LD training13, whew, are we done yet?

For those receiving this via email it does contain a video. so you will need to go to my site or to my youtube channel www.youtube.com/canadianlynx1 to view it.

*whew* omg, this has been an *extremely* long day. We just went and went and went! I definitely had *people* overload by the end of today and I think *snoring* Luna felt the same.

so lets bring on the busy day!

radio but no air:
*wow* it’s the moving steam room. This morning I ended up on the bus with the working radio, but if you wanted air *tough* luck! Of course I think I prefer the bus with radio and no air than air with no radio and have to hear *duck* jokes, lol.

no mean dogs here:
Ha, sorry Jessica you didn’t get to have Luna and I eaten by a mean doggy! Maybe that’s what Luna knew you were up to when she ran me into that nice wet plant? *see see* I can blame Jessica for that obstacle distraction…yes yes, that’s it!

Hey Luna that’s a curb!
I fond it rather interesting today that Luna did *awesome* with the flat curbs…good thing I hate them, but she didn’t stop at the non-flat ones a couple of times. Although she’s getting great at not looking at me funny when I don’t give her a treat now maybe I’ll switch back to treating her at the curbs a little more often to get her to *remember* to stop at them. I don’t fancy being road kill.

Oh my instructor is sooooooo awesome when she’s not trying to find strange mean dogs to eat us that is! Luna and I got to go to Starbucks since she did a good job on our morning route. She wasn’t overly distracted and I didn’t have to bite her head off too much for blowing curbs *yay*

So, now Luna Moon has the smell of Starbucks in her memory banks and when I get home I can start teaching *find Starbucks*

Oh no, I’m back on the moving steam room bus!!! *cheers* they managed to fix it for the ride back to campus…*air*

lunch already?
OMG, I checked the time and it’s already lunch? Where did the morning go? So no short cat nap today or distress break for me, but soooo tempted to just skip! Chemical overload!

mall mall mall with Christie:
For the afternoon session I *finally* got to work with Christie, but it was only the mall lesson *sighs* I wanted to make her run…not fair!
Luna did one hell of a job in the mall. She *did not* get distracted by anything. She *did not* run me into anything…well, unless you got Sarah and Bonnie who appeared out of no where *whoops*

Now the best part of this lesson was when we worked the escalators. Christie wasn’t sure if Luna would remember them and here’s what happened.

Me, Luna *find the escalator*
Luna, *wag wag* goes the tail and happily puts her feet up on the object she took me too. *here it is*
Christie, Ha she took you to the *planter*
*whoops* hahahah, definitely can’t ride that! But Luna sure was proud of herself.

So we wanted to see if it was a fluke and tried again with the down escalator this time *chuckles* this time she took me between the planter and the escalator *wagging* her tail!

Third time we tried we wanted to get it on video since it was extremely cute and funny. Luna however *did not* cooperate…the brat!! So instead have a *perfect* escalator approach and ride. Great job Luna!

Not this bus again!
Oh no! I’m back on the bus with the radio with no air. Hopefully it still works like this morning.

*groans* nope, they broke it again….that’s it, someone get Leader Dog some new buses! We need working radios and air on all buses!

Back to camps and look it’s time to take the dogs out and then feed them and then dinner and and and…is this day over yet!!!

LD training12, ready to get grossed out?

*wow* what a day it’s been full of laughs, grossing out and new experiences!

What makes a class memorable is not just that awesome dog you receive on dog day, but the people that are also in your class and the instructors you work with and not only trust but they also have a great sense of humor and tease right along with you.

From day one Leader Dog class 15/03 has been absolutely great! We have one person that is kind of iffy, but we’ve found a way to even interact with that person that works for us all and still have a great time. Today was one of those days that outside people got to see how goofy our group is. So, lets tell you about today *chuckles* and for those instructors that missed the fun discussion…I hope you enjoy!!

pig brains, monkey brains and road kill cookbooks?
Mmm, now doesn’t that make you extremely hungry? Yes, you did read that right. Today in the training center we discussed great food items like pig brains, monkey brains and road kill cookbooks.

Jack claims that when it comes to *road kill* it needs to be at least one week old *gags* wonder if he’d like the skunks that live under our porch?

