Road to Canadian Citizenship

July 1, 2015 was a day to remember.

1. 3 years with James How we made it this long is beyond me, lol. Just kidding!

2. On my twelfth year in Canada, Mother Nature gave to me. A water logged macbook air! Can you say ow? Well, I said that and a whole lot more!

3. concussions concussions concussions! I mean what’s a day in the life of me without a head injury? My poor brain I think has left the building since then and has refused to come back. This makes school very difficult, lol.

The second half to this year has definitely made me want to crawl back in bed and stay there until next year! But, instead of doing that I decided I want to add one more adventure to my crazy busy life and it’s a “big” one!

Finally after 12 years I’m going to apply for Canadian Citizenship! Maybe if I’m lucky, ha ha it will happen some year on July 1? Since the first day i landed in Canada and saw “real” snow I’ve actually felt at home. I was also told that I couldn’t apply for citizenship because I’d lose my other one as well and that turns out not to be the case.

So let the road to becoming a Citizen begin!

First Steps!
1. study guide, check
2. get Canadian Citizenship forms, check
3. raise money to start the process, groans
4. study study study! check

Where did the first half of the year go?

Those reading this by email there is a video in this entry as well so you’ll have to go to my site to see it. Sadly I don’t think anyone has found a way around that yet, sorry.

Where did the first half of this year go? I’m pretty sure I didn’t blink for longer than a few seconds, honest!

And speaking of things flying by, can you believe that luna and I have been a team for almost 9 months already? Didn’t I just get her?

Boy it’s been a very very busy first half of the year and it definitely won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

1. I started at International Academy for my massage therapy training in January. It may take me a while since I’m doing it course by course to get the horrible *boring* courses like anatomy and physiology out of the way! Currently I’m working on A&P4, but that’s about to end on Thursday. Then I’ll be switching to even ore A&P plus 2 other classes, Ethics and Massage Techniques 1-4. Now the massage classes will be more like a refresher for me since I have a background already, but different country so interested to see how that will go.

School wise with all the problems I was having with Carleton University thanks to my disability worker that was as smart as a pole i’ve decided to put my focus more on getting my massage license so that I can start working sooner rather than later, smiles.

2. Sing sing sing! My absolute delight is singing with Shout Sister Choir If you love to sing and have loads of fun doing so and live in Ontario, then you should definitely join one of the chapters. You won’t regret it!

No, we are *not* a religious choir nor are we *nuns* We definitely don’t sing boring songs, but ones like what’s heard here. This is from our end of year show in May and I believe there were 125 of us on stage.

Sadly our season has come to an end, but never fear we’ll be back next season starting in September! Will anyone reading this in the Ontario area be brave and let themselves loose to join us?

3. Starting a business is fun and challenging and I think makes my brain leak out of my ears more than anatomy and physiology does. Whew, good thing I’m trying to get things set up now instead of right when I finish classes. Hopefully all I’ll need to do when the time comes is release my business site and start promoting promoting promoting! For now I need to find a trust worthy financial business person. Psst, anyone know of any in the Ottawa area?

4. Plan plan plan, that’s me! So along with working on business starting up ideas I’m also working on planning our first ever cruise! James and I are hoping things work out and we can go next year for our 4 year anniversary. We’ll be going on Carnival to the Bahamas! I’m going to swim with dolphins and go to Starbucks, hahahahah! Although playing with Sea lions sound like fun too! Decisions decisions.

Ok, think this post is long enough. Take care until next time!

Welcome to Parkwood Hills

Whew, guess it’s time for at lease one update. I am so behind and so much to share!

James and I have been in our new apartment for a week now. Let me tell you it was the fastest move I’ve ever done! A few of my Shout Sisters and their friends and family members came to help and within 5 minutes of them showing up at the old house half the stuff was already loaded on the truck. The whole move was started at 10AM and done around 12:30PM.

I greatly appreciated the help and generosity that was given that day. It was more than I asked for or expected, smiles.

It will take some getting use to living in apartments again, but the building is nice and everything we need is easy to locate without running into too many walls, lol. The best part is once again we’re attached to the building with the pool. So at least for now no more having to go *outside* to get to the pool! Now come the summer the indoor pool closes and we have to switch to the *outdoor* pool. That pool isn’t close by so that will be fun to figure out. Now if they will just get a hot tub!

One thing that I was definitely concerned about is the fact that the laundry machines use *smart cards* and my previous experience with them sucked! However, the staff here are helpful in loading the card for us and most importantly we found out that the machines beep the moment you put the card in the machine. So no guessing *when the heck do I press the buttons* We also learned that if the machine doesn’t beep, then most likely that machine doesn’t work and won’t eat your money!

