Hey, where did that month go?

Oops I blinked and a month completely flew by. Where did it go?

Can you believe that Luna Moon and I have been home one month already? No, well, neither can I!

It’s been a very busy month since we got home on October 9th.

settle into our real life routine
school school and more school
first small choir show
take off to Toronto
convince Luna that daylight savings is the enemy when it comes to meal time
make adoption plans
figure out if we have to move
try and keep daughter from spending all my money
find time to go to Starbucks
chase down people at Algonquin College

And and and, did I forget something? *whew* I need a vacation just to catch up with life. Someone please tel it to *slow* down!

It’s definitely starting to get cold here and that horrible snow is on the way. I can’t wait to see what Luna does when it’s sadly here to stay.

So, we had a bit of a scare when it came to a traffic check while we were in Toron to which made my little pocket rocket a little uneasy. To get her back to at least comfortable I kept her away from Carleton University this past week as well just to keep the stress down. I’m happy to say that just doing a little work that doesn’t make her yell at me she’s doing ok as for speed. I still need to work on reminding her to stop at curbs and not fly across the street or help her feel comfortable in crossing if cars happen to be near by. Will have to see what this week brings. Another busy week coming up.

Hey I wonder if this entry will count as my 30 day check in for Leader?

So until next time, later from Luna and I!

trip to Toronto

Finally, I got to see more of Toronto than just the airport or the Greyhound bus station, lol.

Wednesday morning James Luna and I headed out to spend a few days in Toronto for the CNIB Braille conference hosted by CNIB

The trip started off with us finally packing for the trip like at 6 that morning. Talk about last minute packing, eh? It all worked out just fine. We had plenty of time to possibly forget something, play, feed, water and park luna a couple of times, fight with traffic and still got to the bus station with time to spare. Man, we’re good!

Wow, I absolutely have to say I *love* having a small dog now. It’s nothing like being stuck in seats with no leg room for ourself and having to throw in a dog. Luna is just the right size. Just throw her on, hahah just kidding didn’t really throw her, but she hopped right on, settled on the floor and slept the whole trip there. Only bothered to wake up when I coaxed her off the bus at the rest stop to see if she needed to stretch her paws. She was even a good girl for James when I left her with him to run inside the store so that I could go park myself. She didn’t whine or try and get away.

At the hotel for the first little while she was dog distracted with all the different guide dogs around so I kept the gentle leader on her whenever we weren’t in the room just in case I had to do some serious controlling.

OMG, who the heck let out all the dogs from GDB Poor Luna was like the only black lab and the only one from Leader.

Lets play the game, which of these things is not the same? lol.

Once again she showed me how extremely smart and observant she is. The relieving area at the hotel was a little of a walk from our room and after being shown where it was once, she had it the second time I took her out. I wasn’t exactly sure on where to make at least one of the turns, but she just pulled me along, lol. Follow your dog, right, isn’t that what they beat into your heads?

We sadly did have a too close for comfort traffic check that could have had a different ended than it did.

We decided to try and go find food that wouldn’t break the bank like most hotels do with a group of friends, one being another guide dog team. we got to this one street crossing and was in the middle of the crossing when car went right between Luna and I and the other guide dog team. They didn’t slow down, they didn’t stop, just drove right on through. Luna did exactly what she was suppose to do and stopped and stepped back, but even with her stepping back, the car was still too close. I could have reached out and touched it without putting my hand out too far. If not for that step back or if I wasn’t paying attention to Luna, that could have ended way worse.

luna however was affected by the incident. She was extremely hesitant in traveling and when we came to a curb or driveway she would either run across it or not want to go at all. This of course seriously concerned me and I got in touch with Leader Dog on Friday to see what to do and explain what happened. I also decided not to work Luna that day to lessen the stress she may have been feeling since I learned her stress signs while in class. I just saved working her when I had to take her to park.

So, I heard from Jessica and got some things to try to see if that will bring her back up to speed and I’ll be trying those now that we’re back home.

She seems fine and happy now that we’re back home, but I haven’t worked her yet either haha, just lots of playtime, but that is soon coming to an end.

