LD Training20 Graduation ceremony, The End of the Decade

Greetings ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children all of all ages! I have awaken from the dead! And here’s the last entry from training that I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for. For those that receive this via email there are 2 videos in this post. You know what to do. If not, where’s … [Read more…]

Anyone for a Martini?

Approximately 9 weeks and 2 days! Anyone for a martini? Baby J is our little cocktail olive this week. Today we finally got to meet our OB and she seems like a very nice person and a no non-sense doctor. We did agree on me having another c-section so the little one will be evicted … [Read more…]

The battle concludes

Finally, here is the conclusion of a battle I had to take with my ex in-laws. They didn’t make it easy, but nothing ever is, right? A quick recap for those that have not read the other 2 post in this thread. I had to take my in-laws to court because they refused to let … [Read more…]

The battle begins, part2

Well, while I have a moment to think straight and not emotionally torn up inside let me give an update. In a previous post or 2 I mentioned that I had to take a step I did not wish to take of fighting my ex-inlaws so that my daughter could come here to visit instead … [Read more…]