How about for breakfast we serve you up some pig brains with scrambled eggs? If it’s made by John you can be sure it will have hot sauce to put on top. I think the kitchen staff should give him that for breakfast and see what he does since he claims you can’t tell that you’re eating a pig’s brain.

lucy asked John if he ever had monkey brains and that grossed him out…wait, he’s grossed out by monkey brains, but willing to eat pig brains *shudders*

Have I managed to gross you out yet? *snickers* if so then you are in the same boat that a lot of us had this morning while waiting to head back to campus for lunch. Great before lunch time topic, eh?

pictures, vet and media:
I once again have a dog that loves having its picture taken *sighs* Luna sat so pretty, just like a little lady. She didn’t even try and get off the table when it was her turn to take her solo picture. I told her to stay and she did *cheers*

Hey another good thing about having an instructor all to yourself…you don’t have to share her with others in team pictures!!

Luna still occasionally scratches her left ear, but the vet said it looks great so I’ll stop worrying. luna is still at a great body size and I didn’t get yelled at that she lost a little weight *whew*Since the vet said it would be ok I’m going to take her down to just 3 cups a day now instead of 3 and a half. I’ll get her weighed again to make sure it’s not *dropping*

Man, the media part was the hardest for me. I was asked what sorts of things I do…I think the easier question would have ben, what *don’t* I do. I do it all and if I haven’t yet *bet* I’ll definitely find a way to get it done!

first lesson in Portuguese:
*wow* now that was absolutely fun! Tonight was the first time I had a chance to sit down and speak with some of the Brazilian clients. luna and I have flown by some of them on routes, but never had a chance to get to know each other. So I took the opportunity to learn a little Portuguese. As of right now I still remember what they taught me *knocks on my head* but who knows what tomorrow morning will bring. Sorry, I learned how to say some words, but not how to spell them, ha!

night time route:
We had a chance to do the night time route and I decided to go double to help out another classmate who was nervous about the route. I knew from past experience that Luna and I *most certainly* can not lead in a double or will kill the other team.

During the route I learned another thing about miss Luna Moon. She *absolutely* hates being behind someone and walking slow. She most certainly displays her *displeasure** Good thing I remembered to restock the bags in my pocket. An instructor drove by and stopped to help out as well.

Luna and stress or something she isn’t happy about equals *poop* yuck!!!

One great thing about the night time route was Luna did not stop to sniff or get distracted by the things she does during the day. Hmm, maybe I should just switch to going out at night? Hard to really say however since we weren’t going at our speed and such, but fair enough I think. My classmate felt comfortable and I was able to help them out so I feel good about that too.

Now tomorrow is the mall. I think I better bring some money because I have a feeling my dog will want to *shop*

LD training11, pretty calm day

I am so glad that everyone is enjoying the Leader Dog entries. It has been absolutely fun sharing my experiences with you and look forward to sharing more. Tonights entry however is on the calm side.

Our morning started off with a gift. For those of you that read yesterdays training entry you know of the Lucky Charms. *chuckles* Jessica handed me a box of Lucky Charms at breakfast.

Luna was a bit out of sorts today and not sure if it was due to the heat or if she was pissed at me for once again not letting her have those Lucky Charms she really wants!

Today curbs were just not her friend. Dogs distracted her quite a bit and she blew quite a few curbs.

Now her country work was on point. She did a very good job there.

*whew* those overhangs though needs work. Someone need to really water those trees. *ow* they hurt when your trainer pokes you with them *chuckles*

I got Luna weighed this evening and she’s now sitting at 49.4. So she’s lost a little weight, but it it looks good on her. Sorry vets I know you wanted her to gain, but I think Luna has other plans. However she is still enjoying Fromms and hopefully soon I’ll be able to figure out her new *poop* schedule.

I’ll leave you with this:
After every meal Luna flips the bowl over and sniffs around looking for more food making sure that she didn’t miss a piece. Well, tonight she somehow managed to flip the bowl over and it landed on her head and then *snorted and growled* at it. *snickers* Sorry to say Luna no more food will fall out of the bowl that way!

LD training10, one week with Luna Moon

*wow* can you believe it? It’s been a week already! How time flies when you have a dog. Oh the joy she has brought me so far and the headaches too *smiles* lets me know that my flying time with her will be quite the adventure and I’ll always need to be ready for what may come.

