The fight with NACC continues, update

Hi there everyone that is following this thread. If you’re not, then why not? Quick go over to the initial post so that you have an idea of what’s up and won’t be scratching your head.

The fight is now moving up the ladder and another person is entering the dispute. The last communication from NACC was on March 27th. They have not attempted to update me on if they are doing anything. So therefore I assume that they are just sitting on their ass and hoping that I drop the matter.

Sorry, that’s not going to happen!

Especially since I did their work for them and know even more on how the Early Child Care Assistance program at Everest College can be adapted for me and how I can be successful.

So, now to wait on the next person on my ladder of fighting discrimination from NACC to give me a call. I will update again when there’s more to report.


Lacey’s first vet visit

Whew, things have finally settled down around here and we got Lacey into her first vet visit. Things went much better than we thought they would.

Such an awesome girl she’s turning out to be…every now and then!

The vet was able to tell us that Lacey is a lab border collie and is black and white. Her age was still undetermined so we just decided that she now looks about a year and a half and not a year and a half back in October that the SPCA told us when we got her.

Lacey has done a lot of growing up since we got her in October, but *whew* there’s still lots more growing to go. She is 58 pounds which is definitely better than what she was when we received her. The poor dog. We could count all of her ribs a ffew months ago.

Nothing like getting good consistant food everyday eh?

The best news of all is that she has not had one accident in the house since we moved into our house at the end of January. Unlike when we were in Greenbank Towers apartments where she went inside too damn often.

Maybe that was her way to say she just hated the place?

Now if I could just get her to quit going after Noah’s face thins would be great. She fits our family very well so far and I’d hate to have to give her up because she can’t learn to play with Noah.

Oh yes and someone tell Lacey to stay in the darn backyard, sheesh!


Have you heard of a shower?

I’ve seen this more with Blueline drivers so it’s why I’m pointing a finger that way.

A few months ago I wrote a post about it being nice if there could be scent free cabs for those of us that have a problem with certain smells in the environment.

Well, maybe I should also throw in that it would be great for when you get into a cab with a driver that has forgotten how to take a shower! I mean seriously. Do you drivers think it’s nice for your passengers to be stuck in a car with you and you smell and it’s too damn cold to leave the windows down for fresh air?

I think I’m going to start carrying some soap with me and the next one that smells and ask me for a tip I’m going to hand them the bar and tell them to find the nearest shower. It’s just gross!


Calculated in Death by J. D. Robb

“but I only drove the car!”

This is just one of the amusing lines in the latestest book in the In Death Series, Calculated in Death by J. D. Robb

On Manhattan’s Upper East Side a woman lies dead at the bottom of the stairs, stripped of all her valuables. Most cops might call it a mugging gone wrong, but Lieutenant Eve Dallas knows better.

A well-off accountant and a beloved wife and mother, Marta Dickenson doesn’t seem the type to be on anyone’s hit list. But when Eve and her partner, Peabody, find blood inside the building, the lieutenant knows Marta’s murder was the work of a killer who’s trained, but not professional or smart enough to remove all the evidence.

But when someone steals the files out of Marta’s office, Eve must immerse herself in her billionaire husband Roarke’s world of big business to figure out who’s cruel and callous enough to hire a hit on an innocent woman. And as the killer’s violent streak begins to escalate, Eve knows she has to draw him out, even if it means using herself as bait. . . .

If you haven’t read this latest book yet, then what the hell are you waiting on! I mean how else will you know about the funny line I posted at the beginning or the one about the persons civic duty? I mean come on! Put down that remote and go get this book.

Also, remember I’m always looking for new things to read, so if you have something in mind then please go here and tell me about them. Good and bad reviews are welcome.

My birthday month

It’s already April. Can someone tell me what happened to January through March? I think I blinked and it disappeared or something. Usually I don’t pay any attention to this month and try my hardest to forget it, but this year I’m not allowed.

First today April fools marks my 9 months with James We fit together so well that sometimes it feels like we’ve been together much much longer.

Next on the April calendar is my birthday, April 12th, *sighs* Now this is a day that I’ve avoided for a very long time. It use to be my wedding anniversary. James is determined to wipe the bad memories away that I associate with my birthday. He has this plan to torture me at Denny’s I just say he should buy me a diamond and a motor cycle and that would do it, lol.

