boy or girl, that is the question

The moment you have all been waiting for! The end of week 15, is baby J a boy or girl?

Let me say this has been a long long 2 weeks, smiles. With all the fun trying to get this test done I didn’t think we’d ever find out and have to rely on the ultrasound, but here’s the best news ever! We found out yesterday morning around 9AM, yay!!!

For all of you that said *girl* for whatever strange reason and those that said due to the wive’s tale of fast heartbeat…..*sorry* you LOOSE!

Baby J is a hyper stubborn boy! *I got my wish!* Happy happy joy joy, dance dance dance!

Jaydon Daniel will enter the world on August 24th via c-section unless my doctor like goes to the moon or something, lol.

Now for all of you that was waiting to buy things because you wanted to know *boy or girl* get to shopping

Anyone for a Martini?

Approximately 9 weeks and 2 days! Anyone for a martini? Baby J is our little cocktail olive this week.

Today we finally got to meet our OB and she seems like a very nice person and a no non-sense doctor. We did agree on me having another c-section so the little one will be evicted near the end of August. But of course that’s just approximate since it seems every time we go to the doctor the due date changes, lol. It gets earlier and earlier with each visit. Baby J is eager to come into the world and torment mommy and daddy, lol. I think I’m in trouble!

They want me to gain at least 20 pounds during the pregnancy. Hmm. I’m now sitting at 155 pounds. If you remember last week I was 152, lol. I don’t think that will be a problem, do you?

The horrible news for me is that next week, much sooner than usual I’ll be doing the sugar test, gags! Man how I hate that thing. I hope it’s not the orange flavor!

Well, lets add to our cravings list as well. This little cocktail definitely loves apple juice. I bought only one jug last week and um, lets just say it barely made it to the next shopping trip. So this time I made sure to buy two of them, lol.

Sadly, I definitely can not make eggs or I’ll be miserable for the next few hours, cries! I have no problem eating them, but I just can’t actually cook them. How rude!

Other than that the baby and I are doing well and the next baby doctor visit will not be until March 9.

Have a great night and see you at the next update!

Welcome to 2016, you’re having a baby!

Hello, hello, hello!

It’s been such a long time since you’ve heard from me. So much has changed, some good, some bad and some exciting. I’m going to start with the exciting and later all move on to other updates and news.

So, welcome welcome to 2016! Where the heck did 2015 go? It seems like I blinked and it was just, poof, gone.

Well, already 2016 has come in with a bang! After almost 3 years I finally got my wish. I, am, having, a, baby! I thought my chance to have another would never happen and that mother nature would just continue to be cruel and trick me month after month. Get my hopes up just to send me crying in a corner all sad and cursing her until the next time. But, this time she was done playing her dirty tricks!

Yes, I went to the doctor today and I got the good news that without a doubt a little one has now made its home in my belly for the next several months. I’ll have an actual appointment with an OBGYN on the 25th and see if I can give an date range of when the little one is due.

dance dance dance, party party party!!

There is definitely other news to share, but this post was strictly for the baby announcement. I will definitely try not to be a stranger for so long now. I have so much to update everyone on.

Do you get a thrill from being vindictive?

What makes people so vindictive and so willing to hurt others, especially those that have a connection with one another such as children? Do you get a thrill of knowing you know how to push just the right buttons to cause emotional pain to that person?

You have situations such as couples having a child together, all the family members and friends get along to some degree and things are going great. Then *bam* everything starts to fall apart and the couple is no longer a couple. Uh oh, what happens now?

Well, it’s definitely not the parents sit down as adults and work out how to raise their child and who does what when and how. No no, the father of the child has to bring up something that happened years ago that the mother did and clearly never forgave her for and starts to tell everyone how unfit she is to raise the child. The father then starts trying to take steps to cut the mother out of the child’s life, but also telling the mother of the child that he would do everything possible to make sure she gets to spend time with their child even though they aren’t together. Mixed signals much? Lets make matters even worse and now throw in the family members of the father of the child. Since the couple is no longer a couple then *hey* who cares about the mother of the child. You’re no longer with our son so we’ll just help try and keep our grandchild away from you.

Seriously are these people not thinking of the child? Is all that goes through their mind is how best to hurt the mother?

What about married couples that have children and things fall apart?

Sadly you get the same thing and sometimes even worse! Mothers that use their children as weapons to hurt the father by turning the child against their dad. They’ll tell them things like your dad doesn’t love us or want you and that’s why he left or you’re dad’s a bum and we don’t need him.

There’s cases where you see joint custody with the parents and the grandparents for whatever reasons, best interest of the parties involved at the time of the family dynamics falling apart that also can turn ugly. Life moves on, the parents mature and grow in their new situations and it’s time to explore outside of everyone’s comfort zone. *whoops* the grandparents don’t like this idea very much and start making up lies and twisting facts to try and prevent this from occurring.

Again I ask do the vindictive ones not stop and think of what harm they are causing? Do they really not care? Is it really all about them?

