Where did the first half of the year go?

Those reading this by email there is a video in this entry as well so you’ll have to go to my site to see it. Sadly I don’t think anyone has found a way around that yet, sorry.

Where did the first half of this year go? I’m pretty sure I didn’t blink for longer than a few seconds, honest!

And speaking of things flying by, can you believe that luna and I have been a team for almost 9 months already? Didn’t I just get her?

Boy it’s been a very very busy first half of the year and it definitely won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

1. I started at International Academy for my massage therapy training in January. It may take me a while since I’m doing it course by course to get the horrible *boring* courses like anatomy and physiology out of the way! Currently I’m working on A&P4, but that’s about to end on Thursday. Then I’ll be switching to even ore A&P plus 2 other classes, Ethics and Massage Techniques 1-4. Now the massage classes will be more like a refresher for me since I have a background already, but different country so interested to see how that will go.

School wise with all the problems I was having with Carleton University thanks to my disability worker that was as smart as a pole i’ve decided to put my focus more on getting my massage license so that I can start working sooner rather than later, smiles.

2. Sing sing sing! My absolute delight is singing with Shout Sister Choir If you love to sing and have loads of fun doing so and live in Ontario, then you should definitely join one of the chapters. You won’t regret it!

No, we are *not* a religious choir nor are we *nuns* We definitely don’t sing boring songs, but ones like what’s heard here. This is from our end of year show in May and I believe there were 125 of us on stage.

Sadly our season has come to an end, but never fear we’ll be back next season starting in September! Will anyone reading this in the Ontario area be brave and let themselves loose to join us?

3. Starting a business is fun and challenging and I think makes my brain leak out of my ears more than anatomy and physiology does. Whew, good thing I’m trying to get things set up now instead of right when I finish classes. Hopefully all I’ll need to do when the time comes is release my business site and start promoting promoting promoting! For now I need to find a trust worthy financial business person. Psst, anyone know of any in the Ottawa area?

4. Plan plan plan, that’s me! So along with working on business starting up ideas I’m also working on planning our first ever cruise! James and I are hoping things work out and we can go next year for our 4 year anniversary. We’ll be going on Carnival to the Bahamas! I’m going to swim with dolphins and go to Starbucks, hahahahah! Although playing with Sea lions sound like fun too! Decisions decisions.

Ok, think this post is long enough. Take care until next time!

Remembering Prince Noah

Warning, this is a long post and for those receiving this via email there is a video. Sorry so far I still haven’t found something that allows videos to play in the email version.

April 1, 2014 was a day I will never forget. It was the day my previous guide, my white golden Prince Noah was put to sleep. Today marks the first full year without him and thanks to my new best furry pal Luna it’s not as bad as it could have been.

I received Noah shortly after I moved to Ottawa from Canadian Guide dogs and boy was he *huge* I remember when I got him wondering how in the world this big dog would fit anywhere, but he did! He could curl up into the smallest ball that shocked me even at times.

I sadly didn’t get to write much about Prince Noah and his funny ways because I didn’t start writing until August 2012 so missed out on some great memories.

But I’m so glad I have ones like telling Noah not to dance and most certainly the very first time I decided to dance with him

A great shout Sister Choir story:
So one night we were doing a show and sometimes my lovely Noah sits between my feet and sometimes he lays down, either is fine with me since he’s a good boy. We had this one song called ‘Lay Down” hahahha, the first few lines of the song are of course “lay down” So before we started the song my Noah was sitting up and nice and proud in his black shirt and we began to sing, *snickers* “lay down, lay down, lay it all down” You guessed it, the command lay down and over 100 people singing it Noah let out a loud groan as to say “alright already, I’ll lay down” and he plopped on the ground. Talk about funny. All of us had a hard time trying not to laugh and sing at the same time!

Unlike my current stubborn mutt Luna who would just grumble and snort at me if I had the nerve to leave her at home the vindictive Prince Noah got his revenge! Oh yes, he would find things to run me into like *huge* snow piles or *big* cold puddles of water to make me walk through and he’d be wagging his tail the whole time!

i remember during training Tim our trainer and I trying really hard one lesson to get Noah to not jump over or walk around a puddle, but he was having none of it. He refused to get wet if he could help it, lol.