Oh yes, another great thing happened while I was off playing in Toronto. I finally heard from Luna’s puppy raiser and got loads of pictures! *cheers*

LD training concluded

Finally, here’s what happened on our trip home *smiles* Sorry it took a while but I gave us some time to do absolutely nothing! of course not to mention that bug that tried to catch me in Michigan, yeah it caught up with me at home *cough cough* bleh!

off to the airport:
So we left Leader around 10:30AM or so and got to the airport close to noon. I was still a bit nervous since she still did not give me a poop. Pee liked 50,000 times, but not what I wanted her to give me.

I chose to go sighted guide instead of working her the the airport since it was just me. Again keep down her stress level which in my mind would lessen the chances of *stress* poop.

We got to the security check point and everyone was like, do it this way, do it that way and and and . . . I was like no, Luna and I will do it like this

I told the volunteer David to go ahead of me through the check point. Once he was through I asked the security guy to let me know exactly where the machine was and to direct me to where the center of it was. Nothing like running smack into the thing when you thing you’re lined up right *ow* So he give me tiny directions to help me line up. Once I was ready I told them that I would come through first and then have Luna come through after me. I informed them that Luna would set off the machine. They were all cool with that and a little confused, hahahah. Apparently they’ve never seen it done the way I was about to do it.

I told Luna to sit and to stay and switched to the long leash again telling Luna to stay, and she did. Such a good girl! I repeated stay as I walked through the machine. Once I felt I was clear I called Luna to come. She happily flew right on through setting off the alarm of course. I then had her sit nice while the security guy checked her out. They told me she was such a cute, pretty good girl *smiles*

Off we went to our gate where Luna settled under my chair while we waited.

things that make you say hmm:
While we were waiting this old lady was sitting next to us and asking all about my puppy and training and where I’m from and so on. But she had to go and make a statement that made me have to bite my tongue and just shake my head.

Lady, how long have you and your puppy known each other?
Me, 26 days.
Lady, oh that’s nice and where are you from?
Me, I’m from Ottawa Ontario Canada.
Lady, oh, I couldn’t live there their medical insurance is too high.

Then she went on to discuss other things and somehow ended up back on health care and this is what she said:

Lady, I’m going to Ottawa to visit my sister. I didn’t want you thinking I was going there for Ottawa’s free health care.

Um, wonder where she’s finding this free health care. Not to mention didn’t she just say it was too expensive? *scratches head*

damn small planes:

Time to board the plane, time for home!


Ow my head. Darn small planes not made for tall people! I want my money back for my head injury…again.

I was able to change my seat from bulkhead to a regular seat. I hate bulkhead, bleh! I remove Luna’s harness and she squeezed between the seats while I grumbled that this is even tight for a skinny person, sheesh!

I get settled and my girl plops on the floor and like completely curls up under the seat in front of us and goes to sleep. Wow, what a trooper. Guess I’ll have nothing to worry about. Good, brief catnap for me.

what Luna thinks of the customs guy:
Now do you remember that poop that Luna didn’t give yet, well um here it comes.

So we get to customs and just my luck I get the dumbest guy on the planet. He’s like never seen a guide dog, that’s fair not everyone has so I’m telling him about how training goes and what the purpose of the dogs are, then he turns around and ask I paid for the dog and if I declared it on the customs card? Um, WTF? Now there is a first. Really just my luck and I really need to park myself. So instead of going through everything again I hand him a Leader Dog card get Luna’s records out of my backpack and try to give them to him…nope, he was like I don’t know what to do with this you didn’t declare the dog and and *growls* please just get me someone else th….whoops, Luna picks this time to um display her displeasure about the customs guy!

You guessed it, she decided now was the best time to take that poop I wanted earlier. I was like oh gods please don’t let this be the *squueeshy* kind.

Luckily it wasn’t!

I grabbed a bag and as I picked it up I said to Luna, I understand that guy is a total shit, hahahahah. The person helping me out cracked up laughing and took me to another agent!

welcome home:
Luna and I made it home in one piece and she settled in just great. We made it home whn I thought we would around her dinner time. She’s so smart I didn’t even have to tell her to sit out of my way. I grabbed her food bowl and she sat in the middle of the kitchen and waited *cheers*

After she ate she sniffed every inch of the house and found it to her liking.