Now, Luna and the apartment. Whew, definitely some things to work on.
1. dogs, dogs, dogs!!! Unlike where we use to live and sometimes run into dogs, Luna will pretty much always run into a dog here. This *definitely* a work distraction. If you remember Luna and the squirrels she’s like that now with the dogs! So trying to figure how to best get her use to dogs just popping up in places.
2. Brrrrrrrr, luna *loves* to make me freeze when it’s time to go outside. Instead of doing her business, she wants to jump around in the snow and snort it up her nose. Boy how this girl enjoys playing in the snow. But, if we have to sadly work outside and wait for buses in the cold she *hates* that! I don’t blame her. I’m ready for this darn winter to leave already. Now the problem I have is she’s so interested in playing in the snow she won’t go do her business completely. She’ll give me a number 1, but not a number 2. Then once we get back upstairs about 10 minutes later she’s *loudly* stating that she needs to go out, groans!
3. Salt, salt, salt! Ugh, all this salt is even annoying to me. luna will stop moving if it’s too much salt so then I have to coax her to get moving. The sooner I can get her inside, the sooner I can clean off that annoying salt.

Once again my Luna moon shows me how quick she learns. We only had a chance to learn how to find the way from the bus stop to the apartment and vice versa once. Let me tell you even just once that girl of mine had no trouble bringing me home the first night we worked it from school. I’m so proud of her!

Once the weather warms up we’ll get lots of walking in which Luna will love since she loves to work. she can’t stand being inside for too long. So someone *please* send us that warm weather!

Until next time I’m off to freeze!

Petawawa for Christmas, Year 3

Wow, what a way to start a Christmas break.

Yesterday morning started off in a panic.
1. An annoying telemarketer calls James cell phone and that’s what wakes us up…at 8:30AM.
2. I discover that my alarm didn’t go off at 6AM *grumbles*
3. Luna who always starts yelling at me at 5:30Am decides that she’ll just sleep in for a change. Yeah, she just had to pick the one day we needed to be up, lol.
4. Call Greyhound just to find out that if we can’t make the 10AM bus then we’re just shit out of luck and have to buy the tickets all over again. Oh and the next bus isn’t until midnight. *midnight*
5. So, quick run around the house and throw last minute stuff in suitcases, feed Luna, rush Luna through parktime while all the time watching the clock.
6. Everything is all set and finally tag Uber for a pickup…*groans* it’s a driver I had before that is as smart as, well never mind.

Exciting morning right? Well, we make it to the station in time, but guess what? Ha, the driver is late! All that running around and missing getting Mr. Sub just to end up waiting on the driver after all.

Luna was a little out of sorts for a while due to me rushing her, but once we got settled on the bus she was a good girl and slept the whole trip.

This makes the second year that we’ve had fun getting started on our trip to Petawawa for the holiday. Maybe we should try hitch hiking next year?

Luna meets Missy and Willy
Oy, now the first visit definitely did not go off perfect. Missy and Willy did not like the fact that Luna was in *their* house. Big bad hyper puppy lets growl and snarl at her and maybe she’ll go away?

Nope, sorry puppies doesn’t work that way. I just introduce you to each other one at a time and use food as bait, ha!

Missy and Luna aren’t friends yet…too protective over who they see as *their* humans. Missy snaps at Luna if she gets too close to James and Luna snaps at Missy if she gets too close to me. Still needs work, but much better than dealing with constant snapping and growling and wanting to bite heads off.

Luna and Willy, well I don’t think they care about each other now as far as who’s boss.

While here Luna will of course be on leash and attached to me…which she absolutely hates! In fact she’s complaining about that very thing as I write this, lol.

Ha, I think I started a bad habit. I was laying on the couch and Luna hopped on top of me and curled up. It was sooooooo cute! Tried taking a picture but James is a horrible picture taker. He chopped our heads off. *sighs* so hard to find good help.

Luna is definitely out of sorts here though. Constantly whining and grumbling and groaning at me. Not use to the whole idea of *whoops* must be constantly attached to mom again, who knows.

Now as long as the *warm* weather doesn’t the huge pile of snow into a mess I should be able to get someone to video Luna in the snow this time. Keep your fingers crossed.

trip to Toronto

Finally, I got to see more of Toronto than just the airport or the Greyhound bus station, lol.

Wednesday morning James Luna and I headed out to spend a few days in Toronto for the CNIB Braille conference hosted by CNIB

The trip started off with us finally packing for the trip like at 6 that morning. Talk about last minute packing, eh? It all worked out just fine. We had plenty of time to possibly forget something, play, feed, water and park luna a couple of times, fight with traffic and still got to the bus station with time to spare. Man, we’re good!