Here is how Prince Noah got the title of Prince:
This one happened when we were actually still in training. We were walking down a busy downtown street, loads of people, tables, chairs and all those lovely obstacles that jump out at you in downtown areas *chuckles* Noah and I get about halfway down the sidewalk when he slams on the breaks. I put my foot out to see what’s up and see nothing, hold my hand out, nothing. Reach down check my dog and he’s looking off to the side. I’m now like completely puzzled and tell him to hup hup. Noah says nope, not moving. He then shakes himself and then looks back off to the side..not happy with whatever it is and shakes himself again even harder, then looks back off to the side. By this time my instructor has reached me and is laughing his head off and tells me what Noah is looking at. We came across a store front that had a window that reflected your reflection back at you like a mirror. I couldn’t help but to laugh and during this Noah gives one last big shake, looks off to the side and is finally happy with his appearance and off we go, bouncing down the street as nothing is wrong, lol.

On March 14 our partnership abruptly came to an end and then I had no idea how I would recover. To this day I still wish I could have made it all better and i panic if Luna seems even slightly out of tune. That part will probably never change, the worrying and wondering what if or could I have.

April 1 will always be a day to remember and a day of celebration!

Prince Noah
may 13, 2009 to April 1, 2014

I created a monster!

From January 21, 2015

So, guess it’s time to write one of those entries that I fell behind on from last month in regards to miss Luna Moon my music nut!

From the moment I got luna on September 16 I had her listening to music of all kinds, country, rock, oldies and most importantly Shout Sister Choir because it would be a big part of her life.

Well, let me tell you I believe I created a MONSTER!!!

Wednesday evening of January 21, 2015 Luna and I were on our way home from class at Carleton University and we had to pass through a big open area where Starbucks is and Tim Hortons and of course music. And it was *loud* music at that. Also, not very good music, but hey apparently someone liked it, including my dog!

Luna was determined that we were going over to where the music and was no matter what. The moment we step away from the stairs she made a hard turn to the left and was going to fly right on over to that music and have herself a great time.

Sadly, I wanted know part of whatever it was they were playing and wanted out and to go home. Have a guess on how this battled turned out?

Me, Luna, no we’re going home. Forward.
Luna, *ignores me and proceeds to music*
Me, Luna no, leave it!
Luna, *groans and turns away from the music*
Me, *whew* Luna, find the elevator.

Luna takes 2 steps in the direction of the elevator and . . .

Luna, ha, fooled you mom. *abrupt* 180 turn and pulls back towards the music!

My dog seriously has no taste!

I grumble and once again try and convince Luna that we really don’t want to go dance to the music or whatever it is she wants.

Me, *leash correction* and Luna stares at me like I’ve lost my mind, but I have her attention and tell her to find the elevator.

Luna snorts and huffs her way to the elevator and we are nearly there when . . .

Yep, you guessed it! Luna goes flying around the wall that leads right back around the corner to take us to the music.

I swear I’m trading her in for a Poodle!

Me, fine fine Luna you want to play that way…*attaches leash to gentle leader* take that! Now, find the elevator.
luna, *long sigh and probably sad puppy eyes* and off we go to the elevator. Which I happily praise her and give her hugs and a treat while also blocking her way from trying to be sneaky and take us back to the music, lol.

But wait, the fun’s not over!

We got downstairs in one piece and I remove the leash from the gentle leader…mistake. I forgot that we also have to still get past the bar. Yes, the bar, which of course plays music! *sighs*

Luna, Oo, more music. Mommy you want to go in here, right? Right! *dives* to the right and into the bar we go.
Me, *groans* why me! No Luna, lets go home.

Apparently she didn’t like the music in the bar that much because it wasn’t that big of a fight to get her back out. *whew*

lol, hold on the fun isn’t quite over yet!

Luna gets mad at me
So, finally Luna decides that it’s ok to actually head towards the doors so we can go home. All the music is gone, no dancing for Luna…the poor thing!

Luna takes us to the doors we would normally go out of if I was going to take the bus home, but since it was freezing ass cold outside we were taking Uber home instead and that’s out a different set of doors.

