New Worlds Ateraan attends the ACB convention

Have you ever read a book and wondered what it would be like to play one of the characters?

This year at the ACB convention you can learn about the text only online role playing game known as New Worlds Ateraan

This high adventure, fantasy role playing game is based on the book The Light of the Path and staff members from New Worlds Ateraan will host a seminar on Monday and Tuesday evening.

Come to the seminar and you will learn how to become immersed in the world of Ateraan, a planet like earth where you walk among mystical creatures and live in an incredible country of fantastic magic and intrigue.

The seminar will introduce screen reader usage, character interaction, and the best methods of role playing by your host, a professional film and theater actor.

Now you can join hundreds of men and women characters like Neechi in an online adventure that becomes nearly real.

Join us this year at the New Worlds Ateraan Seminar at the ACB convention

To see what a few other players have to say about the game look here


Newworlds Ateraan

Are you looking for a great role-play game? Need someplace to go to escape the real world for a while and just be someone else? I have just the place for you!

Come check out Newworlds Ateraan where you can find dragons, orcs, killer turkeys, elves, dwarfs, nymphs and so much more! Come learn about the druids, mages, warriors, merchants and all the other guilds that Ateraan has to offer.

Newworlds Ateraan is a role-play enforced game. this means that you are your char the moment you step into the game. Great for those people that are looking for this style, right? Right.

Are you totally blind and also looking for a role-play game to play? Guess what, Newworlds is that place for you. The staff do everything they can to include you. There are quite a few blind players on the game that can also help you out if you get stuck.

I have been playing this game since july 2010. It is my first ever role-play game. I’ve met some pretty awesome people here that I’m friends with both in and out of game. I’ve had my current character Neechi since November 2010 and people keep telling me she’s pretty awesome! I think they just tell me that though, *smiles*

I won’t mis-lead you, the game does have some bad times as well: such as, people not liking some rules or decisions that are made or the fact that sometimes the game goes down for a while and drives all of us that are addicted absolutely nuts. If it was absolutely perfect then it wouldn’t be any fun now would it?

Check out what some of the players below have to say about their experience with the game and I hope you find the time to come join us!