Sadly to start off the day I had the worse headache I’ve had in a while so we took the morning off. It just was too unsafe for Luna and I with the state I was in.

*groans* goes Luna about this idea…she hates having time off!

What Luna has to say about distracted obedience time:
Oh great my human is getting her shoes, must mean we’re going somewhere! *spin spin* darn this tie down gets in the way. Come on human let me loose! i’m ready to go go go *bouncy bouncy* Bleh, there goes that tie down choking me again. Someone get this thing off of me!
*groans* there goes that human of mine telling me to settle and sit, but here she comes my way *spin spin* and *snorts* at the tie down. Hmm, guess I better sit like my human keeps saying so we can go.
Ugh, another thing to get in the way. My human says I must *go park* Didn’t I just do that?
*ah* the harness is finally on and I can go work now. My human says *steady* when I practically pull her arm off!
Oh, it’s not the big noisy thing we are going to, but some area where all the other dogs are. Hmm, this is not right, after I go park we are suppose to go to the big noisy thing. *oh well* maybe that’s coming….Oh, *find a seat* my human says. I like finding a seat I always get a treat when I do it right. *wag wag*
*snorts* at my human. i didn’t get a treat but a pat on the head and a *good girl* Of course I’m a good girl…so where’s my treat? Hmph, guess I’ll lay here and wait.

Oh, time for that that thing my human calls obedience, *sit, down, sit, down* Can’t we do something else…*oo wait* there’s my other favourite person, but but, who’s that with her? Did I hear her tell my human it was a dog? A dog! But but, why does she have another dog? This is not right either.
*sit* my human says. Fine I shall sit, but here comes that other dog that should not be. *Luna* my human says. What, can’t you see I’m…oo a *treat* for me. I’ll take that! Ah, that dog is getting closer. *stay* my human says…but I want that dog. Come here you dog! *yipes* my human didn’t like that much and she said that funny *fff* thing and told me to sit.
Oh no, that other dog is coming back around again. *Luna* my human says, but I just ignore her and watch that dog. *Luna* she says again…oh fine, what wha…oo a *treat* I’ll take that again. *sniff sniff* her hand, can I have another?
*stay* my human says and I try really hard to ignore that other dog and it’s getting closer and closer and…*Luna* my human says. I quickly look at her and *wag wag* I get a treat, but then I go after that dog…*yipes* that funny thing my human says and her not so happy sounding voice of me to *leave it* and then she makes me lay down.
*groans* this is not fun. That mean other dog keeps getting me in trouble…and here it comes again. *Luna leave it* my human says. I’ll just watch that dog that can’t get me in trouble can it?
Oh no, it’s coming closer again..I must stay still, I must not go for that dog. *wiggle wiggle* but my human says stay, so I must stay.
*whew* I did it and I even got a treat. Oh I’m so happy now!

Distracted obedience ended.

Bus ride to the store:
Jessica is our driver for the trip to the store. I can’t remember the last person on the bus with us, but there was Karen, Bonnie, John, Jack, I want to say it was Vickie and myself. I also probably spelled their names wrong…*sorry*

Karen, there’s this song
John, Jessica can you turn on some air?
Karen begins to sing this song about Iodine. *chuckles* funny little song, but sorry can’t remember the words so can’t type them for you.
Karen gets to the end
John, My dog was covering her ears
Karen, there’s this other song about cigarettes *chuckles* Jessica turns on the music right at that point. hahahahah that cracks us all up. Talk about timing eh?
Karen, why did I pick Leader Dogs again?
*snickers* we all love you Karen!

Luna displays her displeasure:
So this afternoon we went to the grocery store and worked with the pups on follow. Luna does a great job at following. My title miss also showed me the sorts of things she likes. Lucky charms, peanut butter, milk bones and a squeaky duck. I’ll make sure to buy her at least a squeaky toy at some point. Oh, *whoops* she also wanted some chicken.

But then we get to the fish section and um well, Luna decides enough is enough. I wouldn’t let her get her Lucky Charms that she really wanted, nor the chicken and the smell of the fish was *not* to her liking, so she begins to leave us a *smelly* package of her own.
*yipes* pull out the bag and get ready, but nothing comes out yet. Quick round of obedience Jessica suggests hoping it will work its way back up…then we decide nope lets *run* for the door and get her outside.

