LD Training15 What, No Food for Us?

Mahahahaha, ok, I lied. There will be a post for today!

Leader is trying o starve us this week. The phone and Alexa have nothing in regards to what we are eating this week. What’s up with that?

I thought when I asked last night for todays menu that it was a fluke. But, noooooooo, Alexa says we shall eat nothing and when you check with the phone, there’s just a busy signal.

Time to pull out Door Dash for food?

Since there are some that have asked and I guessed missed it. Wren is spelled, W r e n and it is a little songbird. I am not the only one that thought, ***silent w*** what the heck! Hey Cathryn go and confuse people, lol. Isn’t the English language confusing enough? smiles.

Another friend of mine asked me what nickname I would give Wren since it’s already short. Wren is Wrenny and Wrennie the Pooh! She’s also miss Demanding while we’re working!

This week some of the things we will hopefully get to work more on are food distractions, more obstacle work so we can learn to read each other, fight with the gentle leader, sooooooo not looking forward to that one and going to play in the mall. I’m sure she’ll think it’s time to shop then!

And then, then the most important emotional day of al, saying goodbye to all of our new friends and the awesome trainers on Friday and taking Wren home to meet her new crazy family.

Ok, now really this time we shall see you tomorrow for more of Wren the Demanding Songbird and I, lol.

It’s getting cramped in here!

Hellos everyone. It’s me Jaydon!

I is a growing boy. It’s pretty small in here and I needs more room! Is it time for me to gets out of here yet?

poke poke poke! Jab jab jab!

Gosh moving arounds is lots of work Ooops, sorry mommy, no mean to makes you say ow!

stretches stretches, kick kick, tap tap tap!

Hey, daddy turn that backs on! I was dancing to that! He turns off the musics, bad daddy bad. kick kick kick!

Haven’t my mommy and daddy figures out that I loves hearing the musics? I doesn’t know how to make them understands me any clearer!

Where’s did the musics go? They just wait until I gets out of here!

Hey mommy, stops feeding me eggs, I no likes them! i keeps telling you that, but you keeps making me eats them, why?

oofs, has those hiccup things again. Sends me down a drink! jab jab jab, stretch, stretch, poke poke poke!

LD training14, puppy raiser day! update

Ugh, here we go again. Take 2, *grumbles* James
the picture thing didn’t work…going to beat you up when I get home!!

For those viewing this via email there is a picture in this entry. I have no idea if it will show you or not. There is also a video in this entry. This time go to my site directly or check out Leader Dogs youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/leaderdogvideos

*finally* here is LD training day 14, Saturday puppy raiser day!!

Who let the skunks out?
*whew* when I said I wanted to do the *p* route for my free lance I did not know I’d have to wonder where the *skunks* were hiding as well.

I decided to team up with Vickie for this route and we had a great time working together. Since her GPS sort of worked I used her for when we weren’t sure where we were *chuckles* and when that didn’t work…well, we just guessed! The dogs did great during our free lance. They took us around the nice big *dirt* piles from construction, probably looked at us funny when we had *no* clue if we should turn or if that was a street hahahahah and the puppies were even better when a little boy came up to say hi to them!

the kennel tour:
Hey, what kind of tour was that? We didn’t get to play with puppies! That’s it, I want my money back *sniffs*

Seriously it was a nice tour for what we got to see. I’d love to come by whenever it’s no longer under construction and see what it’s like.

The more I learn about Leader Dogs and the more connections I make with those involved with Leader Dogs the more I wish I could work here. It would be great being able to work with clients, dogs, staff and volunteers in some way.

*psst* any openings that I can do, but don’t have to move?

got my shepherd fix:
Hey hey, for those that know me I have another shocker for you. Are you ready?

I voluntarily let someone take a picture of me *gasp* Quick I need to be rushed to the hospital!

During our tour Christie showed us the statues that are outside and these are the statues that the FLD *future leader dog* puppies take a picture next to when they return to campus for their training.

What kind of statue? Well, shepherds of course. So see, I finally got my german shepherd fix and I let Christie take my picture with it. Isn’t it *cute*

May with the Leader Dog German Shepherd statue

homemade pizza:
*OMG* now that was some awesome homemade pizza and *huge* slices! Wonder if they’ll make us some more? Just forget about the other meals and make us *more* pizza!

thing to note:
One thing that has been a little disappointing to learn or hear was that for lunch they were having *turkey* sandwiches for lunch. I *hate* turkey and wanted a grilled cheese, but my request was denied. I was told she wasn’t making any of those for anyone. I could have either BP&J or ham. Well, I’m trying to make sure I don’t get sick of either of those since I get them for my snack..same with salad. So I just skipped lunch since I couldn’t get something I hadn’t had in a while, but I need to refresh my memory on what’s in the snack machine for the next time this happens so that I’m not *starving* by dinner.

Ha, that however did make the homemade pizza even better!

*cheers* it’s puppy raiser time! I hope all those that had a visit from their raisers went great. It was hard waiting my turn. I soooo was ready to meet AJ, Kim and Deanna. They are not Luna’s raisers, but raisers of others that are in class.

I also got to have a brief greeting with Tammy who is involved with the *prison puppy program* if you haven’t heard of this program and what role Leader Dog plays, then check it out below!

It was great meeting all of you and thank you so so much for the gifts. We got nyla bones and a *huge* Luna cookie!!

Luna was a perfect little lady during the visit even when she got attention. I’m *so* proud of her.

