Finally, Hello and Happy New Year from LD Wren

For those receiving this via email there is a video in this post. Go to to check it out!

Hello all my great doggy friends and your humans. I hope you are all having a wonderful time as I am. Happy doggy New Year! Did you get anything special from your humans?

You’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard from me. Well, here’s why. That human of mine has a very crazy life she’s brought me into. We’ve been home for a little while now and she claims it’s a little calm, but I don’t believe her. If this is calm, I’d hate to see it otherwise.

So, we got here to my new house with all of these humans, big and little and I think even my human was ready to pull her hair out before too long! Ha, imagine that.

The first people I met was these 2 big humans and a little girl human. She wanted to pet me, but then would run away when I got close. Why would she do that? I wouldn’t hurt her. Ah well!

I then met my humans 2 little boys. The little boy human is just as hyper as I am. I think I will have lots and lots of fun with him whenever my human lets me play with them without this leash attached to me, hmph!

But whew, that baby human keeps trying to beat me over the head with a toy and my human has to keep quickly pulling me away or grabbing the toy. What, doesn’t she think I could get the toy fast enough or something? I think that would be a fun game to play with the baby human, don’t you?

Check it out, here’s me meeting the little humans in the house!

My human calls me demanding! Oh no no no, I am not the demanding one around here. That would definitely without a doubt be the baby human! Now how is it whenever he gets all cranky and demanding that he gets what he wants and my human tells me, no no no, it is most certainly not time to get up?

Well, ok, my human does try that with the baby human, but he doesn’t seem to like that any more than I do. Maybe she should stop trying that method?

I do get to go to work with my human and there’s lots of interesting things there, but my human wants to tell you how I’m doing there, so I guess I’ll let her this time. I can’t have all the fun now can I?

hmph, of course I can!

I got to play in a little snow, but it has already disappeared. What’s up with that! Why would it do such a thing? I mean, I didn’t get a chance to really roll around in it or anything. All I had a chance to do is snort it up my nose! How rude!

Ah well, time to go outside. Write again!

LD Training20 Graduation ceremony, The End of the Decade

Greetings ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children all of all ages! I have awaken from the dead! And here’s the last entry from training that I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for.

For those that receive this via email there are 2 videos in this post. You know what to do. If not, where’s my leash so you could get a leash correction!

Oh my god this class has been full of laughs and tears, frustrations and amusement, nervousness and excitement from day one! For me, the frustration side of things were more from chemical sensativity and not the training and of course the hardest part being away from my precious boys for the first time.

For those that may not remember from like several entries ago our class ranged from age 25 to 75 I believe was the oldest and that’s including the mobility clients. Our class fit pretty well together and included everyone. Jokes were shared, teasing was done back and forth and for the most part no offense was taken.

Here’s a look at some of Leader Dog class 20-06. I wish I could have gotten Tonya and Wheatley, but the timing just kept slipping away from us.

I hate I didn’t get much video of Wren and I like I did the last time I was here, but the videos I did get and the experience we had together makes up for that.

The video I’m about to show you next is one of those moments. I’m warning you now that this time you most certainly will need tissues.

Leader Dog for the Blind started this year in August I believe celebrating the end of class for their clients and ***oh my god*** it is something I will remember and cherish always! Thank you Leader Dog for once again giving me this awesome match and the chance to meet new friends and add them to my ever growing Leader family!

Ready or not here’s our ceremony!

Thank you so much for following us during our training adventure. Please stay tune for whatever I post next, lol.

LD Training 17 to 19 final outings

For those that receive this via email there is a video connected. You know what to do, smiles.

Great day everyone! It is us, the ***attitude*** team!

Sorry you haven’t heard how we have been doing the last few days, but I didn’t want to write very small entries and decided to combine the last ones.

I believe I mentioned that miss Wren, the Christmas songbird and I technically finished training on Monday so have pretty much just hanging around beating each other up and having a discussion on who is top dog in this relationship.

Um, I’ll stil need to get back to you on that, ha!

Speaking of who’s the boss Wren believe’s that dogs in their own house, barking at her from a window is absolutely not allowed! lol,we got off the bus to do a route in front of a house that had a little dog in the window. The moment the little ankle biting dog started barking at Wren she turned and growled at it!

Like seriously. Thisdog of mine will ignore other dogs that aren’t named Sunshine, but will not tolerate other dogs barking at her from inside their nice warm house.