*oh no!* we didn’t make it!

Clean up on isle 4!!

I hand Jessica all the bags I have and watch Luna in case she wants to give us *several* piles, but she’s all done. We get it all cleaned up and take Luna out anyway, just in case. of course Luna’s like *I did that already*

I put the harness back on her and back through the store we go to finish the lesson.

Luna does an awesome job when it comes to the grocery cart. She stays behind it or slightly off to the side so she can look and when we switched to me pulling while she guided, she was great! Her pace was good and she didn’t get overly distracted by things she wanted. Telling her *straight* kept her moving along. It was the cart that didn’t want to listen when it came to right turns. *chuckles*

*cheers* I got my Starbucks!! Miss Luna Moon got lots of praise and *aww* what a pretty dog and she’s well behaved. *yay* Luna!

LD training9, lets throw in construction

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages…for those of you that really know me you will find this shocking, so I do hope you are sitting down *chuckles*

The reason this post is late is because I actually was *asleep*

Are you all still there? *smiles* I hope so! Hahah, yes I was *sleeping* only for 3 hours, but hey that’s more than I’ve gotten in one sitting since like um July I think.

Now on to the good stuff now that I hope you’ve all revived yourselves..

Luna and the stuff puppies:
This morning I didn’t give any thought to the 2 stuff puppies I bought at the gift store…a black lab and a shepherd, but Luna sure did. I had them sitting on my pillow and she was just *not* having that miss Luna Moon jumps on the bed and pulls the puppies off of the bed and lays down with them. Well, which do I tell her *no* to first…for now *no* will do for both. I pick up the puppies and put them back on the bed and tell her leave it…hahah yeah right she says. *back* on the bed she goes and pulls them off again and lays down with them on the floor. So ok, that clearly didn’t work…on to plan b.

*pick up the puppies* Luna leave it.
Luna *sniff sniff sniff* but she doesn’t get up….good girl!
*put puppies back on bed*
Luna *snorts and jumps on bed*
Clearly miss Luna does not like the fact that these dogs are on the bed and she *is not* So I tell her no off and she plops her little butt on the floor *glaring* at the puppies on the bed…hahahah this is rather amusing I must say…
*Luna *paws on the bed while snorting*
Nope, sorry miss lady the answer is still *no* This time I take one puppy at a time off the bed while having her sit like a nice girl she is and lets her sniff away….she quickly loses interest in the one I’m holding and *glares and snorts* at the one still on the bed.
Do you know how hard it is trying not to laugh at a dog while showing them that on the bed is not where they belong, but they keep doing something amusing? If not, you need a much more amusing dog, hahaahah. So, I sit one puppy on the bed but out of her sight and pick up the other one. Luna happily *sniffs* it and then snorts and walks away. Hmm, guess she no longer cares about my mutts on the bed. I will definitely have to see what she does another time.

The food switch:
Tomorrow Luna will be completely switched to the new food. Fromms Chicken. She absolutely loves it. I’m still waiting to see if it will agree with her. It’s a very nerve racking wait time.

*whew* at breakfast she was a nightmare and wouldt settle down for anything which is *so* not like her. Finally I got up and she practically pulled my arm off towards the door.

Um yep, I think my girl needs out and like *right now* By this lovely experienced I learned that Luna will constantly annoy me until she gets my attention that *hey mom* I need out.

She definitely goes after the Fromms *way* more than she did the Purina. I do think the amount will need to change since now with the kibble size difference she’s getting more than what she was getting with Purina.

During the morning training when did the *p* route in pairs. As you all have read and some have seen, Luna and I can fly so pairing us with someone is well *not* going to be exact, but maybe close.

So I got to go out with Fred. At the beginning with both had the same idea. We wanted the other to go first to get an idea of how fast the other was. fred was concerned he’d run us over and I wanted to know how much I’d need to slow Luna down or let her fly. *snickers* Jessica told Fred he wouldn’t have to worry about running us over, but I don’t think he quite understood that then. So, I went first…Poor Fred, I don’t think he’ll want to *fly* with Luna and I anymore! I think I nearly killed him and his puppy. After a while I let Fred take the lead and keep it. Didn’t want him trying to put the blame on me for killing him.