Wow, I absolutely have to say I *love* having a small dog now. It’s nothing like being stuck in seats with no leg room for ourself and having to throw in a dog. Luna is just the right size. Just throw her on, hahah just kidding didn’t really throw her, but she hopped right on, settled on the floor and slept the whole trip there. Only bothered to wake up when I coaxed her off the bus at the rest stop to see if she needed to stretch her paws. She was even a good girl for James when I left her with him to run inside the store so that I could go park myself. She didn’t whine or try and get away.

At the hotel for the first little while she was dog distracted with all the different guide dogs around so I kept the gentle leader on her whenever we weren’t in the room just in case I had to do some serious controlling.

OMG, who the heck let out all the dogs from GDB Poor Luna was like the only black lab and the only one from Leader.

Lets play the game, which of these things is not the same? lol.

Once again she showed me how extremely smart and observant she is. The relieving area at the hotel was a little of a walk from our room and after being shown where it was once, she had it the second time I took her out. I wasn’t exactly sure on where to make at least one of the turns, but she just pulled me along, lol. Follow your dog, right, isn’t that what they beat into your heads?

We sadly did have a too close for comfort traffic check that could have had a different ended than it did.

We decided to try and go find food that wouldn’t break the bank like most hotels do with a group of friends, one being another guide dog team. we got to this one street crossing and was in the middle of the crossing when car went right between Luna and I and the other guide dog team. They didn’t slow down, they didn’t stop, just drove right on through. Luna did exactly what she was suppose to do and stopped and stepped back, but even with her stepping back, the car was still too close. I could have reached out and touched it without putting my hand out too far. If not for that step back or if I wasn’t paying attention to Luna, that could have ended way worse.

luna however was affected by the incident. She was extremely hesitant in traveling and when we came to a curb or driveway she would either run across it or not want to go at all. This of course seriously concerned me and I got in touch with Leader Dog on Friday to see what to do and explain what happened. I also decided not to work Luna that day to lessen the stress she may have been feeling since I learned her stress signs while in class. I just saved working her when I had to take her to park.

So, I heard from Jessica and got some things to try to see if that will bring her back up to speed and I’ll be trying those now that we’re back home.

She seems fine and happy now that we’re back home, but I haven’t worked her yet either haha, just lots of playtime, but that is soon coming to an end.

Oh yes, another great thing happened while I was off playing in Toronto. I finally heard from Luna’s puppy raiser and got loads of pictures! *cheers*

Wow, we made it another year!

Can you believe it? It’s July 1st already. Today makes 11 years in Canada for me. I can’t believe that I’ve lived here for that long. Where in the heck has the time gone? Alberta and one failed relationship, to BC figuring out who I am, to Ottawa where I am definitely happy and in one hell of a relationship! Wish leads to . . .

The most important part about today, my 2nd anniversary with my lesser half James

The last year had some ups and pretty scary downs, but somehow we made it another year. I think we’re getting pretty darn good at this awesome relationship stuff eh? Here’s to another year to us and many more together.

Well, that’s after I leave you now remember with loads of noodles! Ha! *chuckles*

Welcome to April

Well, this year just keeps getting better and better.

Sadly On April 1, 2014 at 2:10PM my awesome guide dog Noah was put to sleep. The hard was that I received a call the day before to let me know that although he definitely was sick, he was doing ok, not great, but ok. Then the next day, April 1st he had to be put to sleep.

James and I had just finished joking about Noah and I was remembering the first day I got my boy. I took the call pretty hard even though I knew the call would come sometime before he reached his 5th birthday. However much I knew it was coming, I still didn’t want that call.

my awesome Prince Noah you will live in my heart always. I miss you terribly. Rest in peace my golden boy!

Now, lets switch gears to a lighter note.

I am now registered for my summer courses at Carleton University. I’ll be taking Childhood in the Global Context from May to June and then July to August I’ll be taking a course in Canadian Studies. Ha, I keep forgetting the name of that course.

I’ve had a chance to communicate via email with my May to June instructor, and she seems pretty nice. Although I’m nervous as hell I’m looking forward to class starting. Now my july to August instructor is MIA and have no idea what to expect.

It’s challenging now learning Carleton since I’m learning it with a cane, but if it wasn’t for learning parts with Noah and already being comfortable about getting around I’d probably hesitate more and nervous about getting lost around there, lol. I mean Carleton is like a small city. So much to learn and so many ways to get turned around. But OMG, I’ll be sooooo glad when I have that dog by my side again!

I still wish I could start this year overhand change the events of some things, but onward I go to see what else is in store.

Off to Petawawa, the sick adventure

Finally, James and I are off to Petawawa later this morning to start our holiday that was suppose to have started on Saturday. Sadly, that didn’t happen. Why?