Mother nature spoils things again!

*shakes a fist*

Darn mother nature spoiled my plans again. The perfect chance to have someone video Luna playing in the snow and guess what happens?

THERE’S, NO, MORE, SNOW!!!!! Yes, that horrible mother nature made the weather sooooooo nice that the snow turned into nice slippery ice. Ice, who the heck wants to play on ice? *groans*

Not only can’t the darn woman make up her mind if it will be hot or cold, but she clearly does not want me to have my first playtime with Luna in the snow! I’d strangle the woman if I could.

Ah well, it’s been a nice vacation minus a few hick-ups, but back home tomorrow we go, back to routine and schedules and oh yes, *packing*

Hey, anyone in or near Ottawa want to *PLEASE* come help us move?

The battle concludes

Finally, here is the conclusion of a battle I had to take with my ex in-laws. They didn’t make it easy, but nothing ever is, right?

A quick recap for those that have not read the other 2 post in this thread.

I had to take my in-laws to court because they refused to let my daughter come here to visit me for a week instead of me going where they live for a week. My daughter has been staying with her grandparents after her father and I separated, ugly mess I tell you, but anyways. While I had to get myself sorted and a lot of other unpleasantness it was only fair to do what was also best for my daughter and staying with her grandparents was best. All parties then agreed, no court crap then. Hard decisions, but needed to be done.

Well, for years my daughter did not strongly show interest in wanted to come to where I lived and I was fine with that. she’s a huge grandpa’s girl too. Last year on my visit that all changed. My daughter stated everyday that she wished to come here. She made her request known to her grandparents, they ignored her. I made the request known in writing and they chose to deny it. I took them to court.

Finally, this month a decision was made and my daughter and i won our request. Sadly I miss my visit this year because this went on longer than I liked, but that’s ok. Next year my daughter will be coming to visit me here in Ottawa which she has been wanted to do for over a year now.

Now here’s the annoying draw back. Her grandmother who speaks negatively about me while I’m visiting there and who made up shit during the court battle also has to come along on my daughter’s visit.

*great* lucky me. Now I have to put up with the woman here in my comfort zone!

Not only that, I have to pay for her ticket, plus her accommodation. *growls* WTF! The lovely grandmother told the judge that she can’t afford the ticket and nor should she have too.

Well, my thinking is, they knew this was coming and if she so dead set on tagging along to save up the money and stop traveling else where. If I have to save up the money to pay my daughter’s way, which i’m fine with doing and have a year to do so, then damn it so can she! Or at least pay her own damn hotel stay. They work, I do not!

The grandmother had the nerve to ask or maybe her lawyer did to ask if we had the room for her to stay here as well or if it was just enough room for my daughter.

*sighs* seriously! You have the nerve to ask that after telling my daughter she can’t visit here cause my house is dirty when you’ve never seen it, but my daughter has through FaceTime.

She or the lawyer had the nerve to ask that after making things up about me, *rolls eyes* honestly!!!

The purpose of this was to spend time in my comfort zone with my daughter and have mother daughter time, not mother daughter and negative grandma time still just in a different location.

I understand being concerned first trip for my daughter here and all that and everyone wanting to make sure she’s comfortable and blah blah, but me have to pay for the woman who hates me and sees her son as doing no wrong, that he shits roses, I’m not cool with! Maybe if the owe so *lovely* grandmother would have done things differently and not tried to make up shit during this time I’d feel differently, but she’s made it now where I absolutely hate her and I don’t hate many people.

So, that’s that. I won the battle with a side annoyance factor. Chapter closed!

Sorry for the rant too. It’s awesome news, but I had to get out my frustration too, *smiles*

The battle begins, part2

Well, while I have a moment to think straight and not emotionally torn up inside let me give an update.

In a previous post or 2 I mentioned that I had to take a step I did not wish to take of fighting my ex-inlaws so that my daughter could come here to visit instead of me going there. At the end of this month hopefully the first court date has been set. February 27, 2014 at 10AM. It’s only tentative because they could still get lawyers and then draw the process out even longer.

Do I feel horrible that things had to go this way, of course, but more for my daughter because for whatever reason the adults in this situation on that end of the scale pushed things in this direction. They are choosing to be selfish and out right ignore her. Why? Who knows.

i have not mentioned names in any of the post regarding this situation, but those that know me know who is involved. I also ask that you do not mention names for privacy reasons at this time if you decide to make comments on this thread as I go through it.

I’ll let you all know what happens as they progress.


Off to Petawawa, the sick adventure

Finally, James and I are off to Petawawa later this morning to start our holiday that was suppose to have started on Saturday. Sadly, that didn’t happen. Why?

Well, on Wednesday evening James and I started feeling like we were coming down with something, a cold of some sort. No big deal. Whoops, very big deal, come Thursday morning James came down with a wicked high fever. I could boil an egg or 3 on him. He even cooked the bed, whew hot stuff. So I spent Thursday making sure he drank and got rest and Friday morning his fever went bye bye. He wasn’t completely back to himself, but he could at least stand without falling over.