*chuckles* Fred is amusing. near the end of the route he calls out while we’re climbing this *horrible* hill…*I hear you breathing* I quickly respond *Luna, shhhh you’re too loud* hahahah!

Who authorized this construction?
For the afternoon training we do the same route as the morning, but this time as a solo, *cheers* this time I can let Luna fly as long as I know who’s ahead of me and time it just right. *whoops* but now there’s construction when there was none during the morning run. Now we have to get around the *fake* obstacles that Leader puts up and deal with loud beeping construction trucks. *sighs* can I have a refund?

Off Luna and I go around the obstacles *good girl*…damn, spoke to soon!

Luna *sniff sniff*…leave it…take a few steps, *sniff sniff* goes that Luna again…No, leave it, lets go. Take another few steps, *sniff sniff* goes Luna.

*groans* fine I’ll fix you. I pull out the gentle leader, put it on her and off we go…*ah* much better. But hell, now I forgot where the hell we are and my stupid trekker has decided it doesn’t want to work. I think it knows I hate the things *chuckles*

So Luna and I get to a curb and I think I’m suppose to turn left but not really sure…oh well, left it is. *whee* down the hill we go! Yep, this must be the right place. This was the perfect time for me without Jessica around to see how she really does at our flying speed and getting her to slow down.

*yeah* I shouldn’t have worried, the girl is a champ and listens well..but 8whew* I’m hot now, time to stop and strip!

We’re nearly back to the training center at the last corner and the stupid construction truck picks then to turn on their beep thing…*great* I can’t hear a thing so I really hope I don’t get *squished* by a car.

I’m writing this entry so clearly we made it in one piece *grins*

Luna’s weakness:
One of Luna’s weaknesses are squirrels. Sometimes she does *awesome* at ignoring them, but other times it’s *oo squirrels* and keeping her on track is a *handful*

Leader has a squirrels tail on a string that Jessica pulled out to torture my poor girl with after dinner and the session started off rocky, but started getting a better response. I now have the squirrel with me and will work with Luna in the room with it. *snickers* I just have to remember to put it in the closet so as not to freak out the cleaning people in the mornings.

Luna’s puppy raiser:
Sadly Luna’s raiser won’t be coming to visit on Saturday, but I do have her contact information. I sent her an introduction email and I hope she got it since sometimes I guess due to my domaine name some clients sticks my emails in peoples junk folder. I’ll wait until the end of the week or maybe even Saturday and give her a call. I hope she enjoys the blog entries and the videos.

Well, until the next entry, take care all!

LD training8, Day of rest

*whew* what a week it’s been! It’s finally time for that day of rest…*whoops* but not for me. I have to play catch up for school. Much to my horror I discovered that there’s an assignment due Monday morning!!! *yipes* How the hell did that happen? I totally missed something! It wouldn’t be so bad if CU Learn cooperated with speech software since that’s where the assignment needs to be submitted, but *nooooo* it’s a horrible thing worse than blackboard for those college students that are familiar with that system.

*quick* send an email to the professor and the TA’s to set up the backup route for submitting assignments while *cursing* the whole time.

Now, even though I’m behind in one class, I’m fine for the other probably cause it’s shorter *chuckles* and it’s twice a week. For some reason I remember to check it more than my Social Work class. Guess my *many many* personalities loves Mystery of the Mind better.

I would have loved to take Luna Moon out on the practice route for some work, but since I was horribly frustrated decided that wouldn’t be a good idea. So stuck around the room and chased each other instead with her toys.

Here’s a funny story regarding John and his pup:
Today was laundry day for just about everyone and John was in his room folding his laundry. Well, every time he’d fold a shirt and place it on the corner of his bed his pup will *steal* it from the corner of his bed and stick it in the corner. John would fold another shirt and go to place it on the other shirt but *whoops* no shirt there!

John *what the hell, where is that shirt*
pup *wags tail*

So he finds the shirt in the corner, picks it up, folds it and goes to put it on top of the other shirt…um, but guess what? hahahahaah, *no shirt* His pup has stolen that shirt he put down and carried it away while he was looking for the one before. So word to the wise or any friends of John’s…*watch* if you’re folding clothes around his dog!

luna’s food switch:
The food switch with Luna is going well. The silly girl just has to go into the bathroom where the Fromms bag is sitting and *sniff sniff* think she likes it? Doing the switch has sadly changed her *poop* schedule on me. Now I’ll have to play the guessing game again *groans* Speaking of *poop* think it’s about that time I take her out to see if she does more than *stare* at me like I’m nuts!