April 13th is one that all that are in the Ottawa area should come and enjoy with me. Shout Sister Choir has it’s next performance. We will be performing at

Trinity United Church at 1099 Maitland. Show time is 7:30 pm. Tickets are 20 for adults and 10 for children.

If you were at our last performance then you know how awesome we are and how Noah stole the show. If you missed that one, then you better make your way to this one!

Finally in remembrance of my best friend/adopted sister. My love always goes out to you still and of course to the whole family. From one Cat to a KitKat, I love you!


NACC refuses education for blind student

All names have been left out of this posting for now since it is an on going issue.

It’s frustrating enough being blind and trying to get a job when job seekers don’t look any further than your disability. What do you do when you’re blind and an organization absolutely refuses to let you get training in a field that you know you can do due to your disability?

A person over at National Association Career College states that

“With a disability myself, I would certainly not want to discriminate against anyone. Nor would I want any organization that I work with to discriminate.”

But it is exactly what they are doing.

A blind student is trying to apply to Everest College in the Early Child Care Assistance program. This field requires that you’re able to observe children at different age groups, (infants to school age) and NACC feels that a blind person is absolutely unable to do this in any way, shape or form!

Yes, it is difficult to do everything that a sighted person can do in this job, but is it impossible? No! Just ask any blind parent or any organization that actually works with disable children that are willing to work with a person that is blind who wishes to work at their facility.

This blind student did attend Algonquin College in a different program that in the end didn’t work out. The program although attempted was too hard to arrange so that the blind student could be successful. The program at Algonquin College is no where near the same as the one at Everest College, but since Algonquin told NACC in the end that it couldn’t be done with this student NACC feels that it works for Everest as well.

Wrong! The program at Algonquin College was more sighted than anything. The student would have had to be able to give shots, administer meds, give oxygen and so on. Maybe in time it could be figured out, but after some time off and really thinking about it the blind student figured it would be best not to continue. It wasn’t the exact type of job they were wanting.

The program at Everest is more hands on in working with children, getting down on the floor and playing with them if they are toddler/pre-school age or changing diapers if they are infants or helping with school work if they are in school. The program at Everest is a lot easier to adapt for a blind student course wise for one main fact of the courses are only one at a time and the longest is maybe 2 weeks in length. When the blind student tried pointing out that Everst would be easy to adapt, this is what they received.

A NACC representative says that “I would be interested to understand how you believe that program would be extremely easy to adapt. If that is the case, and we can do it, I’ll be more than happy to facilitate the process.”

But when they were given some examples on how this could be done and how frustrating this is becoming, this is the response that was returned.

“And just so you understand, I’m also annoyed we’re hitting a brick wall. I was hoping that what you had said about Algonquin would have helped us but that’s not the case.”

Well duh! Of course it’s not the case the programs aren’t the same. NACC would know this if they’d actually take time to listen to what the student is trying to tell them.

There are all sorts of accomidations that can be arranged in the program itself and placement setting for the blind person, but NACC is refusing to even consider working with the person to see how it will work.

Is a person that’s blind suppose to just let this go and say, “ah well, no big deal. I’ll just take some meaningless job that I’m not interested in?” Is that what NACC really wishes would happen? Is that what the NACC representative that says they are blind as well did?

Hmm, maybe they did and that’s why they don’t see it as a big deal and are closed minded.

As a blind parent of 2 adorable monsters and a person that has helped take care of friends little ones and volunteered with children in many cases I’m out raged by this. By NACC’s way of looking at things because I’m “blind” I can’t “observe” my children. There’s just no way.


How to live with a sighted person

Thanks to this post right over here I couldn’t resist making one of my own.

Man, do you know how hard it is living with sighted people? Ugh it can be a headache, but here’s how to get back at them and make your life amusing.

1. Leave every light on that you can find because they can’t seem to function in the dark.
2. Since you always have to remind them to put things back where they found them if you’re a blind person and they never listen get your revenge. Switch two things around that look the same and don’t tell them. They never check anyway until it’s too late.
3. Sighted people are always losing their keys so by a string and make them wear it around their neck so they don’t have to keep calling you to let them in the house.
4. Don’t keep things in plain sight because they’ll never find them.
5. Remember to leave the stove on so they can use it again later.

