LD Training 17 to 19 final outings

For those that receive this via email there is a video connected. You know what to do, smiles.

Great day everyone! It is us, the ***attitude*** team!

Sorry you haven’t heard how we have been doing the last few days, but I didn’t want to write very small entries and decided to combine the last ones.

I believe I mentioned that miss Wren, the Christmas songbird and I technically finished training on Monday so have pretty much just hanging around beating each other up and having a discussion on who is top dog in this relationship.

Um, I’ll stil need to get back to you on that, ha!

Speaking of who’s the boss Wren believe’s that dogs in their own house, barking at her from a window is absolutely not allowed! lol,we got off the bus to do a route in front of a house that had a little dog in the window. The moment the little ankle biting dog started barking at Wren she turned and growled at it!

Like seriously. Thisdog of mine will ignore other dogs that aren’t named Sunshine, but will not tolerate other dogs barking at her from inside their nice warm house.

I can’t wait to see what she does with the little dog that lives next door to us who definitely barks a lot from it’s patio.

OMG, Wednesday morning was cooooooooooold! Who the heck turned off the heat? I actually had to wear layers for the first time while here. Just brrrrrrrrr!

We went to Target since some people wanted to do some shopping and it was a perfect time due to the cold to work more on inside work. But what the mean trainers didn’t mention until we were at the mall is that

Ooops, the stores don’t open until 9 or 10 depending on the store so my lovely humans and dogs you’re all going to walk outside from where we’re parked which is at Best Buy over to Target.

They are trying to kill us!

Carey got us going in the right direction and off Wren and I went. I was a little nervous because I was afraid that we would end up in the open area even thoughtrainers were spred out to help us out if we needed it. I was nervous because there are times that Wren is very subtle when she makes turns. But once again this girl showed me that we work great together no matter how demanding or how subtle she decides to be at times.

I had no clue when she took me around the carts or tables that were in our way. She went around them or hell even probably skipped them altogether. The only time I had to move her on her way is when she took me to stores that weren’t Target.

She didn’t even demand teats. Can you believe that!

I did give her one and lots of praise when we got past the open area and didn’t end up lost in it.

So, remember when I told you that I was going to teach my girl how to find pepsi for me? Well . . .

Hahahahahahah, once again what a coincidence. She did exactly that.

Linda helped me go find the blueberry pepsi and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to try the lime or the mango one and dlet Wren choose for me instead.

Guess what this girl did? She turned around and put her nose right on the pepsi lime. Pretty funny since the vanilla pepsi was next too it. It was just too funny!

Well, this was the final outing for everyone and the trainers decided that we were going to go back downtown. It worked out great because I wanted to know how tall the little songbir is because I could have shown that she is shorter than Luna my last Leader puppy. Ha, looks can be deceiving. Wren is 21 or 22 inches tall. It was hard to tell because Linda said she wouldn’t stay still long enough to find out for sure, lol.

Wren and I didn’t really go out on this lesson. I mainly went so that the class decided that we wanted our final group picture in front of the lion.

I’m hoping at the end Linda did record all of us, but I have no clue what you may have seen in the beginning.

I handed Linda my camera knowing that technology and her don’t get along. I turned on the camera and told her what to do and you can hear me say that part. What I didn’t know is that, hahah, darn go-pro cameras turn off the little screen after a few seconds so a sighted person can’t see through the window to see what they are actually recording. has to be some setting, but anyways.

Linda is like trying to figure out what to do and ends up turning off the camera. I know because I heard the tuns of beeps when it’s turned off. lol, then she starts pressing more buttons and I have no clue what’s being recorded. One of the awesome instructors or heck maybe even Linda got it working and

Well, hahaha, here’s how that turned out.

Our final group activity was Family Feud and it was

The Leaders vs. the Dogs

I just have to say that I thought some of the answers in the tv version of Family Feud made me shake my head and wonder where the hell they found these people were bad, but noooooo, try the game version. Those answers made me wonder more on what planet they were on asking these questions.

It was a whole lot of fun and a very close game, but in the end, The Dogs took the game on sudden death!

The Leaders
Tonya, Valentina, Nora, Won and the South American interpreter

The Dogs
Tara, May, Cathy, Gab and Mike

LD Training11 who the heck called up this freezing cold?

OMG, it was cooooooool dout there today! Wren and I were not made for this type of cold you know!