Some people have asked me about the campus and hopefully next week I won’t be behind in school work and I can *stumble* around campus and make an audio tour for you. Sorry no *video* of that!

LD training7, squirrels, obstacles and for puppy raisers

For those viewing this by email there are videos in this post. You can either go to my blog directly or to my youtube channel, youtube.com/canadianlynx1 to view them. These videos are titled North Hills and are in 3 parts.

*shakes a fist*

I asked Jessica to bring back my nice sweet puppy and she ordered a army…yes I said army of squirrels! These squirrels most certainly took a lass in the best way to torment dogs and drive their handlers to drinking. I’m definitely not the only one that was wishing for a gun.

Luna the Terror was *way* distracted even with the gentle leader. So much so that after we were well away from the dog torturing squirrels she just didn’t want to work with it on.

Luna and obstacles:
Below are 3 videos that I would love to share with you. For all those puppy raisers that don’t get a chance to see what those future Leader Dogs can do once they are Leader Dogs I hope you enjoy.

The first video is Luna and I working through a full obstacle.

Sadly we didn’t get a perfect on obstacles since we needed to re-work one. Luna pulled me around, but I managed to step on the edge of one of the cones. So this next video is Luna and I re-working a partial obstacle. This one is pretty short.

This final video shows how the cutback turns are done. Although they confuse the heck out of me, we managed to do one hell of a job on this one, *cheers* This is also a short one.

I still need to work on better reading Luna when she has to push me to the right to get around something because her sign for that is pretty subtle. I’m very proud of my girl! Thank you so much to all the puppy raisers out their who puts in time with these guys at an early age and thanks to Leader *Jessica and her raiser* for Training my girl!

food change:
Tonight I started a food switch with Luna. She’ll be going from Purina to Fromms. Man, when I gave her dinner tonight she like scarfed down the new food right away and then slowed down when it was all gone and only purina was left, *chuckles* In case ones are wondering I’m doing a food switch because I don’t like the aftermath *what comes out* with her on Purina. It’s way too soft and hard for me to know if something is ever wrong. I’ve had good success with Fromms so I’m hoping that it agrees with her.

Playtime with Luna:
Earlier I posted a video that shows our first off leash playtime. Definitely go check it out. It is *super* cute!!

playing with Luna

Harness work inside:
*whew* wow dinner was quiet tonight. No, *sit…down…leave it* I had no dogs nose in my shoe or somehow managing to stick their nose under my shirt, *snickers* Everyone at my table was definitely pleased with the now able to use the harnesses inside! On to breakfast!!!

*wow* bingo definitely was great. I had a horrible headache but I still went and loved it. Things got pretty heated near the end when it was *slow close* and *anyone’s* game. I was working 2 cards mine and another clients and I was *definitely* tempted to switch cards when his number was called instead of mine giving him *bingo* Sometimes it sucks being too nice, hahahaha.

Tomorrow is a *no work day* so unless something major comes up I’m going to skip a Leader Dog post and work on catching up on school work. I’m a little behind!

Until next time *Luna the snorer* and I say good-night.

LD training6, April fools, here’s your real dog

In this episode of Luna Moon the day starts off the same as it as the past couple of days. Breakfast goes great for the *spring team* but wait…something’s gone wrong! Oh no, there’s been a problem! Tune in next week to find out, this episode will end immediately!!!

Ha, just kidding!

Who switched my dog?
After breakfast that awesome great dog I had that listened and did what she was told without needing me to knock her around too much…yeah that dog *grumbles* I think some trainer must have switched my dog while I was eating breakfast. Something seriously just went *boom* and my dog turned into *listen* what’s that?

In the morning before we go out for our morning training session Luna and I have some play time and then I do a small obedience after to get her settled down and then out the door we go. Well, *whoops* this morning I forgot the small obedience after playtime and my Luna Moon turned into Luna the Nightmare!