The funny thing about getting nyla bones for Luna is I was just saying to my bf before that that I will have to get Luna new bones by the time we get home. *man* she loves those things when she decides to chew them. *snickers* now I don’t have to buy any right when I get home!

I know I’ve said this already, but thank you for all that you do in the beginning stages with these awesome dogs. I’m also glad that I can give back to you in a small way by writing our experience and putting up some videos.

No worries I won’t stop when we leave. I’m *absolutely* sure that Luna will provide lots of things to share!

Denny’s 1380 Clyde Ave. review


1380 Clyde Ave, Nepean, ON K2G 1Y7
(613) 226-9284

We have been going to this Denny’s on an extremely frequent basis since November 2012 and to this day we are still made to feel welcomed.

if you are blind or visually impaired they do have menus for you. Things change all the time so it being up to date is questionable. James and I are blind and we’ve seen this a few times. Usually we just go on the website and pick what we might want if we’re going for something new. So keep that in mind as an option. If you go the website route to pick what you’d like to try out the menu layout is a little confusing, but manageable and I don’t think everything is listed on it or worse case the website has something but your location does not. Keep that in mind as well.

The service is excellent, starting from the moment we walk in the door. The hostess if they know us greets us by name and takes us straight to our section. For those that don’t know us, they are usually told by some other person that works there or our usual server himself of where we like to sit. Even if he isn’t on that day they make sure to let us know.

If you are a regular diner as we are you won’t even have to place that drink order if you get the same thing all the time. The moment you sit down and your server knows you are there you’ll have that great drink in front of you in no time. Don’t worry if you’re not a regular. They won’t forget about you, promise. Give them 5 minutes or 10 if it’s really busy and they will be right with you.

Now you’re hungry and everything is smelling great, “oh, what to get?” The choices are many! If you’re not too sure what you’d like but have some kind of idea, your server will help with suggestions. If you are lucky and get “Derik”, (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) he’ll definitely “hook you up” as he likes to say.

Sadly you may get your order and it’s not exactly right, but never fear. If it is the mistake of the server either they heard wrong or got distracted and forgot an item or the fault of the cook for some how adding too much salt to your nacho meat it can be corrected for you or at the least you’ll get a discount on your bill. Now this does not mean go in and purposefully mess up an order to see if I’m telling you the truth, *smiles*

Sighs, it’s time to pay that bill, but oops, wait a second. Sadly this location does not take debit! *gasp* It’s 2014 someone really needs to fix this oversight. So cash or credit here. They do have an ATM machine if you need to withdraw cash however.

Now I’m sure there’s probably someone out there that has not had a good experience with this Denny’s, but our times have been more positive than negative otherwise we wouldn’t keep going there. So come try out the service yourself and see what you think. if you happen to be there on a Tuesday or Thursday, 6AM to 1pm, Friday through Sunday from 7AM to I think 2Pm ask for Derik, he’s awesome! Tell them that Lady May and Sir James sent you and we say hi!


Dennys gets a strange complaint

One of the strangest complaints I’ve ever heard.

James and I went to our second home Dennys on Thursday afternoon for lunch and near the end of our meal James was saying that he never has anything to mock whenever we go to Dennys. There’s never anything weird said or done or anything.

Ha, guess he spoke too soon!

Not long after that we were getting ready to leave our booth when I heard the guy behind us tell Derek our server that he wanted to file a complaint. so I told James to hold up a sec because I wanted to hear what the complaint was.

I couldn’t believe my ears. This is what was said…

Excuse me sir, I’d like to make a complaint. The um, service was good, but I um, shouldn’t have to pay for my coffee. It’s all I had. Other restaurants give you free coffee.

Yes, you read that right. This customer complained about paying for coffee. He figured he was suppose to get it for free!

So Derek was like…um, what? You are trying to tell me you should get your coffee for free because it’s all you had? Just because you joined your friends and sat down for coffee we should give that to you for free, that’s what I’m hearing?

Yes, says the customer. I mean other places give you free coffee so….

Derek says, So I just want to make sure I understand you can go to a Tim Hortons and sit down with your friends and expect a person to come over and hand you free coffee because that’s all you had?

Customer, no no, that’s not it. I’m um not explaining this right…

He then turns to his friends for help and surprise surprise they don’t say a thing, lol.

This went on like this for 5 mintues before I finally told James that we were going because I was finding it harder not to laugh at the nut case. I’m mean seriously dude, free coffee! I’d also like to know what restaurant gives out free coffee. That customer never did say.


Phone call more important than passenger safety?

Some Blueline taxi drivers need to go back to class on passenger safety if there is such a thing. Especially when driving passengers with some form of disability.

Early this morning I had a huge craving for nachoes and cheese sticks and just had to go to Denny’s So off James and I went.

We went through our usual song and dance, waiting downstairs, blind passenger, let driver know blah blah. All went well with that part, driver was a good boy.

Sadly though when we got to Denny’s he either received or decided to make a phone call. This very important phone call made him lose his mind and forget about his blind passengers safety, because guess where he dropped us off?

*looks around confused*

In the middle of the parking lot of Denny’s and drove off! Didn’t ask if we needed help or anything. He just went on with his conversation, very loud too I must say, took our payment and poof, off he went.

Luckily for us a waitress was watching and came outside to help us. Yes, we would have eventually found the sidewalk, but that was completely stupid on the drivers part.

This Blueline Taxi driver this morning made their company look very very bad.

Where was that effective and professional service?