Wren, loves to shop
This morning due to the fact it was super cold outside we went shopping at Target which was great because I needed more pepsi. I also learned that this Target has Starbucks, yayayaya!

Of course, going to Starbucks you would think I’d remember to grab my Starbucks card, but nooooooo, remembered my bank card, and totally forgot my other important card for Starbucks. Damn, no points today then, hmph!

We worked a little on having Wren behind the cart to which she is not a fan of because she likes to see what’s in front of her besides the cart. However, she was still a good girl and came back where I wanted her to be when I asked her to do so. For a treat of course!

When pulling the cart I have to make sure that she doesn’t do super speed which I have already determined that this girl does not like going slow. Going slow means we will never get there in her mind. But again, she does it with lots of hard pulling to see if I’ll change my mind and we can go faster.

Now following is her favorite I think. She gets to almost walk as fast as she likes plus she gets chances to demand treats form me. Ha, to which sometimes she got and other times I had to tell her to stop glaring at me, lol.
We first went over to the dog area and Wren immediately pulled me to the trats! Not a surprise there! But sorry Wren, those treats are no good for little princesses like yourself.

Fine, she decides, and goes for a soft rope toy instead. I have never seen a soft rope toy. But with this girl, I seriously don’t think the rope toy would last long.

Since I had chuck it toys in my amazon cart for her I got to see the materials those were made of and told her she’d have toys waiting for her when we got home.

I was very proud of Wren. I was able to tell her to sit, down and stay while having her on a long leash while I looked around at other toys and she did not move at all until I told her to do so. It was no more than 5 minutes and she was great!

Hey Cathryn, do you drink Pepsi too or something?

I jokingly told Wren that I was going to teach her to recognize Pepsi for whenever I needed some she could help me find it. Hahahaha, well, guess what this girl did?

When we got over to the cases and bottles of pop she put her nose on a case of pepsi. What a dog! Don’t have to teach her a thing after all! Well, except for must teach her cherry pepsi over regular, but what a great start. What a coincidence right?

The tiny team is not meant to travel in cold blowing winds
So, this afternoon we went to Birmingham and did the park route and even though I had on extra layers it was still ***freezing*** out there. One part of the trip Wren and I had to fight against the wind. It kept trying to blow us who knows where.

This route had plenty of obstacles which meant plenty of chances for miss demanding to state that I must give her treats, now now now! We even had an annoying lady with a shopping bag come straight at us. Like seriously woman, can you not see us here. Wren tok a quick look and sniff at her bag, found in uninteresting and kept moving! Smiles, of course, then demanded a treat for being so good. hahaha, I love this dog.

Tomorrow I’ll get to see how she travels at night. I wonder what I’m in for?

Baby news week 26

To those that receive the blog updates via email there is a video in this entry so you’ll need to go to my youtube channel to watch it www.youtube.com/canadianlynx1

This week baby J is a turnip eggplant, hahaha. The poor site we use once again is all confused, smiles. So who knows what he will be come tomorrow.

So here we are at the end of week 26 with baby news!

So last week I had to do the horrible sugar test again, just bleh! I really don’t think my doctor likes me, hahaha. Usually when you don’t hear anything no news is good news right/ Well, not this time! Sadly the test came back with my sugar being pretty high and that spells *disaster* This now means I have to take the 3, yes 3 hour test and I can’t eat anything after midnight. This is *not* going to make baby J happy at all! Once he tells me he’s hungry I can put it off for a little while before he starts hitting that button of, mommy I said *feed* me and feed me now! If I’m an idiot and not listen to him he decides to get more insistent and starts making me sick. Just great! So, on Monday I will be suffering from midnight until maybe sometime shortly after noon. This is so not going to go well! I think they just want me to drink that nasty orange drink again is all.

Now on the baby side of things.

We finally got baby J a few more outfits. Some have cars, elephants and ducks! Wow, I just can’t believe how tiny baby clothes are. I hope he can fit them when he comes out as much as he makes me eat, lol. I swear if he doesn’t come out at least 9 pounds I’l be shocked!

So along with that we got his baby bed which is a 7 in 1. I have never heard of a 7 in 1. This will last us a nice long time, yay! It came with a really nice comfortable mattress as well.

The next big thing thing that we need is the placard that will go in the living room and then it will be time to start collecting all those diapers hahaha.