I can’t wait to see what she does with the little dog that lives next door to us who definitely barks a lot from it’s patio.

OMG, Wednesday morning was cooooooooooold! Who the heck turned off the heat? I actually had to wear layers for the first time while here. Just brrrrrrrrr!

We went to Target since some people wanted to do some shopping and it was a perfect time due to the cold to work more on inside work. But what the mean trainers didn’t mention until we were at the mall is that

Ooops, the stores don’t open until 9 or 10 depending on the store so my lovely humans and dogs you’re all going to walk outside from where we’re parked which is at Best Buy over to Target.

They are trying to kill us!

Carey got us going in the right direction and off Wren and I went. I was a little nervous because I was afraid that we would end up in the open area even thoughtrainers were spred out to help us out if we needed it. I was nervous because there are times that Wren is very subtle when she makes turns. But once again this girl showed me that we work great together no matter how demanding or how subtle she decides to be at times.

I had no clue when she took me around the carts or tables that were in our way. She went around them or hell even probably skipped them altogether. The only time I had to move her on her way is when she took me to stores that weren’t Target.

She didn’t even demand teats. Can you believe that!

I did give her one and lots of praise when we got past the open area and didn’t end up lost in it.

So, remember when I told you that I was going to teach my girl how to find pepsi for me? Well . . .

Hahahahahahah, once again what a coincidence. She did exactly that.

Linda helped me go find the blueberry pepsi and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to try the lime or the mango one and dlet Wren choose for me instead.

Guess what this girl did? She turned around and put her nose right on the pepsi lime. Pretty funny since the vanilla pepsi was next too it. It was just too funny!

Well, this was the final outing for everyone and the trainers decided that we were going to go back downtown. It worked out great because I wanted to know how tall the little songbir is because I could have shown that she is shorter than Luna my last Leader puppy. Ha, looks can be deceiving. Wren is 21 or 22 inches tall. It was hard to tell because Linda said she wouldn’t stay still long enough to find out for sure, lol.

Wren and I didn’t really go out on this lesson. I mainly went so that the class decided that we wanted our final group picture in front of the lion.

I’m hoping at the end Linda did record all of us, but I have no clue what you may have seen in the beginning.

I handed Linda my camera knowing that technology and her don’t get along. I turned on the camera and told her what to do and you can hear me say that part. What I didn’t know is that, hahah, darn go-pro cameras turn off the little screen after a few seconds so a sighted person can’t see through the window to see what they are actually recording. has to be some setting, but anyways.

Linda is like trying to figure out what to do and ends up turning off the camera. I know because I heard the tuns of beeps when it’s turned off. lol, then she starts pressing more buttons and I have no clue what’s being recorded. One of the awesome instructors or heck maybe even Linda got it working and

Well, hahaha, here’s how that turned out.

Our final group activity was Family Feud and it was

The Leaders vs. the Dogs

I just have to say that I thought some of the answers in the tv version of Family Feud made me shake my head and wonder where the hell they found these people were bad, but noooooo, try the game version. Those answers made me wonder more on what planet they were on asking these questions.

It was a whole lot of fun and a very close game, but in the end, The Dogs took the game on sudden death!

The Leaders
Tonya, Valentina, Nora, Won and the South American interpreter

The Dogs
Tara, May, Cathy, Gab and Mike

LD Training11 who the heck called up this freezing cold?

OMG, it was cooooooool dout there today! Wren and I were not made for this type of cold you know!

Wren, loves to shop
This morning due to the fact it was super cold outside we went shopping at Target which was great because I needed more pepsi. I also learned that this Target has Starbucks, yayayaya!

Of course, going to Starbucks you would think I’d remember to grab my Starbucks card, but nooooooo, remembered my bank card, and totally forgot my other important card for Starbucks. Damn, no points today then, hmph!

We worked a little on having Wren behind the cart to which she is not a fan of because she likes to see what’s in front of her besides the cart. However, she was still a good girl and came back where I wanted her to be when I asked her to do so. For a treat of course!

When pulling the cart I have to make sure that she doesn’t do super speed which I have already determined that this girl does not like going slow. Going slow means we will never get there in her mind. But again, she does it with lots of hard pulling to see if I’ll change my mind and we can go faster.

