can we move yet?

Ok, so the reason we are thinking about moving already and want to move like now is because our current living situation has become hostile and we no longer trust management. Since it is currently going on I will not going into the details right now, but will definitely when things cool off a bit.

Anyways, back to the good stuff. Moving once again and this time there will not be a move after it. I guess we’re not going to completely unpack after all. Way too much work to have to pack everything up again. So might as well wait until we move to our final destination.

more later must go back to mentally decorating our house.


Singing Once Again

After two long years I’ve found one of my passions once again. When I lived in Vancouver I use to sing with a band and I’ve missed it ever since I moved to Ottawa.

Finally, on Thursday November 1, I start singing with Shout Sister Choir and they are totally awesome. They sing a huge range of songs which makes it even more enjoyable.

I absolutely love singing. It helps me when I’m stressed or feeling blue or just during those times when I just feel like singing. This time of year is when I especialy love it. All those lovely holiday songs that will be starting long before they should that are just so darn catchy. Country is my absolute favorite thing to sing of course and this choir even does a few of those, *smiles*.

Anyways, here’s to another new adventure and I hope it turns out well.

I have loads of songs to learn to sing so I must get back to practicing.

Anyone have a translator for this darn French song I need to learn?

This is turning out to be a great second half of a horrible year!


Did Lacey Really Do It?

So everyone by now should be aware of the fact that there’s a cute adorable puppy named Lacey here right? Right.

No, then stop reading this post right now and go read about her. You can’t miss the posts!

So a couple of days ago James discovers a wet spot on the floor and you know what that means?

Yep, that Lacey struck again, *growls*

But wait, was it really Lacey? Some people say James really did it and blamed the poor dog that was currently sleeping in her crate.

Then to make matters worse he tried to kill me. That horrible beast! He sprayed loads of air freshener to try and cover the smell and me me have to close the room door and bury my head under my pillow and blanket. *sighs*. I mean he knows I have chemical sensitivities. What was he thinking?

Wait, never mind don’t answer that.

So, what is your vote? Did Lacey pee on the floor or was it James?


Life with Lacey

How is life with Lacey going?

It’s actually not going that bad. For a dog that’s suppose to be so hard to handle she’s doing very well. It’s been almost two weeks and she is much better than she was on day one.

Every once in a while she will put me to the test to see what she can get away with, but it seems not as much as what she’s doing to poor James, *smiles* Those two are still playing who is top dog. Power struggle and who will be the winner? *grins*

At least in the house she is doing very well with the sit, down and stay commands which she had to learn especially when it’s food time. Now outside is a totally different story at times. Watch out if she really wants something.

Lacey sit.

Person walks by, “oo hi, want to play with me? Let me sniff you”

No, Lacey sit.

Another few seconds goes by and then a nice dog comes along. “oo, now I know I get to say hi to that dog, *growl, bark, wag wag*

The joys of having a new dog eh?

She’s also gotten very good at go to bed. This was taught to her for bed time and for when we need to leave the house and she can’t have free run of the place. James and I better figure out how the heck to get that crate to be Lacey proof. She’s a Noah jr. and can magically escape the thing. I think Noah is telling her his tricks.

She’s had two accidents in the house, but those came after really long play times and not taking her out right after and that was early on. No others so far. At least that we’ve found.

She’s still learning that she is not to jump at noah if she wants to play with him, but I think she’s getting it. Today was the first day they played together for a long time without James or I having to put her to bed for being bad. *laughs* they actually wore each other out by playing which is a first.

Hopefully this weekend we can start working on taking her for short walks. Will need to give that some thought seeing that Lacey is still giving James a little trouble. I’m curious to see if she’s a squirrel chaser like my boy Noah.

Anyways, that’s all for now. More about Lacey and Noah another day.


Newworlds Ateraan

Are you looking for a great role-play game? Need someplace to go to escape the real world for a while and just be someone else? I have just the place for you!

Come check out Newworlds Ateraan where you can find dragons, orcs, killer turkeys, elves, dwarfs, nymphs and so much more! Come learn about the druids, mages, warriors, merchants and all the other guilds that Ateraan has to offer.

Newworlds Ateraan is a role-play enforced game. this means that you are your char the moment you step into the game. Great for those people that are looking for this style, right? Right.

Are you totally blind and also looking for a role-play game to play? Guess what, Newworlds is that place for you. The staff do everything they can to include you. There are quite a few blind players on the game that can also help you out if you get stuck.

I have been playing this game since july 2010. It is my first ever role-play game. I’ve met some pretty awesome people here that I’m friends with both in and out of game. I’ve had my current character Neechi since November 2010 and people keep telling me she’s pretty awesome! I think they just tell me that though, *smiles*

I won’t mis-lead you, the game does have some bad times as well: such as, people not liking some rules or decisions that are made or the fact that sometimes the game goes down for a while and drives all of us that are addicted absolutely nuts. If it was absolutely perfect then it wouldn’t be any fun now would it?