The little guy is doing well. The ultrasound pictures came out better so don’t have to do that again. He is growing as he should, smiles.

I think we must have caught him at a rare moment of taking a cat nap because his heartbeat started off really really slow and then picked up speed when he realized he was getting attention. Of course he didn’t let us listen for long before he started nudging us away and then running away, lol. The lazy little turnip plant’s heart rate was at 154 this week.

So far I’ve gotten lucky and he hasn’t asked over and over again, but much to my dismay J *likes* peanut butter I definitely do not! This is a new development and maybe I’ll get lucky and it will go away, right? Maybe?

So, for those that are playing the guessing game here is the current weight. I am sitting at 180 pounds. Can you imagine that? Just wow and I still have lets just say 12 weeks to go.

I’m as big as a house!

So for those of you that can see here’s the video we did last week, week 25 so you can see what I look like now from the 10 week video.

The little guy is starting to really tap dance in there so I better try and figure out what he wants, lol. Catch you at the next update, smiles.

LD training22, my adventure


I’m one happy happy camper! I was determined to get my motorcycle jacket and I, GOT, IT!!!

First, if you ever need a cab and use Ace cab company, they are very very helpful. So Leader Dogs make sure you add them to your list of cab companies to call.

Sadly, Luna cold not go with me on this trip because we are not a graduating team yet. So I most unfortunately had to use my cane for this adventure. *grumbles* It took me 6…count them, 6 tries before I found a company that was nice and came out to Leader Dogs, so once again, thank you Ace!

After 4 this afternoon I turned on music for Luna and headed out the door not sure what to expect. *Thanks* wireless for dying before I got back.

Huge plus the cab was actually here in 30 minutes like the dispatcher said they would be.

so I get in the cab and before we pull away I could already tell this was going to be an *interesting* trip.

Driver, hey I thought the dog was coming too.
Me, nope we can’t take the dogs with us on outings without instructors since we haven’t graduated yet.
Driver, what, you look old enough to be graduated to me!

I asked the driver if he would please wait for me and return me to campus and this is how that went.

Me, could you please wait and return me back to campus?
Driver, how long do you think you will be.
Me, not long at all, just going to buy a jacket and I’m done.
Driver, oh that’s cool. I won’t charge you a wait fee since I already told my dispatcher that I’m going in to buy something anyway.
Driver, what kind of jacket?
Me, a motorcycle jacket.
Driver, uh oh, everyone watch out hot mama in the car!

All that was *before* we left the driveway, hahahaahah.

Apparently there are Harley’s out there that have 3 wheels? I have never seen ones like this and if they are out there, I so want to see one…ride it too of course!

I make it to the mall in one piece and the driver does a great job of sighted guide and explaining where things are, curbs, doors, turning left right and so on. *good* less cane work for me!

Driver, ok, what’s the name of the store?
Me, I haven’t the foggiest.
Driver, need to clear that up then.

So we stop and find out about stores that sell leather jackets, luckily there’s only 2, but the one we needed happened to be right in front of us, lol.

We find the sales person who is not the same as the other day, but just as nice and helpful.

Sales person, how may I help you?
Me, I’m here to get the leather jacket with the wings on the back.
Sales person, ah yes, right this way. come with me.
Driver, yes go with her. I have no clue where I’m going and will get us lost.

This sales person is short and the jackets I want are too high for her to reach so she has to get her stick as she called it so she can pull them down. She offers to hold my cane while I try on the jacket.

First is the one I mentioned but in black and extra large. I try it on just to make sure and yep the fit is great. But then, she spots one that’s *purple* Yep you guessed it. I had to have the purple one! It fits much better too and matches my hair and shoes, hahaha.

Me, I’ll take this purple one.
Sales person, that looks much better on you than the black one.

So I take off the purple one and hand it back to her and she starts to walk off . . .

Sales person, whoops, I forgot to give you back your stick. I remembered my stick, but forgot your stick.
Me, yes sadly I kind of need that.
Sales person, yes I need mine too to poke at things.
Driver, oh I’m sure she needs hers to poke at people too.

Hey, how did he know my secret!!

I am now the proud owner of my motorcycle jacket with wings!

Now the reason my driver was coming in the mall to buy something was for his beef jerky and Amish cheese. I’ve never had Amish cheese and when we found his old friend that sells it in this mall the driver tells that too his friend and I end up getting a sample for free.