I have a crate for her downstairs and a tent for her upstairs and she will happily go in both of them.

luna and the squeaky bone:
oo, a new toy hiding under the couch…mommy give me that bone I can’t reach it. So I hand her the bone and well *chuckles* this is what happens.

squeak squeak goes the bone as Luna starts to chew on it.
Yipes, goes Luna as she drops it on the floor. Luna then proceeds to bat the bone with her paw.
Squeak goes the bone and Luna glares at it.
Then Luna decides to nudge it with her nose instead…whew, no squeaky so she places a paw on it.
Squeak goes the bone…moving backwards goes Luna glaring at the bone!

hahahah, this is too amusing. How I wish I had my camera going.

luna moves back up to the bone and gently picks it up…oh, good it didn’t squeak so I’ll just chew on it a little more.
Squeak goes the bone, Luna quickly drops it on the floor and paws the bone away then glares at it once again.

lol, this goes on for at least 10 minutes before I finally call it quits when she places her head on my lap wondering what the hell to do.

Apparently bones are just not suppose to squeak at her!

I’m hoping tomorrow I’m feeling well enough to get us out and I can start patterning her to certain areas I need her to find…like our house, lol. But all is well and Luna is busy snoring. Stay tuned for more adventures as they happen.

Oh yes, I can also gladly say that I have not had one *stress* squishy poop since we got home and Saturday is now over, but I have to find a way to get her to stop eating the darn grass when it’s time to go outside.

LD training25, last day of training

Hey there everyone. For those following by email this entry does have videos. To view them please go to my site or my youtube channel www.youtube.com/canadianlynx1.

There has been a minor change in what I was going to put up. Since I need one more entry for day 26 so our fair well to Leader Dogs will be tomorrow morning before I leave campus since I have hours to kill.

This morning was one last route to say good-bye to those annoying squirrels, dogs and strange people, lol.

I picked to do the “P” route as my solo last route. Luna did a great job and here are a couple videos for you.

First video check out Luna and I flying down the first leg.

Oh yeah, you also get to see the cool new jacket I bought, lol.

The next video is us going through construction. I like totally forgot that there was construction on this route and as we’re making our way down the road I’m like thinking “ah hell!” The construction guys were pretty funny too.

Now after the construction Luna and I came across to this *pissed off* dog. We were crossing a driveway and this growling, barking dog comes running towards us. Luna tries putting herself in front of me and at first I’m trying to keep her moving, but it wasn’t happening. The annoying mean dog is still coming, I’m like *oh fuck* drop my jacket and just hold tight to my dog. Luna puts herself in front of me and we wait it out and I’m wondering where Jessica is currently hiding hahahaha.

Finally Luna decides enough of this and I grab my jacket off the ground and we take off! *whew*

What a way to end training eh, get eaten by a *pissed off* dog.

Man, that Luna already shows that she can trick me. *grumbles*

One of the things I wanted to work on with Luna is recall while she was far away from me or off leash altogether. Well, Jessica gave me a 10 ft. long leash to practice with and Luna just would not stay if I got too far away from her no matter what. So today Jessica watches to see how things go and would you believe this?

That darn *brart* of a dog of mine did absolutely perfect! She didn’t get up once. She even stayed still while Jessica like dropped money in front of her and then went close to her wanting to pet her! Like really? I couldn’t get her to do that at all yesterday when it was just her and I practicing, and she just had to go and show Jessica I had *no* clue what I was talking about, lol.

This afternoon the Brazilians left for home. I wish all those guys the best and it was so cool getting to meet them and learning a little Portuguese.

Now I’m going to sign off because I seriously need to get some packing done. Anyone want to come do that for me? *sighs* I hate packing! Then I have to say by to even more friends at the god awful our of 6:15AM.

Tune in tomorrow morning for my good-bye message from Leader!

LD training24, nearing the end

OMG, the time is getting closer! Quick, someone slam on the breaks I can’t get off yet, but that’s only because there’s a motorcycle show coming this weekend and I want to go go go!! So not fair, why couldn’t that have been this past weekend, you know like when I’m here?

Ah well!

morning training:
So, today was another awesome work day for miss Luna Moon! We worked downtown on various things, obstacles, curbs pace and pull and our very favorite *distractions*

It hit me during the middle of our route that this was the first time Luna and I actually got to do a solo, just Luna and I. Usually I’ve given up doing a solo to be moral support for one of my classmates and I don’t regret that one bit.

Luna ran through this mornings route almost perfectly. She only ran me into one overhang that was nice and wet *smack* right in the face! I wasn’t sure if she was trying to dodge something else and missed the wet tree, but when we re-worked it she got it right.

