Have you heard of a shower?

I’ve seen this more with Blueline drivers so it’s why I’m pointing a finger that way.

A few months ago I wrote a post about it being nice if there could be scent free cabs for those of us that have a problem with certain smells in the environment.

Well, maybe I should also throw in that it would be great for when you get into a cab with a driver that has forgotten how to take a shower! I mean seriously. Do you drivers think it’s nice for your passengers to be stuck in a car with you and you smell and it’s too damn cold to leave the windows down for fresh air?

I think I’m going to start carrying some soap with me and the next one that smells and ask me for a tip I’m going to hand them the bar and tell them to find the nearest shower. It’s just gross!


Phone call more important than passenger safety?

Some Blueline taxi drivers need to go back to class on passenger safety if there is such a thing. Especially when driving passengers with some form of disability.

Early this morning I had a huge craving for nachoes and cheese sticks and just had to go to Denny’s So off James and I went.

We went through our usual song and dance, waiting downstairs, blind passenger, let driver know blah blah. All went well with that part, driver was a good boy.

Sadly though when we got to Denny’s he either received or decided to make a phone call. This very important phone call made him lose his mind and forget about his blind passengers safety, because guess where he dropped us off?

*looks around confused*

In the middle of the parking lot of Denny’s and drove off! Didn’t ask if we needed help or anything. He just went on with his conversation, very loud too I must say, took our payment and poof, off he went.

Luckily for us a waitress was watching and came outside to help us. Yes, we would have eventually found the sidewalk, but that was completely stupid on the drivers part.

This Blueline Taxi driver this morning made their company look very very bad.

Where was that effective and professional service?