It was awesome spicy cheese too and I decided I wanted to buy some, but my driver would have none of that and ought it for me. Well, thanks!

The trip back to Leader was just as amusing, but it would be harder to recap that since bounced around off puns and would have better to hear in audio hahahaah. All I will say is I’ll definitely be keeping this contact information for this cab company and will give a card to Leader as well. If you’re looking for a boring ride, that is not with this driver!

Now, the reason I haven’t said his name is because I can’t recall if he told me or not hahahahah. He talked like the whole trip there and back and we laughed the whole time and I may have missed it. For those in class 15-03 you’ll get this…he reminded me of Fred, lol.

But if you want to make sure you get him…or avoid him, hahahah just ask for the driver that loves his beef jerky and Amish cheese sold by Joe.

Oh and in guide dog related news we dropped another graduate today. Rodney and his pup went home this morning. They’re dropping like flies now!

See you all tomorrow.

LD training21, rain rain rain

OMG, those re-trains left and the rain came along with the cold! Now how fair is that? I demand a refund!

So, back in entry 19 I made a *huge* typo and I didn’t even notice until my instructor pointed it out and she was the only one. Kind of funny.

I wrote, “our second round at the puppy raiser”
Instead of, “our second round at the people mover:

I read that entry several times before I posted it and I didn’t even catch that, too funny!
Now back to this rain business. I would like to know why those re-trains had to go and be mean and leave us all this rain and left some cold behind.

Yesterday we went to this mall and I saw this *awesome* motorcycle jacket and stupid me didn’t have my credit card on me. I left my pouch behind and forgot to move the cards over. I was soooooo pissed at myself It’s a cool leather motorcycle jacket with wings on the back and reflective so that I couldn’t get run over and squished when walking at night. The sad thing is they are only open on the weekend and I leave on Thursday…not fair!! Now that jacket will be stuck in my head like forever.

Today again was nothing too special. Just more mall travel. I wish it was the same mall as yesterday so that I could have gotten that jacket, but no luck. We went to this mall that OMG, drove me completely insane and the whole group too. Where the hell did all those people come from?

Luna my sweet amazing dog handled the Great Lake Crossings Mall like a champ. she was not stressed out and moved around things like she’d been doing it for years. I on the other hand just wanted out out out and a *huge* drink.

Luna must have felt my pain cause she tried to take me to the bar when we were nearing the end of the crazy mall walk, but Jessica but a stop to that…how mean!!!

Thank goodness tomorrow we have a break. i wonder how much a cab trip would be to that mall to get that jacket. I want, I want, I want!!

LD training10, one week with Luna Moon

*wow* can you believe it? It’s been a week already! How time flies when you have a dog. Oh the joy she has brought me so far and the headaches too *smiles* lets me know that my flying time with her will be quite the adventure and I’ll always need to be ready for what may come.

Sadly to start off the day I had the worse headache I’ve had in a while so we took the morning off. It just was too unsafe for Luna and I with the state I was in.

*groans* goes Luna about this idea…she hates having time off!

What Luna has to say about distracted obedience time:
Oh great my human is getting her shoes, must mean we’re going somewhere! *spin spin* darn this tie down gets in the way. Come on human let me loose! i’m ready to go go go *bouncy bouncy* Bleh, there goes that tie down choking me again. Someone get this thing off of me!
*groans* there goes that human of mine telling me to settle and sit, but here she comes my way *spin spin* and *snorts* at the tie down. Hmm, guess I better sit like my human keeps saying so we can go.
Ugh, another thing to get in the way. My human says I must *go park* Didn’t I just do that?
*ah* the harness is finally on and I can go work now. My human says *steady* when I practically pull her arm off!
Oh, it’s not the big noisy thing we are going to, but some area where all the other dogs are. Hmm, this is not right, after I go park we are suppose to go to the big noisy thing. *oh well* maybe that’s coming….Oh, *find a seat* my human says. I like finding a seat I always get a treat when I do it right. *wag wag*
*snorts* at my human. i didn’t get a treat but a pat on the head and a *good girl* Of course I’m a good girl…so where’s my treat? Hmph, guess I’ll lay here and wait.