Now following is her favorite I think. She gets to almost walk as fast as she likes plus she gets chances to demand treats form me. Ha, to which sometimes she got and other times I had to tell her to stop glaring at me, lol.
We first went over to the dog area and Wren immediately pulled me to the trats! Not a surprise there! But sorry Wren, those treats are no good for little princesses like yourself.

Fine, she decides, and goes for a soft rope toy instead. I have never seen a soft rope toy. But with this girl, I seriously don’t think the rope toy would last long.

Since I had chuck it toys in my amazon cart for her I got to see the materials those were made of and told her she’d have toys waiting for her when we got home.

I was very proud of Wren. I was able to tell her to sit, down and stay while having her on a long leash while I looked around at other toys and she did not move at all until I told her to do so. It was no more than 5 minutes and she was great!

Hey Cathryn, do you drink Pepsi too or something?

I jokingly told Wren that I was going to teach her to recognize Pepsi for whenever I needed some she could help me find it. Hahahaha, well, guess what this girl did?

When we got over to the cases and bottles of pop she put her nose on a case of pepsi. What a dog! Don’t have to teach her a thing after all! Well, except for must teach her cherry pepsi over regular, but what a great start. What a coincidence right?

The tiny team is not meant to travel in cold blowing winds
So, this afternoon we went to Birmingham and did the park route and even though I had on extra layers it was still ***freezing*** out there. One part of the trip Wren and I had to fight against the wind. It kept trying to blow us who knows where.

This route had plenty of obstacles which meant plenty of chances for miss demanding to state that I must give her treats, now now now! We even had an annoying lady with a shopping bag come straight at us. Like seriously woman, can you not see us here. Wren tok a quick look and sniff at her bag, found in uninteresting and kept moving! Smiles, of course, then demanded a treat for being so good. hahaha, I love this dog.

Tomorrow I’ll get to see how she travels at night. I wonder what I’m in for?

LD Training10 who’s the boss

Wow how time flies! Wren, my little songbird and I have been together for 1 week already. Can you believe that? And guess who’s the boss of this relationship?

Definitely not me!

Nope, Wren, the glaring pup has established herself as king of the hill, hahaha. I’m just along to pretend I’m the boss and give her commands and issue her the treats when she glares at me and demands that I give them to her.

Yes, you read that right. Wren, demands her treats. I can occasionally get away with not giving her one when she glares at me like, hey woman, I did a good thing, now give me that treat already will ya? Such as in moments like below.

This morning we had country snow travel and Wren did a very good job. I do have to make sure we’re on the left edge of the curb every few steps otherwise we’d end up walking down the middle of the road.

So, once again, Wren says she is not, absolutely not, walking through anything that could get her all dirty!

Despite what her puppy raiser claims, Wren says different.

Ha, Wren says that I am working, I do not play in water! I do not walk through big piles of flying leaves! What do you take me for. You walk through them, I shall go around them.

Hahahahah, and once this little princess goes around the leaves, big puddles of water or whatever may be in our way she stops and looks at me like, um hello, where’s my treat? I just did a good thing. Now give me that pumpkin treat!

Here is one of those rare moments I can ignore the royal bossiness and get her moving because we are still working and she gets going again along her happy bouncy way.

But then again, maybe it’s a false sense of security and I only think I won the battle!

Then, we have moments like this one!

This afternoon we learned about doing *timeout* with the dogs and practiced it with them on the practice route with a nice strange dog hanging around to bug us.

Um, well, clearly me, mom, was not paying attention to how good she was being and giving her those lovely treats that she demands I give her. Instead I only verbally praised her. oooooooooopppppppppsssssss!

We get to the pavilion that’s located on Leaders campus where those that smoke can hang out and that you pass through when finishing up the practice route. Well, we get to the middle and Wren stops, stops cold and ***super glares** at me! Linda, the lovely trainer that I have thinks it’s awfully funny. Why, because Wren is glaring at me for those treats that I haven’t given her yet because I wasn’t quite at the top of my game, oooppsy! She absolutely ***refuses*** to move until I give her one.

Yes, my dog, Wren, decides when it is past time she gets her reward.

Chuckling, I give the little monster her treat and you think she’s done punishing me yet?

Oh no no no no!

I tell her what a good girl she is and to find the door and what does she do?

run run run

Ah hell!

Slams on breaks. Here you are, here’s the door!

This dog is trying to kill me again

Do I get to meet these Border Collies that taught Wren how to go like a speed demon, huh huh huh?