Luna sit…*oh lay down*
Luna stay…*oh, get up and come to you*
Luna leave it…*but I want that*

*grumbles* who stole my dog?

jessica, so may are you ready for your traffic checks?

*thinks of Luna the Nightmare and groans* nope, not ready!

traffic checks:
*wow* Luna did abso-fantastic! For the time being Luna the Nightmare took a back seat and she nailed all of those traffic checks. *yay Luna* I had to slam on the breaks definitely once. I wasn’t expecting one to happen you know right after my first few steps. Luna hits *flying* speed after a couple of steps. Think Jessica was just trying to kill me.

Luna the Terror!
It is after lunch and Luna has gone from Luna the Nightmare to *Luna the Terror* During lunch she totally forgot what it meant to *go* under my seat at the table.

Luna under…*oh go visit Harper*
Luna under…*ah, you meant go play with Dottie*

*grumbles* damn dog!! Who kidnapped my real dog?

Luna go park…*stand here and look at you funny*

Oh forget it, lets go to afternoon training and hope for the best. hahahahahahah, *best* what best.

Luna’s harness work is great. It’s easy to read her and keep up with. So as we’re flying along I start to relax thinking my Luna the Terror will switch back to *good girl* like she did this morning.

Luna *oo give me that olive*…Luna leave it…*but but but, I want it* Take a few more steps after telling her to leave it…*oo, how about this, can I have it instead*

Can someone *pleeeeeease* give me back my dog!!!!

Luna meets a squirrel:
Oh wait the fun gets even better. A squirrel decides to make things even better by joining in. The nice squirrel is running in front of us and apparently not happy that Luna doesn’t give a damn that it’s there. so the little critter runs to a tree and flicks its tail which definitely gets Luna’s attention.

Luna **pounces* mine!

Nope, sorry Luna that mean squirrel just got you in trouble. I’m sure she gave one of us a dirty look after that ha, but she went back to work. A couple steps after that was the curb and she stopped at it with no problem and even body checked me so that I would not take another step. *cheers* good girl Luna!

introducing the gentle leader:
Well, Jessica wanted to work the route again, but this time with a gentle leader on just to see if we could make the route an even better success, less distractions. So I put one on her, but didn’t attach the leash to it and this time she did a much better job. She was still a little distracted, but it was *waaaay* better distraction wise than the first run.

Where’s my treats?
This is one super smart dog. During our walk today we started randomly giving Luna her treat rewards. I’d give her a treat at the down curb and at the up curbed, but then skip giving her one at the next down curb and scratch her on the head instead. yeah, sure I got some dirty looks from her.

What does the little monkey do? She blows the up curb after we cross the street. Then I have no choice, but to show her the curb and then give her a treat so she knows *stop* here.

Luna *ha, got my treat after all*

She did this more than once. And no, we didn’t have a pattern to when I’d food treat her and when I wouldn’t. So she wasn’t going by that.

So, this day has come to an end and I think all that mis-behaving wore her out. She’s currently snoring, *groans* on her mat.

As you may have noticed Luna has picked up 2 more names today, lol.

Jessica, can you bring back my Luna Moon tomorrow?

LD, training5 first busy work day

Hey everyone.

Sorry this post is pretty late. I had loads of school work to catch up on that I couldn’t get done in the training center yesterday. So whenever you hear the words today or tomorrow that this post is for yesterday, *smiles*

Lets start with a tough situation that I need to get off my chest. I will not post names:
We had a situation last night during our 6:30PM lecture where a client totally called out another client. The room went absolutely quite, you could cut the tension with a knife and I know many people wanted to snap at the client that brought up the situation…me included. i don’t know about the instructor that was leading the lecture, but all clients after that was totally uncomfortable. This client that called out another in my opinion was way out of line on bringing it up in the setting and at least from my point of view, she’s one I will stay clear of. I hope the client that was called out *does not* let what the other client said get to them.

Now, on to the good stuff!!

Pictures of Luna:
I do have pictures of Luna and I will get them up on the blog hopefully soon.

My poop machine:
*whew* this dog can poop! I got at least 5 piles around 8AM. Can someone loan me some extra hands and legs?

This girl is definitely not subtle when it comes to her getting distracted. We’re just flying right along and *oo, down goes the nose* Ha, different than my last who was *sneaky* What I think will be guess work for me will be knowing when she’s distracted and when she’s taking me around something.

