GSD Fire’s arrival

Yay, I finally got that call I’ve been waiting for this week! My lovely shepherd Fire will be here on October 18, 2018. As of today that is 35 days away! Party party party!

lol, I knew when I decided to use the name Fire that everyone would ask if that’s the puppy’s name. It is a cool one I must say, but it is not the name of my GSD. That name will not be released publicly until after we have finished home training. Ha, this keeps me from slipping and saying the actual name before the puppy raiser knows that we have been matched.

Man, I do have to say though knowing information about the puppy ahead of time and finding information about the new fury friend is exciting and damned hard! I’ve had to stop myself several times from asking the puppy raiser for pictures and stories and telling another person that I’ve become friends with that I will have Fire’s sibling.

See, I also know that Fire and I were meant for each other for one important thing. Fire knows Starbucks! Yayayayayaya! Any dog of mine will definitely need to be familiar with Starbucks. It’s a requirement!

For those GEB grads my home trainer is Jim Gardner. At least by phone he seems very nice.

So, countdown time for Thursday sometime in the afternoon/evening October 18, 2018!

GSD Fire, 35 days!

Whew, the wait is nearly over!

Welcome old and new friends to my guide dog journey! It has been a very long and hard one.

In June 2017 I retired my very awesome girl Luna moon who was from Leader Dogs for the Blind. Due to my allergies that got worse and unsafe for me to work her I made that hard decision and thought my heart would break.

During this time I started the process to get a new best pal but this time for a shepherd. I knew the wait would be a while and was some what ok with that. What became hard to deal with was the lack of support from some in the guide dog community when I would voice my thoughts and feelings about how long the wait was especially when it reached winter time. It was my first time dealing with loads of snow and cane travel. Definitely something that I am not a fan of. My hats off to all of those that are comfortable with cane travel and snow, but it’s waaaaay past my comfort level! So, during the wait I stopped talking about the guide dog wait I was going through except to a few people that I felt were supportive and real friends along with family members until the time came that the wait was over.

So, that brings us to the reason for this post, smiles.

On Thursday I finally got the call that my match has been found and in October I will be getting my new four-legged friend! My hopeful GSD will be known as Fire! I will not give more information about it until we have graduated since as all you guide dog users know anything can happen between now and then.

Fire of course is a shepherd and is from Guiding Eyes for the Blind! My trainer will be Jim.

This process will also be different because I will be going through home training and I will discuss the mixed feelings I had about this development along with comparing it to in class training.

Hopefully my puppy raiser friends from Leader Dogs will still stick around and read even though this adventure won’t be from Leader. To any new puppy raisers that join the adventure, especially those from GEB I hope you enjoy the experience of my adventures!

The next update will be some time during the week of September 10th when we narrow down my training date for October.