Hahahah, more fun tomorrow!

LD Training9 traffic checks in the rain

It is pretty funny that someone was just asking me last night about how Leader Dog does with trafic checks and I didn’t want to answer them until I knew if anything had changed from the last time I was here.

Well hell, I didn’t write too much about the trafic checks last time, but I’m pretty sure they were done just alittle differently than this time.

For the morning lesson we went downtown and practice the route we were going to do without worrying about someone purposefully trying to run us over. Nope, we just had to play in the rain and swim through puddles.

BTW, what is with me getting dogs that ***refuse*** to get their little paws wet when it comes to huge puddles? Wren, the perfect little songbird took me around the puddles, no problem, I can deal with that since I don’t want wet feet.

Well, then we had to come to the mother of all puddles. One very big puddle that went all the way across where we were crossing the street to get to the up curb. So Wren had no choice, she either had to go through it, or jump over it. Well . . .

Wren did nothing. She got to the edge of the puddle and just stopped. Nope, I’m not going any further, are you crazy! While I of course take a step into the big huge puddle and now have a major cold wet foot. ***sighs*** why me?

So, after I step over the puddle with my other foot Wren is like, Oh, I can do that and proceeds to then, only then, jump over the puddle!

That’s it, when it rains, i just need to rent a boat so my perfect songbird doesn’t get her feet wet!

This afternoon we did the same route but this time with the killer driver, Dr. phil and his quiet car!

Wren did absolutely wonderulf on the first one. She slowed down and stopped with plenty of space between us and Killer Phil.

Second trafic check she’s cruising along and . . . ***slam on the breaks*** eeeeeeeeppppp, darn crazy drivers! Great job Wren!

Ha, the third trafic check she decides that that crazy driver is back and she would just try going around the back of the silly car that got in her way. After slowing down to show me the car was there of course. lol, what a girl!

The downside about being a retrain

So, this aftenoon after we had our near misses with Dr. Phil the crazy driver it’s time for me to give Wren an instruction. We’re at the downcurb and I need her to do a left cutback. Here’s what happened!

Me, Luna, erm, Wren, erm, dog, whatever your name is, go that way!
Linda, hahahahahahahahahahaha!
Wren, sighs and does a perfect cutback even though her handler has no idea what her name is and what direction to tell her to go in.

Stop glaring at me Wren

I think those other doggies Wren was raised with taught her how to glare at people to or something. She really has that glaring at me look down real good.

We’re heading back to the training center and well, I got the glare from miss princess.
Me, Wren, forward.
Wren, starts taking me across the street.
Me, good girl Wren. straight, find the curb.
Wren, ok, not a problem!
Me, good girl. Gives her a treat. Wren, forward.
Wren, off she starts and takes just a few steps.
Me, awesome, Wren, left.
Wren, ***glares***
Me, Wren, left.
Wren, finally makes the left turn and ***glares*** at me again.
Linda, hahahahah, May, do you know when she’s looking at you.
Me, um, yep. I can feel the glare she sending my way.
Linda, yep, it’s like, hey we can’t go left yet.
Me, yep, that glare says, really, what are you thinking!

I think this puppy was trained well too well, hahahahaah. Oh the future glares I have coming my way!

See you all tomorrow!

LD Training7 Santa survives and weekly check in

Good day everyone. Today’s post is pretty short and I promise it’s ok to drink while reading this one, smiles.

Rude wake up call
Ugh, seriously Wren, you couldn’t give me some kind of warning that you were going to wake me up at 3:30AM? I do miss my children, but I at least know what to expect when my baby screams his head off when he wakes up.

Wren decided at 3:30 in the bloody morning that she’d take a major poop inside her crate. Let me tell you that her poops are as bad as Kalvin’s diapers or maybe wurse! I have enough stinky smelling boys in the house Wren, I don’t need you to add to the mix, honest! This of course is after she pooped for me at 8PM and then again at 10:30PM. I hope it’s all out of her system now, because I seriously don’t need that as my alarm clock, thank you!

Santa survived another Wren trip
Drats! I missed an opportunity to get a video of Wren and I working. I misunderstood Linda when she said we should wait on doing the video for the trip. I thought she meant for the whole morning trip, but turns out she meant just for the first round.

This time on the football route we all got to go out by ourselves with the trainers either in cars or standing in certain spots around the football in case we needed assistance.