Me, good girl Luna, but not today. Hup-up.
luna, *stares at me, then at the door, then back at me and doesn’t move*
Me, Yes, good girl Luna, but not today and I give her a treat to show her she was right. Normally ha this works well. Um, not tonight.
luna, snorts and I’m sure gives me a dirty look and takes a step towards the doors to go out. Clearly I have no idea what I’m talking about and she must take charge….*follow your dog* Isn’t that what they teach?
Me, a little firmer *no* with a tug on the leash away from those doors.

Luna, Darn human first tells me lets go home and I can’t listen to music. Then when I finally does what she wants and brings us to the right place she says no. *snorts* what’s wrong with her? *groans, grumbles, hmphs* I’m just going to lay here and maybe she’ll figure it out then! Maybe?

And she did exactly that. She plopped on the floor in front of the doors and stared up at me. *chuckles*

Not only did I create a monster when it comes to music, but clearly my dog has OCD or something. I am not allowed to change the door that we go out of. i can go in any door I please, but when going home it absolutely must be the same door. No ifs, ands or buts about it!

After laughing my head off and praising her and telling her what a good girl the nutcase was I did get her to see that I still have all my whits about me.

of course she probably doesn’t believe that one bit, but we finally got to where we need to be and live to tell more stories, lol.

Welcome to Parkwood Hills

Whew, guess it’s time for at lease one update. I am so behind and so much to share!

James and I have been in our new apartment for a week now. Let me tell you it was the fastest move I’ve ever done! A few of my Shout Sisters and their friends and family members came to help and within 5 minutes of them showing up at the old house half the stuff was already loaded on the truck. The whole move was started at 10AM and done around 12:30PM.

I greatly appreciated the help and generosity that was given that day. It was more than I asked for or expected, smiles.

It will take some getting use to living in apartments again, but the building is nice and everything we need is easy to locate without running into too many walls, lol. The best part is once again we’re attached to the building with the pool. So at least for now no more having to go *outside* to get to the pool! Now come the summer the indoor pool closes and we have to switch to the *outdoor* pool. That pool isn’t close by so that will be fun to figure out. Now if they will just get a hot tub!

One thing that I was definitely concerned about is the fact that the laundry machines use *smart cards* and my previous experience with them sucked! However, the staff here are helpful in loading the card for us and most importantly we found out that the machines beep the moment you put the card in the machine. So no guessing *when the heck do I press the buttons* We also learned that if the machine doesn’t beep, then most likely that machine doesn’t work and won’t eat your money!

Now, Luna and the apartment. Whew, definitely some things to work on.
1. dogs, dogs, dogs!!! Unlike where we use to live and sometimes run into dogs, Luna will pretty much always run into a dog here. This *definitely* a work distraction. If you remember Luna and the squirrels she’s like that now with the dogs! So trying to figure how to best get her use to dogs just popping up in places.
2. Brrrrrrrr, luna *loves* to make me freeze when it’s time to go outside. Instead of doing her business, she wants to jump around in the snow and snort it up her nose. Boy how this girl enjoys playing in the snow. But, if we have to sadly work outside and wait for buses in the cold she *hates* that! I don’t blame her. I’m ready for this darn winter to leave already. Now the problem I have is she’s so interested in playing in the snow she won’t go do her business completely. She’ll give me a number 1, but not a number 2. Then once we get back upstairs about 10 minutes later she’s *loudly* stating that she needs to go out, groans!
3. Salt, salt, salt! Ugh, all this salt is even annoying to me. luna will stop moving if it’s too much salt so then I have to coax her to get moving. The sooner I can get her inside, the sooner I can clean off that annoying salt.

Once again my Luna moon shows me how quick she learns. We only had a chance to learn how to find the way from the bus stop to the apartment and vice versa once. Let me tell you even just once that girl of mine had no trouble bringing me home the first night we worked it from school. I’m so proud of her!

Once the weather warms up we’ll get lots of walking in which Luna will love since she loves to work. she can’t stand being inside for too long. So someone *please* send us that warm weather!

Until next time I’m off to freeze!

One month later

Oops, time ran away from me again! It really needs to stop that. I didn’t realize that my last update was a little over a month ago. Bad May, bad!