One awesome thing was she *did not* go for a piece of food that I dropped on the ground. yay Luna! She probably gave me a dirty look though for dropping her treat.

Tomorrow we are working on traffic checks *cries*

Playtime with Luna:
*chuckels* Luna is so funny when we play. she runs around the room with one of the bones in her mouth snorting. Now the funniest is when I give her the rope toy. When she has that one she runs around the room snorting, pouncing on the rope and batting at it with her paws. I’ll definitely get video of that when she doesn’t have to be attached to the leash. It definitely would be *no* fun seeing her get caught on the leash as she plays.

What the hell was that?
*chuckles* At 8PM I introduced Luna moon to our choir, *Shout Sister Choir* through facetime. It was totally awesome! I wish there was a way I could have had a video of our facetime ha! The look on her face when over 60 people said 8hi Luna* was great. They told me she got a look on her face like, *what the hell* Then when the choir all went *oo* Luna groaned and ran off the lay on her mat. *snickers*

Luna’s nicknames:
1. luna Moon
2. Luna Pistil
3. bouncy luna
4. pocket rocket
5. Lunatic
6. rocket launcher

So on to getting run over tomorrow! Wish us luck.

LD, training4 First run with luna the pistil

First night with Luna Moon:
The first night with Luna went pretty good. She didn’t whine and wasn’t overly restless. She did sit up a few times, but I think it’s because it got too hot in the room. Once I turned off the heat she settled down.

Now onto my day with my *tiny moon*
This morning went fine. Once I got up and dressed she *dragged* me to the door. Hmm, guess she really had to go you think? lol

One of the biggest things we have to work on with Luna will be food refusal. She’s a little too interested in food, but from what I’ve observed of her so far she does catch on and learn pretty quick. Of course she might hate us after such a horrible lesson, *sighs* the life of a guide dog with such mean owners and trainers!

The first run through of obedience I did with Jessica. It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t *fantastic* Mainly cause she likes to lay down right after she sits, *no thanks* to the nice slidy floor. So after that I worked with her on the carpet and she did much much better. So I think I’m going to do her obedience there to make sure I absolutely have her listening to me and then move back to the mean sliding floor. This also means she’ll get people distractions as we do this since we’ll be out in the lobby area. *just can’t win*

First walk…um make that *run* with luna:
*whew* what the hell is in my dogs food? This girl can go from 0 to 60 in about a second. She has now earned the nickname of Luna Pistil. Sheesh, she moves faster than Noah and he went pretty damn fast! I guess in January when I have to run from one building to the other to make it to class on time I don’t have to worry about that now. i’ll make it there with time to spare. Of course can’t say anything about the people she might run over in the process, but hey I’ll get to class, *snickers* Guess they’ll learn to definitely get out of her way! I also discovered that she bounces when she reaches her *lets fly* space which has earned her the nickname of Bouncy luna. So in less than 24 hours my girl has gained a few names. Isn’t that great? *beams*

The funnier second *run* with the Pistil:
*yipes* slam on the breaks! So um yeah, moving fast with miss Luna Pistil I really have to slam on the breaks and risk going flying in the process. We were flying right along when Luna stopped us at the gate. Well, she stopped and it definitely wasn’t expected. *whew* good thing that gate wasn’t any lower…haaha or unlatched. Luna stops, but May goes flying? Now that would have been amusing.

So um yes, made it past the near flying incident and get to the part I like most, *chuckles* Luna and I starts going down a hill and this time I let her go a little faster than I did this morning. *run Jessica, run* Whoops, sorry!

So um Jessica, think you’d be willing to video Luna and I doing a route once we’re more in sync with each other? *chuckles*

Um James, remember I said that Luna doesn’t snore…yeah about that. I hope it’s because she’s had a long day and will soon *shhhh* One damn snoring human in the house is enough!

One proud papa:
lol, new first time handler was extremely pleased today. Sometime today his awesome dog gave him that great thing that all us handlers know and love…*that first poop* Yes, today John got his first poop and he absolutely was thrilled about it! *hands John more bags* Everyone that heard him make this announcement including myself happily told him that he could pick up our dogs poop too.

Congratulations John!! On to tomorrow. Someone bring *skates* for Jessica? HA!