Some annoying squirrel came out to pay us a visit and she was still distracted by that, but that was partly my fault I stopped her when she started getting distracted instead of us moving right along.

Then this car popped out of no where when we are close to the training center and of course my girl angles herself in front of me and we stop. I nicely tell the driver that they are blocking my way, hahahahaha, thanks David and Jessica!

afternoon training:
Off to Detroit we go one last time! Did I mention that I hate the big city! *chuckles* no, must have forgot that part. I really do hate the big city now, no longer use to it, but I went because it would be another good experience for Luna and I with busy streets, loads of curb work and the people mover.

Oh and can’t forget those escalators! Man, Luna *loves* those things. I’m so going to be in trouble whenever we pass b some in the mall on the way to Starbucks…Speaking of Starbucks, Jessica oh Jessica, one more Starbucks run tomorrow, please please!!!

Um right, so back to today hahaha. Luna gets so excited when she sees escalators and nearly bounces us up to them and almost forgets that I’m attached to her, lol. Definitely something to keep an eye on, but still amusing to see.

I’m very comfortable with the progress Luna and I have made and can’t wait to drag her off to Canada and move to our second stage together. Our forever stage!

Heads up for tomorrow. There will hopefully be 2 videos in tomorrows entry and just like the meet Luna entry you may need tissue.

Have a great night!

LD training23, quiet day

Today is a short post.

This morning Jim and his pup went home after breakfast. Come back Jim, come back. You left and stuck us with Fred! Ha, just kidding, hope you and that boy of yours do well.

I’ve been doing nothing but sneezing and coughing since last night. Just what I need, to be sick before going home, bleh!

Since I’m sick, Luna felt like joining the party and having me worry all day. We thought Luna had those lovely horrible tape worms. *sighs* what we absolutely did not want before going home either! So I was pretty bumped about hearing that could be the case right at this point. Things fly smoothly to have a crash right at the end.

Luckily late this afternoon we found out that it isn’t too terrible. She does have a minor bug that should be cleared up by Wednesday. That definitely allowed me to breathe a bit. I’ll breathe even easier when she’s 100 percent.

Tomorrow we get to play around with squirrels so that I can hopefully get Luna to see that she really doesn’t want to chase them up trees! Wish me luck.

LD training22, my adventure


I’m one happy happy camper! I was determined to get my motorcycle jacket and I, GOT, IT!!!

First, if you ever need a cab and use Ace cab company, they are very very helpful. So Leader Dogs make sure you add them to your list of cab companies to call.

Sadly, Luna cold not go with me on this trip because we are not a graduating team yet. So I most unfortunately had to use my cane for this adventure. *grumbles* It took me 6…count them, 6 tries before I found a company that was nice and came out to Leader Dogs, so once again, thank you Ace!

After 4 this afternoon I turned on music for Luna and headed out the door not sure what to expect. *Thanks* wireless for dying before I got back.

Huge plus the cab was actually here in 30 minutes like the dispatcher said they would be.

so I get in the cab and before we pull away I could already tell this was going to be an *interesting* trip.

Driver, hey I thought the dog was coming too.
Me, nope we can’t take the dogs with us on outings without instructors since we haven’t graduated yet.
Driver, what, you look old enough to be graduated to me!

I asked the driver if he would please wait for me and return me to campus and this is how that went.

Me, could you please wait and return me back to campus?
Driver, how long do you think you will be.
Me, not long at all, just going to buy a jacket and I’m done.
Driver, oh that’s cool. I won’t charge you a wait fee since I already told my dispatcher that I’m going in to buy something anyway.
Driver, what kind of jacket?
Me, a motorcycle jacket.
Driver, uh oh, everyone watch out hot mama in the car!

All that was *before* we left the driveway, hahahaahah.

Apparently there are Harley’s out there that have 3 wheels? I have never seen ones like this and if they are out there, I so want to see one…ride it too of course!

I make it to the mall in one piece and the driver does a great job of sighted guide and explaining where things are, curbs, doors, turning left right and so on. *good* less cane work for me!

Driver, ok, what’s the name of the store?
Me, I haven’t the foggiest.
Driver, need to clear that up then.

So we stop and find out about stores that sell leather jackets, luckily there’s only 2, but the one we needed happened to be right in front of us, lol.