Wren and I did an awesome job together. We started out a little rocky because I think Wren was looking for a trainer to be with us, but after a few steps we were off for the races.

We only had to stop twice. Once because I think Wren untied my shoe while we were sitting on the bus and I didn’t notice it until we were walking. I got to the curb and Paul was like

Paul, hey May, I think you have a problem, hahahaa.
Me, yes, I think my shoe is untied. It keeps beating me up as we were walking and I think it was hitting Wren at times too.
Paul, chuckles.
Me, bends down to tie my shoe.
Wren, let me help you with that.
Paul, I think Wren wants to help.
Me, yeah yeah yeah, Wren, do ou mind? Please get out of the way so I can tie my shoe.

Finally, got my shoe tied with much help from Wren and we were off again.

Another time we had to stop is because I thought we reached the buses already and I was like, no way, we can’t be near the corner.

Nope, we weren’t, Linda told me that it was a family getting in a van that sounded just like the buses. ***grumbles***

Off we run down the hill again!

Wren did one hell of a job. She didn’t even bother snarling at Santa this time. So, maybe he’ll forgive her for yesterday?

Weekly check in
Wren and I are doing great. Linda had no issues for us that she had to bring up so asked me what I wanted to work on.

For next week we’re going to try and get some food distractions in and hopefully some dog distractions. We’re going to get some night travel in so that I can see how Wren works at night and a Detroit trip.

Much to Wren’s dismay we’re also going to work with the gentle leader just so I know what to expect from her if I ever have to use it. I honestly don’t think I will with her, but better safe than sorry. Linda says that Wren absolutely hates the thing more than any other dog she’s seen with gentle leader training. Oh, what I have to look forward too, lol.

Tomorrow is a day of rest and everyone in class is looking forward to that. Crap, writing this post it just dawned on me that I just missed playing bingo. wEll hell.

Ah well, see you all for tomorrows issue.

LD Training6 Squirrels and Santa

You can’t have a time at Leader Dogs without those awesome, lovely, fun loving squirrels!

Working with phil
I asked for dog distractions, not squirrels. Dogs dogs dogs! Take away these blasted squirrels!

Tara, was first out today and she mentioned that she got dog distractions and I was really hoping I would get some so I could see what Wren would be like since I have them at work.

But nooooooo, I had to go and get those little buggers, squirrels squirrels squirrels! Isn’t it too cold for these little monsters to be out?

I have to say though, that after I got her attention back on me Wren did a great job on finishing out the route. It was our best route so far!

Linda is so totally awesome, but it was nice having a good route without her to show me that Wren and I could work together was we ironed out the bugs. Minor bugs, but it felt good knowing we can be a good team. It’s hard this time around having a trainer that is the trainer of the dog as well. I love a challenge, but whew, it’s work, smiles. My last time here Jessica was not Luna’s main trainer so I didn’t have to work super hard to win her over like I’m having to do with Wren and Linda.

Just in case Linda ever reads this I’m not saying my time is horrible, no no no, far from it. It just means it’s a totally new experience and I’m learning loads more new things to deal with for this match, smiles.

Wren meets santa and gets put on the naughty list

Hahahahahahahahah, so this afternoon we worked with Linda and worked on the football route due to the fact that downtown is getting ready for the Christmas parade on Sunday and it’s a ***huge*** headache for humansa and dogs.

Here’s what happened during our route.

Me, ok Wren, lets go. A nice easy route. I have my victor-trek and treat bag attached to my pants on the right side for easy access and hoping that I get use to where things sit.

***mistake number one***

Me, drats! Stop, hang on Wren.
Linda, it’s ok, just leafs on the ground.
Me, nope, that’s not it, my darn pants are falling off.
Linda, ***laughs at me*** What, feeling a little lopsided?
Me, rumbles! Wren, ok, forward lets try this again.

we get going really good again and . . .

Me, darn it, got to stop again Wren, it’s freaken cold out here and my hands are about to fall off.
Wren, snorts
Linda, I keep forgetting mine on the kitchen counter.
Me, yep, they look really pretty there too, hahaha.

Ok, off we go again and get to the curb.

Me, curses! Stupid, blooded pants, victor and treat bag.
Linda, hahaha, this is the most amusing route. Welcome to everyday life, never know what may hapen.
Me, hmph! Off we go again.

bark bark bark bark

Ah crap, not this too! I wanted a dog distraction earlier today, not now! But, these particular dogs Wren just looked at and kept going when I told her too.