Well, on Wednesday evening James and I started feeling like we were coming down with something, a cold of some sort. No big deal. Whoops, very big deal, come Thursday morning James came down with a wicked high fever. I could boil an egg or 3 on him. He even cooked the bed, whew hot stuff. So I spent Thursday making sure he drank and got rest and Friday morning his fever went bye bye. He wasn’t completely back to himself, but he could at least stand without falling over.

Now for the bad news on why we couldn’t leave on Saturday. James got better, I got worse. So worse that I was puking every 10 minutes, couldn’t hold down liquids, medicine, food, nothing. It was absolutely horrible. I had the death bug so I come to calling it. There was no way in hell I was traveling like that. So why I was either curled up in bed or visiting the toilet Gods, James was speaking with Greyhound to change our tickets to Monday, (today).

But guess what, I’m still not better. This damn thing won’t leave me alone. I think it’s come back for round two! Any solid food I try to eat, toast, fruit, my stomach says screw you and back to the toilet Gods I go. *grumbles* At least this time I can drink if I’m careful. so I’m really hoping mom has lots of soup at home since I can trick my stomach into taking that since it is liquid, right? Man I hope so. I haven’t had anything to eat really since Thursday and I’m tiny enough as is. I can’t afford to lose more weight and I’m extremely weak now. I can barely stand up long enough to do the simplest things without being wiped out. This is definitely not good.

Anyways, this plans to be a very long 2 hour trip today and unlike last time, I’m not looking forward to this trip.

Oh yeah, someone suggested that maybe I’m pregnant. Ha if so, this is a cruel way to let me know it and the poor baby hasn’t had food since Thursday either. The horror of it all! Go away bug, now now now!!!

Anyone want to loan me a bucket?

The miserable sick Cat

My first sleigh ride

You might not believe this, but I’ve lived in Canada for 10 years and 5 months and I didn’t have my first ever sleigh ride until Saturday December 15, 2013.

Sadly there wasn’t enough snow on the ground so we didn’t go on sleds, but it was still lots of fun.

The freezing part of the fun was that it was -32C outside that day, brrrr!! Didn’t feel it much on the sleigh ride, but man did it kick my butt when James and I were walking home. Someone needs to tell mother nature that it doesn’t really need to get that cold ok?

I love living in Accora Village they always have some fun events going on. Great community, great staff, great fun!


The wind tries to kill me

OMG, being tiny is horrible when it’s a very windy day. Friday morning whew I had got the adventure of a lifetime.

Around 11AM I locked the door and headed out to meet James at Algonquin College so that we could head off to have lunch at our favourite place, Denny’s

The weather claimed that it was 16c, 60f outside so I didn’t bother grabbing a jacket. I’d regret that decision later, *grumbles*

Stepped out the door and locked up all was great, but whew as soon as I turned from our sidewalk onto the walk in front of our house the wind said, “hi there…lets play.” Uh oh, I’m in for some fun! The wind kept trying to blow me sideways into the street every few steps.

The first time the wind tried to kill me was by blowing a dumpster lid the rest of the way open right as I got close enough. Luckily for me I heard the chain shaking and stepped aside or I would have been knocked out. Did the wind stop there? Oh no! It didn’t get me with the first trap it will try with the next dumpster and blew it down right in front of me, *yipes* Quickly hop out of the way of that one.

The wind wasn’t done with me yet. I was trying to cross the next corner when the wind blew really hard and nearly blew me into the path of an on-coming bus. *gasp* Shit! Sorry young readers, but that was a close one and definitely made my heart stop. Here’s where I started thinking maybe I should turn back and go home before I die out here. But onward I went cursing the wind the whole way to the bus stop.

Finally I get on my first bus, no thanks to the wind that didn’t want me to get on and prepare myself for round two with the wind. I’ll skip over the part while I’m waiting on the second bus since the wind didn’t try and kill me then just blew crap at me and all that fun stuff.

Now, here’s where the fun starts again once I reach Algonquin College. I get off the bus and try to cross the street and the wind says no way, you really want to stay on this curb. *grumble, curse, try again* Get to the other side and just about to step on the curb when guess what?

Yep, the wind picked me up and blew me a few steps back into the street. *growls* Good thing the bus didn’t decide to move yet or the car that was waiting.

I finally get on the opposite curb and continue fighting with the wind to get to the main campus doors. I’m being blown this way and that, into poles, rails, trash cans and nearly a wall before I finally reached the doors.

Whew, safe, I made it. Time to get out of this blasted wind. i reached for the door and . . .


The wind decided to help me out and blew me right into the edge of the door. I didn’t need that nose anyway!

I really think I should have just stayed home! Really, it just wasn’t meant for me to be going out and trying to you know go find food. Anyone have some extra weight they don’t want? I could surely use it!