So, lets catch everyone up on how things are going around here.

Moving once again
It use to be I moved every here from one State or Province to another. Ha, now it seems I have to move every 2 years, lol.

Thanks to the rent increase at Accora Village we decided that it would be best to move instead of running the risk of tapping too much into our extra money that allows us to you know eat and drink and buy things. I first debated on waiting until the summer to move because then it wouldn’t be like freaken cold outside and neither of us would be in classes during the summer.

But, then I thought better of that because I have a little person coming to visit me next summer and I figured better I know the new neighbourhood and already set up instead of trying to learn where things are and not really knowing when she got here. So, winter moving it is, *again*

The end of next month we will be going back to apartment living over at Parkwood Hills

Well, I haven’t talked much about school this term and that’s mainly because it just didn’t go as good as I would have liked and planned. Since I really didn’t have to *go* on campus for school, the procrastinator that I am chose to stay home and watch the classes later. Classes by video is a great idea, but ha for me it makes it so easy just to forget I have a class.

Next term however I definitely don’t have a choice, I *must* go to classes. Starting January 6th I’ll be going to C.I.A. Hahahah, amusing!

School 1, Carleton and school 2, International Academy

International Academy, I’ll finally get to start working on getting my national license for massage therapy, yay! Might take me a while since I’m paying for it on a course by course basis, but I’ll get there in the end.

Out of my mind
Back in September I wrote like every single day and the posts were very good and amusing to a lot of people and just about everyone was saying I should like write books and stuff. Hahah, would you be surprised that I actually don’t like writing. It’s like my least favourite thing to do, academically that is. when it comes to writing for school stuff, I absolutely suck, lol. but writing for pleasure I seem to do great even though I hate writing. Figure that one.

So anyways, while at Leader Dogs for the Blind I wrote my first poem in like years. That one was specially written for class 15/03. Shortly after I got home in October I wrote another poem that was a bit better than my first and not long ago…like last week I completely lost my mind and decided I wanted to enter my poem into a writing contest. So, on December 8th I checked to see which poem would be the best and it was the second one I wrote and submitted it. Will I win? Ha, I have no idea, but people say it was good enough to enter, so we shall see.

Now on to the best part, Luna!
Luna and I are doing great! I mentioned Leader dogs a moment ago and much to my surprise I found out that Luna and I are still highly remembered at Leader, ha! Hmm, now it’s December and I was there in September, makes me wonder…them remembering me is that a good thing? *smiles*

There’s finally loads of snow, not just fluff on the ground for Luna to play in. I tried doing a video of her playing in it, but erm that didn’t go so well. Every time I got down on her level to make sure she got on camera, she tackled me into the snow, *grumbles* That and I had to tell her not to try and eat the camera, it was not a toy, lol. So videoing Luna in the snow is definitely a 2 person job and will have to wait until we travel next week. Hopefully they’ll still be lots of snow to play in.

Work wise however. *whew* Traveling with Luna may be tricky if the sidewalks aren’t clear so I know that she hasn’t pulled me off into some deep snow pile just to play. I was told to try the gentle leader with her and I will as soon as mother nature decides if it’s going to snow lots or warm up enough where most of it disappears again. Darn woman is not making it easy for me to fix my dog, ha!

Luna gets *loads* of praise on how well behaved she is, especially during choir. During choir practice she just lays on the floor and doesn’t move…well, that is until someone says the word *ok* Really need to change that trigger word. It’s a pain in the ass!

Speaking of choir! We had another show yesterday afternoon. The purpose of this show was to try and beat the 2012 world record for the most people singing Jingle Bells and the choir I’m in Shout Sister Choir kicked off the event.

Sadly, we didn’t break the record. We only had 350 and we needed 489. I think we could have if the event got a lot more advertising, but ah well it was still fun. If you wish to see a small clip of it, then watch and listen I have no idea what part was caught on video if it’s the whole choir or if you can see Luna Moon. It is about 7 minutes into the news. Hopefully i can find other videos since there were loads of people there videoing the shows.

