Dear doctors please help

Hello doctors.

I knows I is only 2 years old and you wasn’t expecting to hears from me, but I must tries.

My mommy is in lots of pain and cries all the time and can’ts breathes and tries so hard nots to be upsets around me, but I stills can tells. Why won’t you helps her? Why makes her hurts and cries all the time? Isn’t doctors pose to makes it alls better? My doctor is nice so should I tells my mommy to goes there? Would they be nicers to my mommy?

I has nightmares and it makes my mommy all sad because she feels bads cause I feels scared. Why are you hurts me too? What did I do to you’s?

We just wants brother Snowmans to come outs so that mommy won’t hurts and he’s won’t hurts and I has someone new to plays with. Can you please helps?


Where does Red Roof Inn get their business sense?

Can someone please explain t me how this makes any sense at all?

Red Roof Inn, the company that ***claims*** they care about their employees strikes again.

So, this ***lovely*** company that keeps growing and growing, but can’t handle the call flow has one priority, making reservations! They don’t care if customers really don’t want to paypricesout of this world, they don’t seem to understand that some people are just price shopping and don’t like to be pressured. It’s all about making that reservation no matter what.

That’s including at the risk of their employees health!

You have an employee that while during a call has a severe asma attack, can’t breathe, can’t talk and forwards the call quickly over to a supervisor. Sed supervisor tells the employee, “just go in project mode and et some air, then get back on the phones.”

Um, WTF!

So, the company is then called by a concerned party…being me that is to find out if PTO, (paid time off) or VTO, (voluntary time off) is available. Here’s the ***lovely response that was given.

No, we aren’t doing PTO or VTO because we are very busy. However, if he really has too he will have to use an UA, (unexcused absence)

What kind of sense does that make? You claim you are ***so*** busy that you refuse to give PTO or VTO just for a couple of hours, but instead rather not have a person on the phones for the rest of the night with you being ***sooooo*** busy? Where did Red Roof Inn Springfield Ohio call center people learn business smarts? Who puts people like this in a role of supervisor when they make decisions that are stupid?

Lets see, employee off the phone for at least 2 hours and then back to work during the usual call busy time or make employee take the whole night off and lose a person on the phone during busy times and have to ***beg*** other people from other departments to cover more hours. I don’t know about you, but I think option 1 makes more sense, don’t you?

And for those that ask, “what about FMLA?” Hopefully I wrote those letters write. Well, see there’s this supervisor that told the employee that don’t bother since it only covers for a short period of time. If that’s the case, then how is it other employees use it at will? Maybe it’s only short for those that aren’t favorites?

What happens if you’re sick?

Did you ever stop to think about how you would take care of your guide dog if you were too sick to do so?

It wasn’t until I received my current guide Luna that I had to seriously give this some thought. From the moment I got Luna and our working bond started to build I noticed the connection that we have is much stronger than I had with previous dogs. I felt that we were more in tune with each other. I started joking around saying that Luna is without a doubt 100% my dog!

Well, his past march when that horrible sick feel like you’re dying bug was going around and it hit me like a freight train I discovered how true that statement was.

I felt horrible that I couldn’t get her out for walks, but standing for more than a minute nearly did me in. Luna absolutely refused to drink water or go anywhere at all if James tried. So I would drag myself out of bed to get her to drink water and take her outside or wait until the princess was desperate enough to go on the balcony. Luckily I didn’t have to worry she would starve because she’d eat no problem for James. I mean it’s food and a lab say no to food, never!

It was a long long couple of weeks and a month before I was completely better, but from that moment it stuck with me on what would happen if I got so sick that I couldn’t even drag myself from bed or have to stay in the hospital with a dog that’s super attached to me.

Do you get a thrill from being vindictive?

What makes people so vindictive and so willing to hurt others, especially those that have a connection with one another such as children? Do you get a thrill of knowing you know how to push just the right buttons to cause emotional pain to that person?

You have situations such as couples having a child together, all the family members and friends get along to some degree and things are going great. Then *bam* everything starts to fall apart and the couple is no longer a couple. Uh oh, what happens now?