Now for the bad news on why we couldn’t leave on Saturday. James got better, I got worse. So worse that I was puking every 10 minutes, couldn’t hold down liquids, medicine, food, nothing. It was absolutely horrible. I had the death bug so I come to calling it. There was no way in hell I was traveling like that. So why I was either curled up in bed or visiting the toilet Gods, James was speaking with Greyhound to change our tickets to Monday, (today).

But guess what, I’m still not better. This damn thing won’t leave me alone. I think it’s come back for round two! Any solid food I try to eat, toast, fruit, my stomach says screw you and back to the toilet Gods I go. *grumbles* At least this time I can drink if I’m careful. so I’m really hoping mom has lots of soup at home since I can trick my stomach into taking that since it is liquid, right? Man I hope so. I haven’t had anything to eat really since Thursday and I’m tiny enough as is. I can’t afford to lose more weight and I’m extremely weak now. I can barely stand up long enough to do the simplest things without being wiped out. This is definitely not good.

Anyways, this plans to be a very long 2 hour trip today and unlike last time, I’m not looking forward to this trip.

Oh yeah, someone suggested that maybe I’m pregnant. Ha if so, this is a cruel way to let me know it and the poor baby hasn’t had food since Thursday either. The horror of it all! Go away bug, now now now!!!

Anyone want to loan me a bucket?

The miserable sick Cat

Ignoring a child

So I’m curious, when should a child be ignored? When they are throwing a tantrum? When they are demanding to go outside in -30 degree weather? When they are being loud and totally distorting your peace and quiet? Hey, how about when they are asking you a serious question, but it’s a question you don’t like?

Well, I was witness to the last question the other evening. A little girl asked her grandmother a question, but it was a question her grandmother apparently does not like so she just outright ignored her.

What was the question you ask? Well, it was, “when can I go visit my mommy?”

Simple question eh? Sorry, not if you’re this grandmother, because she doesn’t want this little one to do that you see. But why is the question and that is something there is no answer to.

Grandma decided after the little one asked the third time to tell her, “that’s enough.” I’m guessing that means, stop asking me that I’m not going to answer.

Things that make you go hmm.


The battle has begun

Sadly I am having to take a step I was hoping not to have to take with my ex in-laws and my daughters father, but life is never easy is it?

There’s a post around here somewhere I believe that discusses why I left my ex husband and moved and all that happy stuff back in 2008. I’d direct you to it, but *smiles* I don’t even remember what I called it or what category I stuck it in, great eh? That just goes a long way to showing how much I put a great deal of that in my past and let it go when I said I would.

Well, every year just about I went to Alberta to spend a week with my daughter and I speak to her a lot on the phone. Up until last year my daughter never said she wanted to come and actually spend time with me where I live in Ottawa so all was good. Last year she brought it up during my visit, but then dropped it after I left. No big deal there either, still too young and in my opinion I figured when she was really ready it would become quite clear.

Guess what, that time came. after my visit this year in February my daughter brought up wanting to come to my house for a visit. This time it was just not one mention, but through out my whole visit and just about every time we speak she brings it up. This is also not a request she has let known to me. she has also told her grandparents and her dad of her wishes.

I decided that I would also make my request known to the grandparents and her dad in writing and let them know of my daughters wishes and get their thoughts. well. Good thing I did, because I got their refusal to grant the request in writing which has come back to bite them in the ass.

On November 1, 2013 my request to re-open the terms regarding visitations and my daughter were accepted by legal-aide. This was not a step I wanted to take ever. I did not want my daughter to see that now there will be a fight between her grandparents, her dad and myself over something that should have been a simple matter.

This is what I was asking for:

All my daughter knows, friends, school and all is in Alberta and I’m not looking to change that right now. Since my daughter is asking on a constant basis now and she is old enough is for her to come to Ottawa and spend one week with me over the summer, (next summer) not this summer. This gives me lots of time to save up money for traveling back and forth to pick her up, make sure the room is ready for her, me to get use to the area we now live in since we had just moved into this neighbourhood and the biggest thing give my daughter time together not having to depend on “grandma” to drive us around. It would be mother and daughter bonding time a lot different than what we can do when I have to go to Alberta.

Well guess what, the grandparents and her dad don’t like that so much,they refused. They believe it’s still best for my daughter that I go there. I am always welcome there of course no matter that I’m not comfortable. Doesn’t matter that I can’t just get up and take my daughter some place. No no, what’s best for her is that we ignore her everyday request and keep dad and grandparents happy.

My daughter would love to move back with me, she has made that clear to me as well, but I’m keeping it real for now and have explained to her that maybe we should start off small because living with me is a lot different than seeing me once a year. It will also be very different being with me and no grandparents in the way. One step at a time and a week is all I pushed for and legal-aide agrees with my request. So, as much as I hate this, here goes the battle!

Wish me luck!