Luna of course got lots of attention after our part was done by little kids and she loved it. For all the parents that respected the fact that Luna is a working dog and let their child know they couldn’t pet Luna while she was working. i thank you! And of course since they were nice and respected that, their children got love from Luna and her from them, *smiles*

Now to get ready for our next adventure. Off to the families for Christmas next week. Poor Luna!

This time I promise it won’t be a month before the next post, lol.

Luna and Shout Sister Choir

So, maybe it’s about that time I finally tell you about Luna and Shout Sister Choir. You know since our first small show was like forever ago now on October 23rd. Damn time just keeps getting away from me and stuff just keeps getting in the way of me posting about this show.

First before I get to the show…I know I know, putting it off yet again ha! Luna has been to a couple of practices with me and has done an awesome job. The first practice was with the Thursday group which is the group I actually practice with and the second one was the Tuesday group.

Hmm, I’m not too sure what she thinks of that group. every time we were done with a song she kept trying to leave! *snickers* Maybe that’s a bad sign?

So ok, here it is, our first choir show.

Our first show as I said was pretty small, just at one of the local nursing homes. I had Luna’s harness with me, but not on her because during shows it’s loads going on and of course I knew she’d get lots of attention. Plus if there’s run we also dance. The dog and I, not the choir, ha! Everyone knows Shout Sister has a dog in the group so I’m never bothered about not having the dog in harness, but keep it with me just in case there’s ever a problem.

So we get to the place where we will be sining and I get ready to attach Luna to my belt loop so I can have hands free. Usually this is not a problem and goes just fine, but um . . . *yipes*

Luna all of a sudden gets all excited just when I’m about to attach her to my pants and takes off pulling the leash from my hand.

Quick, someone grab her! I call out.
Choir members attempt just that, but that darn little rocket is quick and tiny and slips between legs. No one has a clue yet what the heck Luna has her eyes set on!

Someone finally is able to grab the leash…*groans* goes Luna as she’s brought back to me.

I hurry up this time and attach her to my pants while the little bugger is still trying to get away!

You know what had her attention? *smiles* I’ll tell you at the end.

So I get her all settled and she behaves like the good girl she is and like she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Luna, me get away,never! I would never do such a thing. I’m a good girl.


Ready for part two? Oh yes, Luna tries it again, but this time she’s attached to me!

We finish the show and of course Luna gets loads of attention cause she’s so awesome and good. However we didn’t get to dance because the area was just too small for that. So they didn’t get to see how good she is there.

We were getting ready to go when once again Luna makes a run for it!!

*eep* as I go flying along with her…remember she’s attached to my pants!

I grumble and pull her back once a choir member keeps me from flying over a table and make her sit.

Luna says *yeah right* and tries again to go after what has her attention. I’m going to have it I am I am I am, she thinks.

This time I’m prepared and don’t go flying across the room and I pull her back for the second time.

*grumble, snort and probably some doggy curses* as for the third time she makes a break for it! Mine mine mine.

Fine, I give up! I let her drag me to the object that so had her attention.

You ready to hear what it was?

A statue of a dog about the same size as her! Yes, a bloody darn dog statue.

Here’s the best part. After I let her drag me to it…she won that war, *hmph* She turned around, sat down and looked up at me like ok, are we done now?

lol, that cracked everyone up and I just had to roll my eyes. I put her harness on and we got the heck out of there. Of course after more pats and love and scratches for the silly mutt!

So, now that the first show is out of the way, it leaves me to wondering, what will Luna do for the next show where bells will be involved?

If you’re in Ottawa Ontario Canada, come check us out. Make sure to come early, show starts at noon!
December 14, 2014
City Hall, 110 Laurier Ave. West
in the main hall, Jean Piggot Hall

Did we disappear?

Whew, I know many are wondering where did Luna and I disappear to after getting home? It’s been busy along with sick! Um for me not for luna. That little pocket rocket of mine is doing just great!

settling at home:
Well, my little pocket rocket, Luna moon settled into the house like she’s been with me for years and we were just away on a small vacation. The only minor issue at first was getting her to park in the backyard, but I figured out why that was an issue. It’s mainly dirt/mud back there and she didn’t like stepping in it, lol. So I started alternating between the front yard and the backyard and things seem to be better for now. When it rains however it’s definitely the front yard and hope I don’t miss something.

