Petawawa for Christmas, Year 3

Wow, what a way to start a Christmas break.

Yesterday morning started off in a panic.
1. An annoying telemarketer calls James cell phone and that’s what wakes us up…at 8:30AM.
2. I discover that my alarm didn’t go off at 6AM *grumbles*
3. Luna who always starts yelling at me at 5:30Am decides that she’ll just sleep in for a change. Yeah, she just had to pick the one day we needed to be up, lol.
4. Call Greyhound just to find out that if we can’t make the 10AM bus then we’re just shit out of luck and have to buy the tickets all over again. Oh and the next bus isn’t until midnight. *midnight*
5. So, quick run around the house and throw last minute stuff in suitcases, feed Luna, rush Luna through parktime while all the time watching the clock.
6. Everything is all set and finally tag Uber for a pickup…*groans* it’s a driver I had before that is as smart as, well never mind.

Exciting morning right? Well, we make it to the station in time, but guess what? Ha, the driver is late! All that running around and missing getting Mr. Sub just to end up waiting on the driver after all.

Luna was a little out of sorts for a while due to me rushing her, but once we got settled on the bus she was a good girl and slept the whole trip.

This makes the second year that we’ve had fun getting started on our trip to Petawawa for the holiday. Maybe we should try hitch hiking next year?

Luna meets Missy and Willy
Oy, now the first visit definitely did not go off perfect. Missy and Willy did not like the fact that Luna was in *their* house. Big bad hyper puppy lets growl and snarl at her and maybe she’ll go away?

Nope, sorry puppies doesn’t work that way. I just introduce you to each other one at a time and use food as bait, ha!

Missy and Luna aren’t friends yet…too protective over who they see as *their* humans. Missy snaps at Luna if she gets too close to James and Luna snaps at Missy if she gets too close to me. Still needs work, but much better than dealing with constant snapping and growling and wanting to bite heads off.

Luna and Willy, well I don’t think they care about each other now as far as who’s boss.

While here Luna will of course be on leash and attached to me…which she absolutely hates! In fact she’s complaining about that very thing as I write this, lol.

Ha, I think I started a bad habit. I was laying on the couch and Luna hopped on top of me and curled up. It was sooooooo cute! Tried taking a picture but James is a horrible picture taker. He chopped our heads off. *sighs* so hard to find good help.

Luna is definitely out of sorts here though. Constantly whining and grumbling and groaning at me. Not use to the whole idea of *whoops* must be constantly attached to mom again, who knows.

Now as long as the *warm* weather doesn’t the huge pile of snow into a mess I should be able to get someone to video Luna in the snow this time. Keep your fingers crossed.

trip to Toronto

Finally, I got to see more of Toronto than just the airport or the Greyhound bus station, lol.

Wednesday morning James Luna and I headed out to spend a few days in Toronto for the CNIB Braille conference hosted by CNIB

The trip started off with us finally packing for the trip like at 6 that morning. Talk about last minute packing, eh? It all worked out just fine. We had plenty of time to possibly forget something, play, feed, water and park luna a couple of times, fight with traffic and still got to the bus station with time to spare. Man, we’re good!

Wow, I absolutely have to say I *love* having a small dog now. It’s nothing like being stuck in seats with no leg room for ourself and having to throw in a dog. Luna is just the right size. Just throw her on, hahah just kidding didn’t really throw her, but she hopped right on, settled on the floor and slept the whole trip there. Only bothered to wake up when I coaxed her off the bus at the rest stop to see if she needed to stretch her paws. She was even a good girl for James when I left her with him to run inside the store so that I could go park myself. She didn’t whine or try and get away.

At the hotel for the first little while she was dog distracted with all the different guide dogs around so I kept the gentle leader on her whenever we weren’t in the room just in case I had to do some serious controlling.

OMG, who the heck let out all the dogs from GDB Poor Luna was like the only black lab and the only one from Leader.

Lets play the game, which of these things is not the same? lol.

Once again she showed me how extremely smart and observant she is. The relieving area at the hotel was a little of a walk from our room and after being shown where it was once, she had it the second time I took her out. I wasn’t exactly sure on where to make at least one of the turns, but she just pulled me along, lol. Follow your dog, right, isn’t that what they beat into your heads?

We sadly did have a too close for comfort traffic check that could have had a different ended than it did.