Please by all means if you think of something else that should be added to the list feel free, *smiles*

For all my sighted friends, I love you and this was just meant in fun!


Disclosure by Lisa Jackson

Slade McCafferty was a bachelor through and through—too busy raising hell to settle down. Case in point: fifteen years ago daredevil Slade had taken wild child Jamie Parsons’s innocence, and then had broken her heart. But Jamie is back in town, a lawyer, all confidence and polished professionalism. And seeing her again is setting off a tidal wave of emotions Slade thought he’d dammed up ages ago. Back then, as now, there’d been something about Jamie that made Slade ache for more. A hell of a lot more…

This is the first book that disappointed me by Lisa Jackson

In the beginning it started out catching my attention, but in the end it just fell flat. I love a book that leaves you wanting more, but not when it just drops you off a cliff with no warning that it’s coming. Just bam, sorry that’s the end. Please come again.

Ah well, lets see if I can find more of the story at the bottom of this cliff.

While I’m doing that you as my awesome readers if any are out there can tell me about the books you like or not right over here Look forward to hearing from you.

You know you’re a parent when?

Some of these are so me, but most importantly I’m waiting until James can look at this list and cry, lol.

1. You can’t remember the last time you were able to go in the bathroom, close the door and not be interrupted.
2. You know the book “Goodnight Moon” – by heart.
3. You have actually acquired a taste for strained peas.
4. A full night’s sleep is a luxury – and something you haven’t had in so long you can’t even remember.
5. It takes you two days to shave your legs: one leg one day and the other leg the next day.
6. You have never been so frustrated and so in love with anyone in your life.
7. You are at dinner with a friend, they spill something on their shirt and you reach into your bag and pull out baby wipes to clean up.
8. You not only carry smiley face bandages with you, you also carry antibiotic ointment.
9. You have at least one story of how your child cut their own hair.
10. The three second rule isn’t set in stone, sometimes it’s five seconds, sometimes even more.
11. You realize that you are now one of those annoying people who carries a “brag book” of photos of your kids and corners unsuspecting victims with “cute” stories about your offspring.
12. Pregnancy and birth stories are interesting.
13. You have traded in your silk, wool and cashmere for the more practical cotton and polyester.
14. Baby talk is not reserved for just your children.
15. You have stayed up till 1 am making cup cakes for an entire class of first graders.
16. You catch yourself singing the Barney song in the shower.
17. When you are with friends and excuse yourself to go to the restroom you tell them you are “going potty.”
18. Suddenly Christmas Eve is very exciting.
19. Toting your little one has given you bigger biceps than you ever get at the gym.
20. You know how to get gum out of hair.
21. You can actually tell the difference between Huggies and store brand diapers.
22. You refer to your mother as “Grandma.”
23. Anytime you hear a child call for “Mommy” or “Daddy” you look around even though you know for sure that your child is nowhere around.
24. The last time you saw a movie that was above a G rating was…well…you can’t really remember.
25. You have no idea who is on “Grey’s Anatomy,” but you can name every one of the Wiggles, and you know their corresponding color.
26. You know exactly what to say at a goldfish’s funeral.
27. You have trouble concealing your knowing smirk as you listen to a first time mom-to-be talking about how things are going to be once her baby arrives.
28. You catch yourself watching Sponge Bob and Blue’s Clues even when the kids aren’t around.
29. You hear a crash in the next room and you not only know exactly what was the source of the crash, but who created it.
30. A child has a tantrum in the store and instead of being annoyed, you are overjoyed – because for once it isn’t your kid having the fit.
31. The phrase “It’s just a little throw up,” is not unusual for you to say at all.
32. You are “mom” to everyone, fixing ouchies, asking if they have had enough and making sure that they bundle up before going outside.
33. You can bathe a squirming, screaming toddler, wash their hair and dry them off in five minutes flat.
34. You know the emergency room nurses by their first names.
35. You know what a Nuk is, who Blue is and what you do with Enfamil.
36. You actually called all of your friends the first time your little one used the potty all by herself.
37. You carry the following items in your purse: baby wipes, a sandwich bag of Cheerios, antibacterial hand cleaner and theme Band-Aids.
38. You never thought you could worry so much.
39. You know well the power that a running car has over a cranky baby.
40. You can sleep anywhere.
41. You serve your husband dinner and cut his steak into little tiny pieces for him.
42. You realize that you sound just like your mother/father.
43. Not only do you know the names of all the equipment in the emergency room, you know what it is all used for.
44. You are very adept at talking on the phone, holding your baby, cooking dinner and writing your grocery shopping list – all at the same time.
45. You know the exact size of an object is to be a choking hazard.
46. You realize that all that parenting advice you so easily doled out when you were childless just doesn’t quite work in the real world.
47. You know the difference between a happy scream, a scared scream, a bored scream and a “I have just seen a spider! Kill it! Kill it!” scream.
48. You sing “The Clean Up” song while you are doing your housework – and all alone.
49. You know well the power of “Mom spit.”
50. You can’t believe how much space one little person can take up – in your heart.