She hasn’t tried exploring the bathrooms and drinking out of the toilets which is great since we never remember to close the doors. She most certainly has not trying stealing things from trash cans that she shouldn’t. Again another good thing since I forgot the ones in the bathroom aren’t dog proof!

I’ve already switched to off leash time at home since she settled in pretty well. The only time she goes on is if she gets too excited and forgets how to listen, if she hasn’t done anything outside for me yet or the first time we had company over. Just to keep her on the calm side.

playtime with Luna:
OMG, if I thought this girl was nuts at Leader during our playtime…that was nothing compared to how it is here at home. Maybe that’s because she has *loads* more space than we had in the rooms. Man, she runs around the house like her tails on fire. Nope, make that she *gallops* around the house. It’s rather amusing to see and I’ll try and catch it on video one day.

talk talk talk:
Sheesh, Jessica are you sure you gave me a lab? Luna just won’t shut up! *chuckles* this is the first lab I’ve ever met that loves and I do mean *loves* to talk, and she does it just the right times to.

Carleton University:
The first time I took Luna to campus it was just a quick show her where my classes are and make sure I showed her the right paths we had to go down to get to the doors we needed and into the tunnels. I have to say that showing her just once she completely blew my mind by getting it *absolutely* correct the next time we did it. She didn’t hesitate, she didn’t look at me funny when I forgot to give her a treat at one spot because I was too proud of her for not taking us off the wrong direction that it took me a while to realize *whoops* forgot to treat her there.

The first walk she was a bit nervous on going even half our speed because of all the people. Way more than the college we practiced at at Leader, but maybe like that horrible mall we went to near the end. However after she realized that they weren’t going to move for her and just kept jumping in our way, she just runs them over hahaha, but shhhh don’t tell!

Tuesday wwas actually suppose to be our first full day at Carleton, but for whatever reason that day luna just didn’t want to be at school and I really should have taken my cue from her since our morning class that day was a movie and was completely *boring*

So we ditched the second class and came home, lol.

Again, Luna moves around Carleton likes she’s been doing it with me from the beginning. No challenge for her. What a trooper!

Shout Sister Choir:
Luna is now our *new* Shout Sister puppy and everyone absolutely loves her! I took her to practice with me on Thursday October 16th and just like home and school she laid on the floor and didn’t move one bit. Well, until someone dropped their water ball on her head, *whoops*

I was told she gave the person a dirty looked, whimpered and then moved to the other side of me, hahahahahah!

With Shout Sister Choir you don’t have to stay in one section all the time. You can sing high for one song if you like and then some other song maybe sing in the low section. It’s pretty cool…and we don’t sing boring songs either, just saying! So, the reason I brought this up is because we got to a song where there’s lots of section changes, people going here and over there. I pretty much stay in lead except for one song, which we’re not doing right now, but ah well. Luna however decides that she wants to get up and move to another section *snickers* Think she was trying for the high section. Then again maybe she just wanted further away from the person that dropped the bottle on her head. She kept giving her looks. Bad news for her was she couldn’t go far, she was attached to my belt loop.

We decided that since Luna is a black lab and during shows we wear all black, she definitely needs a shirt to stand out. I mean, how can she be the hit of the show if you can’t see she’s there? hmph!

We had our first show this past Thursday and I’ll write about that in another post. It definitely had an amusing moment.

Ah, now Luna and distractions. Definitely have to take a step back and work on those, but not as far as working goes. No no, her distraction now is when she’s not working and we’re doing obedience and she knows her toys are around someplace. Lots of *grumbling* on her part, but I don’t listen, ha!

As for squirrels. She’s seen those a few times as well both in and out of harness. She’s not pulling my arm off like I must have those now now now, but for sure holds her attention. What I found works so far is I just stop and stand there and let her look at them. eventually she gets bored and no longer excited. I only do this at home of course because I no the little buggers are there and it’s not all the time. I only do it when she’s overly excited and my guess is there’s more than one or two nearby. Other times she ignores them and up to the house we fly!

