Lacey’s first vet visit

Whew, things have finally settled down around here and we got Lacey into her first vet visit. Things went much better than we thought they would. Such an awesome girl she’s turning out to be…every now and then! The vet was able to tell us that Lacey is a lab border collie and is black … [Read more…]

Life with Lacey

How is life with Lacey going? It’s actually not going that bad. For a dog that’s suppose to be so hard to handle she’s doing very well. It’s been almost two weeks and she is much better than she was on day one. Every once in a while she will put me to the test … [Read more…]

Settling in with Lacey

Lets introduce you to the newest member of Noah’s ark *name of our house on foursquare* Her name is Lacey, formally Nova. She’s a lab and who knows what else mix. The SPCA says rotty, but I’m thinking more shepherd due to her behaviour and some of her looks. Maybe the vet will be able … [Read more…]