Well, it’s definitely not the parents sit down as adults and work out how to raise their child and who does what when and how. No no, the father of the child has to bring up something that happened years ago that the mother did and clearly never forgave her for and starts to tell everyone how unfit she is to raise the child. The father then starts trying to take steps to cut the mother out of the child’s life, but also telling the mother of the child that he would do everything possible to make sure she gets to spend time with their child even though they aren’t together. Mixed signals much? Lets make matters even worse and now throw in the family members of the father of the child. Since the couple is no longer a couple then *hey* who cares about the mother of the child. You’re no longer with our son so we’ll just help try and keep our grandchild away from you.

Seriously are these people not thinking of the child? Is all that goes through their mind is how best to hurt the mother?

What about married couples that have children and things fall apart?

Sadly you get the same thing and sometimes even worse! Mothers that use their children as weapons to hurt the father by turning the child against their dad. They’ll tell them things like your dad doesn’t love us or want you and that’s why he left or you’re dad’s a bum and we don’t need him.

There’s cases where you see joint custody with the parents and the grandparents for whatever reasons, best interest of the parties involved at the time of the family dynamics falling apart that also can turn ugly. Life moves on, the parents mature and grow in their new situations and it’s time to explore outside of everyone’s comfort zone. *whoops* the grandparents don’t like this idea very much and start making up lies and twisting facts to try and prevent this from occurring.

Again I ask do the vindictive ones not stop and think of what harm they are causing? Do they really not care? Is it really all about them?

Intro to Social Work

Ok, so I will seriously figure out a time to make sure to fit in writing about how classes are going. So, about Social Work and Social Welfare.

I had this class Tuesday morning. This is my second class on Tuesdays and I have to say of the 2, this is the less reserved of my classes. This group has more energy than the other. Of course that could also be that my first class is 8:30 in the morning and this one isn’t, ha!!

Again, this was an introduction class day that wasn’t *snore* when is it over kind of class. It was active from the start.

1. Our class nor the instructor knows how to count, *sniffs*

We started off with the lets get to know the instructor. we were only allow to ask 6 questions. Um, somehow we ended up asking 7 and I was the one that asked the last question. Of course I didn’t realize this until later when I went back and watched the video that we all suck at counting, lol.

2. Everything we have to do for this course assignment wise and test wise will be done online. *cheers* That’s definitely cool at least for the sighted students in the class. For me, *sighs* not so much. We know that CU learn sucks as far as submitting papers online through the system, but we have “no” idea how it works for taking test. This could be fun to find out just as long as I don’t get punished for it in the end.

We have 2 mini assignments, 2 test and a book review to due for this term. *no final!*

So calling out all my book lovers again just like I had to do for the last class, but this time I think the task may be even harder. I can’t even find Ebooks of these books. Again, I may be overlooking a source and I’m hoping you can help me out.

Here’s the book list:
1. A Place to Call Home by Pat Armstrong
2. Bathtubs but No Water by Gerry Steele
3. Get That Freak by Rebecca Haskell
4. Ontario Works by Julie Vaillancourt
5. Random Acts of Culture *this one has no author listed*

Not easy choices as you can see.

What I also like about this class is that everyone so far is willing to participate in the class discussions. The instructor asks a question and we don’t just sit there hoping someone would answer. No no in this case it’s *whew* everyone just about has something to say.

Here is the topic that really had everyone’s input on Tuesday and on our discussion board. Feel free to add your on thoughts if you wish.

1. As a social worker we could come across many types of individuals and situations. What would you do if you were a social worker and faced with a problem that goes against what you believe in either religiously, personal views don’t match or cultural differences? Would you still help that client because you feel you have too or would you step aside and refer them to someone that could possibly help them better than you could?

2. Regarding suicide, how do you think a social worker could best help a client? How can people in general make people aware of suicide?

These are just a couple of the topics that are being discussed. I’m not going to list them all here, just the ones that right now anyways are generating the most discussion.