Working on squirrels at home as I said is great because I know they are there and I can take the time to stand there and correct her if she pulls for them or stand there and treat her if she stays still and most certainly when I can get her to focus on me and not them and we can go inside.

I believe there’s squirrels around my college campus as well, but since I’m not always near the area where they are it’s hard to test to see if my method is working. *sighs*

What’s next on our list? Luna and I will be heading to Toronto on Wednesday. First greyhound trip. Lets see how this goes.

No dancing Noah

I created a monster when it comes to Noah and dancing with Shout Sister Choir

On Saturday October 19th was our first performance of this season and I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to go since I’ve been horribly sick since my weekend in Petawawa for Thanksgiving. It was a short performance for us so I didn’t have my bf and family there this time, but our next show we open for the Nylons which is in November, but more about that another time.

So, our show on Saturday. For those of you who already know about the Shout Sister Choir dancing dog you know that since we joined the choir Noah and I have danced at just about every show. If you haven’t seen it yet, well shame on you and go watch now

Well, when this season started I discovered that Noah and I no longer have our dancing song, *cries* and we’d have to find a new one. I relayed this to my lovely golden boy that we would not be dancing for this show since we don’t have our song anymore, the stage we were on was a little small and to top it off I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t have the energy needed o sing and dance with him.

Well, guess what happens?

We get through all of our songs and the audience loves us of course and they ask for an encore. Well, in fact they ask for 2 more songs, but sadly we only had one more, lol. By this time I already have Noah up and sitting next to me since at first people weren’t asking for that encore and we were getting ready to go….oops, nope encore time! Get Noah to settle down again and sit nicely next to me like he’s done before and he’ll eventually lay back down for the song.

Not this time!

Shortly after we begin the song, the first line my lovely puppy who “was” sitting nicely at my feet has decided, “nope, screw you mom, we’re dancing.” I find myself with a armful of golden retriever who demands that we dance.

I of course am totally not prepared for this and neither is the group since, “hello” not the dancing song and everyone near me including myself can’t sing because we’re laughing, the audience is laughing and clapping.

“oo, clapping” Noah thinks, lets dance even more mom.

No Noah, no dancing, get down. I tell the furry pain in the butt.

“What’s that mom, dance you say?”

*growls, grumbles*
So here I am trying to sing and get Noah to “stop” dancing, but every time I tell the silly mutt stop dancing,

“what, dance you say” is his response.

Finally I get him to sit down, not settle, just sit and I go back to singing. We get to part of the song where I actually don’t have to sing and guess what?

Yep, you guessed it, I yet again have an armful of dog who demands that we’re dancing. The audience loves it and the more they clap the more he says, “dance mommy, dance? Oh, how about I join in and sing too, is that ok?”

*snort, snort, dance, dance*


Is this darn song over yet? No, no, yes, *whew*

So it’s now the end of the song, Audience is happy and clapping wildly and my great golden boy is proud of himself is now sitting nice and quiet back at my feet. Can I strangle him now? I have learned my lesson, no more telling Noah “no” dancing.

“What’s that mom, dance and kill you, you say?”

*growls, grumbles, damn dog*

My birthday month

It’s already April. Can someone tell me what happened to January through March? I think I blinked and it disappeared or something. Usually I don’t pay any attention to this month and try my hardest to forget it, but this year I’m not allowed.

First today April fools marks my 9 months with James We fit together so well that sometimes it feels like we’ve been together much much longer.

Next on the April calendar is my birthday, April 12th, *sighs* Now this is a day that I’ve avoided for a very long time. It use to be my wedding anniversary. James is determined to wipe the bad memories away that I associate with my birthday. He has this plan to torture me at Denny’s I just say he should buy me a diamond and a motor cycle and that would do it, lol.

April 13th is one that all that are in the Ottawa area should come and enjoy with me. Shout Sister Choir has it’s next performance. We will be performing at

Trinity United Church at 1099 Maitland. Show time is 7:30 pm. Tickets are 20 for adults and 10 for children.

If you were at our last performance then you know how awesome we are and how Noah stole the show. If you missed that one, then you better make your way to this one!

Finally in remembrance of my best friend/adopted sister. My love always goes out to you still and of course to the whole family. From one Cat to a KitKat, I love you!