We decided to try and go find food that wouldn’t break the bank like most hotels do with a group of friends, one being another guide dog team. we got to this one street crossing and was in the middle of the crossing when car went right between Luna and I and the other guide dog team. They didn’t slow down, they didn’t stop, just drove right on through. Luna did exactly what she was suppose to do and stopped and stepped back, but even with her stepping back, the car was still too close. I could have reached out and touched it without putting my hand out too far. If not for that step back or if I wasn’t paying attention to Luna, that could have ended way worse.

luna however was affected by the incident. She was extremely hesitant in traveling and when we came to a curb or driveway she would either run across it or not want to go at all. This of course seriously concerned me and I got in touch with Leader Dog on Friday to see what to do and explain what happened. I also decided not to work Luna that day to lessen the stress she may have been feeling since I learned her stress signs while in class. I just saved working her when I had to take her to park.

So, I heard from Jessica and got some things to try to see if that will bring her back up to speed and I’ll be trying those now that we’re back home.

She seems fine and happy now that we’re back home, but I haven’t worked her yet either haha, just lots of playtime, but that is soon coming to an end.

Oh yes, another great thing happened while I was off playing in Toronto. I finally heard from Luna’s puppy raiser and got loads of pictures! *cheers*

Greyhound and weird old women

OMG, you meet the strangest people while traveling on public transits, city buses, planes, trains and definitely Greyhound Canada

If you remember I was pretty sick so our trip got put off a few days and James and I left on Monday morning instead. The amusing part happened once we got on the bus.

These 2 old ladies got on the bus after us and one announced rather loudly that he had to sit in the front because she was getting off the bus first. She was getting off in some place called Cobdan, probably spelled wrong, but close enough I guess, *smiles*

Well, silly old woman, your stop isn’t even first. More like close to the end of the trip.

She didn’t stop there, no no. Then she had to announce very loudly to make sure we all knew that it was 3 minutes before the bus was suppose to leave at 10AM.

Then the horror of it all the bus was late and boy did she let us know that too.

“The bus is late,’ she yells across the bus. “What is he doing out there, he late!”

Now at this time it was only 10:02AM. God forbid the bus is 2 minutes late.

Oh this woman is going to be a fun one to travel with.

Now here was the part I found rather amusing. Finally it was time to go, everyone was on board, door closed and the driver settling in. The damn woman starts cheering loudly.

The driver asked nicely for for people to keep the noise down, hhahahahah. That went in one ear and out the other. the damn old woman shouted again. Then to top it off she states,

“I’m larger than life.”

I followed that up by saying, “and twice as loud.” *snickers*

The people you meet on Greyhound. Boy what a trip.


Off to Petawawa, the sick adventure

Finally, James and I are off to Petawawa later this morning to start our holiday that was suppose to have started on Saturday. Sadly, that didn’t happen. Why?

Well, on Wednesday evening James and I started feeling like we were coming down with something, a cold of some sort. No big deal. Whoops, very big deal, come Thursday morning James came down with a wicked high fever. I could boil an egg or 3 on him. He even cooked the bed, whew hot stuff. So I spent Thursday making sure he drank and got rest and Friday morning his fever went bye bye. He wasn’t completely back to himself, but he could at least stand without falling over.

Now for the bad news on why we couldn’t leave on Saturday. James got better, I got worse. So worse that I was puking every 10 minutes, couldn’t hold down liquids, medicine, food, nothing. It was absolutely horrible. I had the death bug so I come to calling it. There was no way in hell I was traveling like that. So why I was either curled up in bed or visiting the toilet Gods, James was speaking with Greyhound to change our tickets to Monday, (today).

But guess what, I’m still not better. This damn thing won’t leave me alone. I think it’s come back for round two! Any solid food I try to eat, toast, fruit, my stomach says screw you and back to the toilet Gods I go. *grumbles* At least this time I can drink if I’m careful. so I’m really hoping mom has lots of soup at home since I can trick my stomach into taking that since it is liquid, right? Man I hope so. I haven’t had anything to eat really since Thursday and I’m tiny enough as is. I can’t afford to lose more weight and I’m extremely weak now. I can barely stand up long enough to do the simplest things without being wiped out. This is definitely not good.

Anyways, this plans to be a very long 2 hour trip today and unlike last time, I’m not looking forward to this trip.

Oh yeah, someone suggested that maybe I’m pregnant. Ha if so, this is a cruel way to let me know it and the poor baby hasn’t had food since Thursday either. The horror of it all! Go away bug, now now now!!!

Anyone want to loan me a bucket?

The miserable sick Cat