Check out what some of the players below have to say about their experience with the game and I hope you find the time to come join us!


Great Way to Start the Day

Last night was a total pisser. That stupid mother nature came to pay me a visit and she’s freaken early! Can someone please remind me why it is I decided to stop taking the depo shot? *growls* I hate mother nature.

This morning on the other hand was a great way to start the day.

Once again I passed my Sociology test with flying colors. Guess that makes up for the test I took last week in Addictions and know for sure that I didn’t do that well on. I was feeling pretty depressed about that, but this helps a little.

Kind of funny that the one class that I’m not exactly interested in is the one class that doesn’t have me lost without really having a book that I have good marks in. Figure that one.

Ah well, now to prepare for the next test which is sex. Anyone want to take that one for me?


Scent Free Cabs?

Schools, work places and hospitals are all trying very hard to be scent free environments so that individuals like myself that suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity don’t have to stay locked in their own homes. Sadly though not everyone is aware that this is an actual disability as well. Some people also figure that if they don’t smell anything or that it’s not too strong for them, then it will be fine for us. Wrong! It can sometimes be extremely bad for us: for example, could cause someone to pass out if they have a strong reaction.

Anyways, the purpose of this post is to say that I believe there should be scent free cabs as well. Some of these cabs drivers ride around in their cars with the windows up and it strongly smelling of whatever scent is in their car. Well, in some cases it could also be that they haven’t had a shower in like forever, but that’s another matter.

I know we can’t go around telling people not to have nice smelly stuff in their cars, but if they are serving the public and it’s a very enclosed space then they should also be conscience of those that could get in their cars and have MCS. Unfortunately you can’t always have the window down to try and circulate the over powering smell. I mean I’ll do it if I really need to so I don’t pass out on the way home, but I don’t want to freeze to death either.


Settling in with Lacey

Lets introduce you to the newest member of Noah’s ark *name of our house on foursquare* Her name is Lacey, formally Nova. She’s a lab and who knows what else mix. The SPCA says rotty, but I’m thinking more shepherd due to her behaviour and some of her looks. Maybe the vet will be able to say. She’s about a year old and as cute as a button and I’ll have a picture of her up as soon as we can find someone to do that.

Once we got her home and things settled down a bit from our weekend trip at the parents things got a bit interesting. Miss Lacey instantly bonded with me from when we first met her on Friday, but only after a few hours of being with us last night she refused to have me out of her sight, *panics* What problem can this pose when I have to go to school? Maybe it’s just the first night jitters? *hopefully*

Now onto this morning:

Whew! Awesome, she’s not going to have a cow everytime I leave the rom. *lucky for James* Looks like it was just for that first night, but she does still look for me just not as bad.

Now unlucky for me I got to take both Noah and Lacey out around 7 this morning and it was freaken -1 outside. Who the heck told it to get that darn cold right now? I demand they turn the heat back up just a bit!

So, the SPCA also says that Lacey is a dominant dog. Ok awesome, but um, wait, *looks around for that dominant dog* I don’t think so. If she’s dominant then Noah is a cat.

After they both had breakfast and did their thing outside we gve them a little free time and it was sooooo cute.

Lacey, oo I found a bone and will sit here and chew on it.
Noah, hey mom that’s my bone and I want it.

Ok, so lets distract Lacey from the bone by me play fighting with Noah.

Noah, ha, my bone now. Thanks Lacey.
Lacey, oh no, mom I lost the bone *curls up next to me and stares at Noah*

Hmm, ok so lets distract Noah by rolling around the floor with Lacey and see what happens.

Lacey, *cheers* my bone again. Take that Noah.

This went on for at least 30 minutes. The game finally had to come to an end because hell I needed some sleep and for now both pups need both of our supervision.

Lacey and I had our power struggle this afternoon as well, but she lost. Maybe one day she’ll figure that out. Outside means time to walk and do business and not try to go try and see other dogs. Fun times!

So for now that’s all. More as things progress.


Pumpkin Pie but No Ham

Well, I did manage to survive the weekend after all. Sadly though there was no ham. You hear me? No ham! *pouts*

Mom of course made 2 pumpkin pies and James and I definitely finished the first one the first day and brought the second home with us. I think I like the first one better from my visit at the end of July. It was richer or something. Either way they were both good, thanks mom!

I hear she makes awesome stuffing, but I haven’t tried that yet since I wasn’t that hungry by the time we actually sat down for nasty turkey day. I will definitely try it today though.

I also got to meet James grandparents and that wasn’t so bad either. I was a little nervous when we started that way, but grandmothers just have a way of making you feel at home. Plus on top of that, she had pepsi and that’s a definite *awesome* in my book. Go grandma! Now onto the next family member, *shudders*