Wren, stops, turns and growls!
Me, what the heck?
Linda, it’s a moving Santa.
Wren, growls!
Me, ok, Wren it’s ok, it’s just Santa. Lets go.
Wren, not moving and continues to stare and growl at Santa.
Linda, it’s ok Wren he won’t hurt you.
Wren, snorts and growls some more.
Me, ok, lets go Wren. REally, Santa won’t get us. Lets go go go!
Wren, another snort and growl and finally decides to leave Santa.

Yeah, I don’t think Wren is a fan of Santa! I believe she is now going to be put on his naughty list and get nothing for Christmas! Man I wish I was videoing this route.

Wish Santa luck for tomorrow incase I end up going there again tomorrow!

LD Training5 Wren thinks waaaay too much

Ok, I have to start this post off by commenting on how totally freaking awesome those sugar cookies I had were or better say still are. I still have loads left and that’s after sharing them too!

For those that have already been to Leader have probably had the taste of some form of these awesome cookies made by Bonnie Luternow. The GDMI’s definitely love them too. I asked if they wanted some when she brought them to me and I had to hope I’d get or at least one back when the container made it’s way back to me, lol.

So, Bonnie, thanks loads for the very tasty sugar cookies. They were a hit!

Ok, on to Wren the speed demon!

So, this little monkey had me all in a panic this morning thinking she ***seriously*** had to go outside. Like right now woman, I can’t wait!

Normally, it’s I get up first, have my shower, get ready for the day and then take care of miss Wren.

Nooooooooo, this morning she was having none of that! She demanded that I take her out before I was ready. She spun around in her crate, she whined, she hmphed at me, whined some more and then had the nerve to bark at me!

Like seriously! What a brat.

So, grumbled the whole time I gave in and took her outside worried that something was wrong or that we were about to have a serious mess to clean up.

She created lake Wren outside followed by a 2-bagger and then had the nerve to give me another little pile that I sadly could not pick up. Um, poop machine, I only had 2 bags. ***sighs*** Why me!

To make it wurse because I was sooooo worried about her, we locked ourselves out of our room!

EEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP, now what do I do? There’s no one outside because everyone else ***included*** the other dogs don’t come out until 6:30, not, 6:05. There’s no one in any of the rooms starting at room 21, not until we get to those on the Rodchester wing. I’m soooo not walking that far! Then we have Tru . . .

Oh, duh May, pray that Trudy is ready for the day and see if you can sneak through her door and not piss off her dog since her room is right next door to you!

So, we get back inside and back to our room after I get someone to let us in and Wren goes into the bathroom to where her bowl sits and sits there like

Ok, I’m all better now, where’s my breakfast?

Bah, what a way to start the day!

Morning walk with Wren.

Our morning walk was so totally awesome. Wren and I were not attached to Linda for the first part of our trip. Wren and I walked to the cupcake place with no problems at all. And she didn’t even try to throw me through the door this time! Whew, minor progress in that regard!

Linda did put on the extra collar and leash for the rest of the route just in case Wren needed help getting me to understand what she needed me to do because of all of the lovely booby traps that are set up.

Afternoon walk

Wow, Wren and I did the ***whole*** route this time without Linda attaching to us! Wren did such a good job and showed that she thinks waaaaaay too much. I have to watch the things I do with this girl for sure.

So, those traps I mentioned for this morning were of course still there and I made the mistake of giving Wren a treat after she did a great job showing me and taking me around one. Well, little miss smarty pants figured that

Hey, you gave me one back there, why the heck aren’t you giving me one now? Where’s my treat? Why aren’t you giving me my treat?

I also learned that I can’t unfortunately keep my treat hand in my pocket either so it doesn’t freeze and fall off. Oh no no no! If I do that then the little smarty pants again thinks I’m getting her a treat!

As Linda says, this dog thinks waaaaaaaay too much, lol. I better watch out!

Here’s another thing with Wren that I didn’t even notice she does until Linda asked me about it after lunch today.

Linda, May, how do you get your dog to walk on leash with it just looped over your arm?
Me, um, huh?

And of course, the moment she asked me that Wren decided she’d no longer be nice and tried to get to Linda, hahahaha. linda is her trainer of course whom I’m trying to win her from.