We find the sales person who is not the same as the other day, but just as nice and helpful.

Sales person, how may I help you?
Me, I’m here to get the leather jacket with the wings on the back.
Sales person, ah yes, right this way. come with me.
Driver, yes go with her. I have no clue where I’m going and will get us lost.

This sales person is short and the jackets I want are too high for her to reach so she has to get her stick as she called it so she can pull them down. She offers to hold my cane while I try on the jacket.

First is the one I mentioned but in black and extra large. I try it on just to make sure and yep the fit is great. But then, she spots one that’s *purple* Yep you guessed it. I had to have the purple one! It fits much better too and matches my hair and shoes, hahaha.

Me, I’ll take this purple one.
Sales person, that looks much better on you than the black one.

So I take off the purple one and hand it back to her and she starts to walk off . . .

Sales person, whoops, I forgot to give you back your stick. I remembered my stick, but forgot your stick.
Me, yes sadly I kind of need that.
Sales person, yes I need mine too to poke at things.
Driver, oh I’m sure she needs hers to poke at people too.

Hey, how did he know my secret!!

I am now the proud owner of my motorcycle jacket with wings!

Now the reason my driver was coming in the mall to buy something was for his beef jerky and Amish cheese. I’ve never had Amish cheese and when we found his old friend that sells it in this mall the driver tells that too his friend and I end up getting a sample for free.

It was awesome spicy cheese too and I decided I wanted to buy some, but my driver would have none of that and ought it for me. Well, thanks!

The trip back to Leader was just as amusing, but it would be harder to recap that since bounced around off puns and would have better to hear in audio hahahaah. All I will say is I’ll definitely be keeping this contact information for this cab company and will give a card to Leader as well. If you’re looking for a boring ride, that is not with this driver!

Now, the reason I haven’t said his name is because I can’t recall if he told me or not hahahahah. He talked like the whole trip there and back and we laughed the whole time and I may have missed it. For those in class 15-03 you’ll get this…he reminded me of Fred, lol.

But if you want to make sure you get him…or avoid him, hahahah just ask for the driver that loves his beef jerky and Amish cheese sold by Joe.

Oh and in guide dog related news we dropped another graduate today. Rodney and his pup went home this morning. They’re dropping like flies now!

See you all tomorrow.

LD training21, rain rain rain

OMG, those re-trains left and the rain came along with the cold! Now how fair is that? I demand a refund!

So, back in entry 19 I made a *huge* typo and I didn’t even notice until my instructor pointed it out and she was the only one. Kind of funny.

I wrote, “our second round at the puppy raiser”
Instead of, “our second round at the people mover:

I read that entry several times before I posted it and I didn’t even catch that, too funny!
Now back to this rain business. I would like to know why those re-trains had to go and be mean and leave us all this rain and left some cold behind.

Yesterday we went to this mall and I saw this *awesome* motorcycle jacket and stupid me didn’t have my credit card on me. I left my pouch behind and forgot to move the cards over. I was soooooo pissed at myself It’s a cool leather motorcycle jacket with wings on the back and reflective so that I couldn’t get run over and squished when walking at night. The sad thing is they are only open on the weekend and I leave on Thursday…not fair!! Now that jacket will be stuck in my head like forever.

Today again was nothing too special. Just more mall travel. I wish it was the same mall as yesterday so that I could have gotten that jacket, but no luck. We went to this mall that OMG, drove me completely insane and the whole group too. Where the hell did all those people come from?

Luna my sweet amazing dog handled the Great Lake Crossings Mall like a champ. she was not stressed out and moved around things like she’d been doing it for years. I on the other hand just wanted out out out and a *huge* drink.

Luna must have felt my pain cause she tried to take me to the bar when we were nearing the end of the crazy mall walk, but Jessica but a stop to that…how mean!!!

Thank goodness tomorrow we have a break. i wonder how much a cab trip would be to that mall to get that jacket. I want, I want, I want!!

LD training20, saying good-bye

We started off as strangers
and ended as friends.
We just get to know each other
when it’s time to go our separate ways.
We must Put on that brave face
to see you one last time.
One more round of jokes and laughs
as we sit around the table.
You’re the first to start to cry
which means that moment is here.
Final hugs and well wishes
as we all head out the door.

Be safe class 15-03 retrains. The tables will be almost quiet without you!