Researching guide dogs schools, some questions to ask

This post is for all those individuals out there that are thinking about getting a dog and have no idea what questions they should ask. Choosing a school is not an easy process and something “you’ should take extremely seriously. Try not to be swayed by a school a friend of yours goes too or pick a school just because everyone says it’s the best. What is right for them, may not be right for you. For example, I may not like Pilot and tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t go there, but what I might not like about the school could be just the right thing for you.

Again, that was just an *example*

So here are some questions to at least get you thinking. Good luck!

1. what is your program like? *follow up questions if you have any from their answers*
2. How long is the application process from applying to getting into class approximately?
3. What types of dogs do you have?
4. Is there a waiting list for a certain breed? *that is if you want to be breed specific, for example a shepherd*
5. What type of food do you feed your dogs?
6. Do you have puppy raiser contact? *if this is important to you*
7. What are your follow up services like?
8. If I need a home visit, what does that involve?
9. Is there a cost involved for receiving a dog? *if this matters to you*
10. Do you have a vet assistance program?
11. What is your matching process like? Meaning what all is involved, what do they look for in a dog to match them with you? Do they use videos, just pictures?
12. Since most schools are now going the food reward method, how do they incorporate it into their program? *if this is important to you*

You don’t have to ask any of these in that order either. Some you may even leave out if they are not important to you.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Blind and visually impaired individuals get asked questions all the time, some are good, some bad and some that leave you scratching your head wondering “where did they come up with that?”

Well, after my post about Is that guide dog in training one of my subscribers was reminded of a question his daughter asked him while they were on their vacation not long ago.

While they were on vacation they met a blind lady with a guide dog and it wasn’t until they were leaving did his daughter ask this question, “if the woman knew what color her dog was?” As well as, “If the woman was born unable to see, how would she know what gold *her dogs color* or white or red looked like?”

This subscriber is a good friend of mine had no idea how to answer this question. Good thing he has blind friends eh? *smiles* So that got me to thinking on making this post just for his daughter and others that may have questions just like it.

There are 2 answers to this question and maybe even more that I probably don’t even know, but have these 2 for now.

1. A person that has been blind from birth have no idea of colours except by what people tell them. For some, colours are just words. *note* I said for some. Each person is different, even those born blind.

2. A person that has had sight and then lost it has a memory of what things look like, that’s including colors. Again this all depends on the person and when they lost their sight. I lost my sight at the age of 12 so I remember almost all the colors..those *strange* colors however get me all the time. I can sit and talk sunsets with you or understand what you mean if you describe a baseball field to me since I remember those things.

There is nothing wrong with asking so don’t be afraid. Just keep in mind that how you ask the question will depend on the type of answer you get.

Is that guide dog in training?

Is that dog in training?

This is a question that many guide dog handlers get asked. For quite a few guide dog handlers this is a question they hate. For some they see this question as meaning some offence. When these individuals get asked this question their first thought is to snap back at the person that had the nerve to ask.

There are others that see the other side of this question, a way that is not meant to be offensive. They take this opportunity to educate instead of making the person feel or look like an idiot.

There is no right or wrong way to answer this question. I fall in the camp that takes the time to educate. The public does not know what goes on in the world of guide dogs and their handlers. How can they learn if they don’t ask even if they ask such questions that may be upsetting or even idiotic depending on who you are.

Is that dog in training?

My answer, of course. My dog is always in training. We are constantly learning about each other. I am always training him/her how to find what I need, a door, a bus stop or a pole.

My dog is always training me to what he or she means when its tail wags, what sounds let me know that my dog needs out like right now…move it or as we become a stronger team how best to follow my dog safely.

What to think when this question is asked because the public saw your dog do something it’s not suppose to and has to get in trouble. Do you snap at them? Well, some would. Again, no right or wrong, but all in how the person sees it.

In a case like this I just kindly tell the person that having a dog is just like having a child. Our puppy constantly needs reminding. you are always a parent to your child even when you know they should know better.

If you have thoughts on this topic I’d love to hear them. Remember there’s no right or wrong. No one would be judged if you care to post.