But anyways, I actually never paid attention that Wren walked nicely beside me when the leash was just looped over my arm. She just automaticly did it correctly that I just tell her what an awesome dog she is and we went on our merry way.

So, to clarify. When you just walking your dog beside you, you normally hold the leash closer to the collar or somewhere in that area. Well, when I’m carrying something back to our room from meal time like a drink or something, I put the drink in my left hand and use my right hand on the rail to make sure we find our room. So by doing that I can’t of course hold the leash, so instead I loop it over my arm and tell Wren to heel and off we go.

Pretty smart dog I have here and does well until that Linda comes along, lol.

Tomorrow we work with Phil in the morning since Linda has something to do. I hope that goes just as well. So, until tomorrow, take care all from Wren the speed demon and I!

LD Training3 Lets meet Wren, my little songbird

For those that receive this via email, there is a video in this post. So to watch it you must go to my youtube channel.

Joy to the world
The day has come!
I got my Leader Dog!
She is my little song bird.
My tiny black lab.
She’s only 50 pounds
She’s only 50 pounds
The wind is going to blow us away!

Hello everyone to the day you’ve all been waiting for. The meeting of the early Christmas present. My furry four-legged friend!

Why oh why does this always happen to me? I’m seriously cursed or something. my second time at Leader and I’m once again the last in my group to get my dog. And this time I really do mean last. I didn’t get my puppy until almost 2PM! Can you believe that?

I think I wore a hole in the floor in my room from all my pacing back and forth!

So, I have to make a correction. In the video I spelled my dog’s name wrong. I thought Linda said it had an *i* in it, but it does not. It has an *e*. Either way the first thing that came to my mind was two things when I heard my dogs name.

One, the cartoon Ren and Stimpy
2. We have a friend who’s daughter’s name is known by Renny, sometimes called Ren.

But, when I was corrected on the spelling of my litttle precious ones name and when I mentioned her name to my classmates I learned that her name is a type of songbird!

So, lets meet my little songbird shall we?

She is a female black lab and the tiniest thing I’ve ever seen. She weighs only 50lbs and a good wind can definitely blow us to the moon! She is 17 months old and turns the wonderful age of 2 on July 3. Linda told me that this most amusing dog is a first time puppy for her raiser. So congratulations to them for doing a great job with this girl! I hope that they are someplace where the other Leader puppy raisers can reach them and let them know about the video of issue day.

So, are you all wondering my precious girls name yet?

I played a short little guessing game on facebook and twitter to see if anyone could get it and there were only 2 that did!

Lets meet my Christmas Songbird, Wren!

eeeeeep, leave my hair alone!

Oh no, not another Kalvin!

Wren, oo, look something long and hanging down for me to swat at! OO, it swings when I do that. Lets do it again!
Me, no no no, stop that. Here, have a treat instead
Wren, don’t mind if I do. ***chomp chomp chomp*** Great, back to these swinging things. Can I lick them too?
Me, eep, stop that, leave my hair alone! Here, how about a bone instead?

Wait, Wren, that is not a ball!

Ah yes, I’ll take that and toss it in the air and roll over on my back and beat it with my paws! Oo, such great times I’m having!

Ok, I’m done with that, what’s next for us to do, huh, huh, huh? More treats maybe?

Yipes, this dog is going to kill me!

Ok, I thought walking with Luna was bad with her speed walking. Oh no no no, Luna has nothing on this little songbird Not only does she go from 0 to 60 in point 5 seconds, but she then picks up more speed when her target is in sight before slamming on the breaks and trying to toss me through whatever door or off whatever curb may be in front of me, lol.

Can someone send me crash suits please?

Another musical one coming into the household?

So, after dinner we did a little walking up and down the halls practicing walking together and her choosing if she would listen to me, lol, when we came across Justin playing the guitar. He was in the middle of the song when we entered the piano room and all was well until he reached the end of the song.

growl, bark, growl, snort, growl, whine!

Um, what the heck!

Me, Hey Wren, stop that, it’s not allowed.
Wren, growl, snort, growl!
Justin, what was that?
Wren, little barks, whines, bark bark bark!
Me, um Justin, I don’t think you were suppose to stop playing. Hurry up, play some more!
Justin, ***starts playing the guitar***
Wren, sighs and wags her tail. Great, all is right with the world again!

Oh dear, I think this dog and I are going to have some amusing times together! More tomorrow after our first full day together!