Oh, time for that that thing my human calls obedience, *sit, down, sit, down* Can’t we do something else…*oo wait* there’s my other favourite person, but but, who’s that with her? Did I hear her tell my human it was a dog? A dog! But but, why does she have another dog? This is not right either.
*sit* my human says. Fine I shall sit, but here comes that other dog that should not be. *Luna* my human says. What, can’t you see I’m…oo a *treat* for me. I’ll take that! Ah, that dog is getting closer. *stay* my human says…but I want that dog. Come here you dog! *yipes* my human didn’t like that much and she said that funny *fff* thing and told me to sit.
Oh no, that other dog is coming back around again. *Luna* my human says, but I just ignore her and watch that dog. *Luna* she says again…oh fine, what wha…oo a *treat* I’ll take that again. *sniff sniff* her hand, can I have another?
*stay* my human says and I try really hard to ignore that other dog and it’s getting closer and closer and…*Luna* my human says. I quickly look at her and *wag wag* I get a treat, but then I go after that dog…*yipes* that funny thing my human says and her not so happy sounding voice of me to *leave it* and then she makes me lay down.
*groans* this is not fun. That mean other dog keeps getting me in trouble…and here it comes again. *Luna leave it* my human says. I’ll just watch that dog that can’t get me in trouble can it?
Oh no, it’s coming closer again..I must stay still, I must not go for that dog. *wiggle wiggle* but my human says stay, so I must stay.
*whew* I did it and I even got a treat. Oh I’m so happy now!

Distracted obedience ended.

Bus ride to the store:
Jessica is our driver for the trip to the store. I can’t remember the last person on the bus with us, but there was Karen, Bonnie, John, Jack, I want to say it was Vickie and myself. I also probably spelled their names wrong…*sorry*

Karen, there’s this song
John, Jessica can you turn on some air?
Karen begins to sing this song about Iodine. *chuckles* funny little song, but sorry can’t remember the words so can’t type them for you.
Karen gets to the end
John, My dog was covering her ears
Karen, there’s this other song about cigarettes *chuckles* Jessica turns on the music right at that point. hahahahah that cracks us all up. Talk about timing eh?
Karen, why did I pick Leader Dogs again?
*snickers* we all love you Karen!

Luna displays her displeasure:
So this afternoon we went to the grocery store and worked with the pups on follow. Luna does a great job at following. My title miss also showed me the sorts of things she likes. Lucky charms, peanut butter, milk bones and a squeaky duck. I’ll make sure to buy her at least a squeaky toy at some point. Oh, *whoops* she also wanted some chicken.

But then we get to the fish section and um well, Luna decides enough is enough. I wouldn’t let her get her Lucky Charms that she really wanted, nor the chicken and the smell of the fish was *not* to her liking, so she begins to leave us a *smelly* package of her own.
*yipes* pull out the bag and get ready, but nothing comes out yet. Quick round of obedience Jessica suggests hoping it will work its way back up…then we decide nope lets *run* for the door and get her outside.

*oh no!* we didn’t make it!

Clean up on isle 4!!

I hand Jessica all the bags I have and watch Luna in case she wants to give us *several* piles, but she’s all done. We get it all cleaned up and take Luna out anyway, just in case. of course Luna’s like *I did that already*

I put the harness back on her and back through the store we go to finish the lesson.

Luna does an awesome job when it comes to the grocery cart. She stays behind it or slightly off to the side so she can look and when we switched to me pulling while she guided, she was great! Her pace was good and she didn’t get overly distracted by things she wanted. Telling her *straight* kept her moving along. It was the cart that didn’t want to listen when it came to right turns. *chuckles*

*cheers* I got my Starbucks!! Miss Luna Moon got lots of praise and *aww* what a pretty dog and she’s well behaved. *yay* Luna!

Snow snow snow!

OMG, someone turn off that darn AC and tell the snow it’s not suppose to be here yet. It needs to come for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and then go away, right? Right.

James and I went to Walmart today because if the weather is correct we’re suppose to be getting a whole lot of horrible freezing white stuff and I didn’t have the right type of shoes or gloves. I knew for sure that Walmart would have gloves, but the boots I was pretty worried about. Got lucky there too.

Since i sadly have to go out to a doctors appointment I’ll get to see how well they are. *brrrr*

now if I could find a really good winter coat I’ll be almost set for this horrible winter thing again.

Why did I move to where it’s super cold again?