Greenbank Towers Apartments, lets tell you what they won’t

Looking for that new place to call home? If you live in Ottawa Ontario or thinking about moving here, then I advise you to not move to Greenbank Towers because it’s not what it seems.

A nice secured building
Oops, wait that only applies if they remember to close the front doors or lets not mention tell you about major updating to the buzzer system and all hell breaks loose.

Those cameras that they have around the building in case something goes wrong I guess are great if you don’t find yourself actually needing them. If you have someone constantly harassing you in ways you are not comfortable with, do you think they are going to do it where a camera can catch them? No way, so then it becomes your word against theirs. Oh the shame of it all!

Nice friendly staff that care about their tenants. now who wouldn’t love that?
Oh, that last only until you’ve moved in and you need to fix something right away.
They are only nice until you start complaining about other tenants keeping you awake at 3 in the morning by hammering, playing video games or loud music at top volume or there’s a poor dog barking constantly for hours and hours and for weeks and weeks.
That only last until they make a mistake and you try and call them on it. Take a look at this post right over here and learn about that.
See the staff at Greenbank Towers Apartments aren’t allowed to be nice to the tenants in the building or they get called into the office and told to cut that out.

Oh look the building is so clean and well taken care of. That’s awesome isn’t it?
Well, we thought so too until it was time to move into a place and the apartment looked like the worlds biggest trash dump on the day we moved in. Better have your own cleaning crew handy. The elevators always smell like, well, I don’t want to go there. i just advise getting nose plugs or something if you insist on staying.

Speaking of the elevators lets talk about those for a moment ok?
I really hope you aren’t afraid of getting stuck in closed areas because those things do get stuck and way too often. It does no good to report it because they won’t do anything about it either since they claim they are “new” elevators. Be safe take the stairs if you must, but I wouldn’t want to always climb up and down them if I stay on the 18th floor, *whew* Oh yes there are 3 of them, but you would never know it. Damn things are slower than a turtle and when the stupid fire alarm goes off, ha, could take you forever to get back to your floor.

Now onto that lovely fire alarm
I hope you don’t like sleep or have kids. if so you can kiss sleep good bye a great deal of the time. Those alarms go off at all hours, 10 pm, midnight, 3 AM, you name it and it’s always a false alarm. For reasons like the sprinkler system in the basement set it off or the fire alarm panel went wonky or hell, just because it felt like messing up your sleep when it’s freezing cold outside. Even the fire fighters just shake their heads whenever they have to show up these days.

Staying on the topic of fires and your safety or your kids or animals. Hell even for your apartment that you’re paying all that money for. If they tell you that throwing lit smokes off the patio will get the person in some kind of trouble. sorry, they lie. All they will say is oh well and shrug and do nothing.
See one day we found out that the person above us was doing just that and they actually burned a hole in a piece of our furniture. What would have happened if a fire would have started out their on the patio? What if one of us would have been seriously hurt? Do you think the staff at Greenbank Towers cared? Of course not!

Is this the place you really want to put money into? Where you and your families safety could be at risk? No no no, please don’t move here. Find somewhere safer and where the staff care about their tenants and making things right if something goes wrong. Put your life and those of your pets and loved family members in the hands of anyone but Greenbank Towers who is managed by Paramount Properties.

Take my word for it. i lived in Greenbank Towers and have seen the real deal. Greenbank Towers may look nice and you may love all the pretty words they tell you, but that only last until you are a tenant!