It’s getting cramped in here!

Hellos everyone. It’s me Jaydon!

I is a growing boy. It’s pretty small in here and I needs more room! Is it time for me to gets out of here yet?

poke poke poke! Jab jab jab!

Gosh moving arounds is lots of work Ooops, sorry mommy, no mean to makes you say ow!

stretches stretches, kick kick, tap tap tap!

Hey, daddy turn that backs on! I was dancing to that! He turns off the musics, bad daddy bad. kick kick kick!

Haven’t my mommy and daddy figures out that I loves hearing the musics? I doesn’t know how to make them understands me any clearer!

Where’s did the musics go? They just wait until I gets out of here!

Hey mommy, stops feeding me eggs, I no likes them! i keeps telling you that, but you keeps making me eats them, why?

oofs, has those hiccup things again. Sends me down a drink! jab jab jab, stretch, stretch, poke poke poke!

The road to Red Roof Inn

Ha, as I’ve already heard from one person, “I didn’t know you were looking for a job.” Well, I don’t know what to tell you since it’s ben posted pretty often since March, smiles. But of course since the other big thing going on is the baby it’s not hard to over look the non-baby messages, smiles.

Thanks to a friend of mine named Wes telling me about his work at home job I started the process of applying for the same job. Let me say it seemed like a long process and thank goodness I had baby J to keep me preoccupied, lol.

So to work for Red Roof Inn you first have to go through your blind related service. Here it’s Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities. From what I understand it’s pretty much just like or what BSVI use to be. All confusing if you ask me, lol.

So anyways, once you get in touch with your worker or sign up you let them know that you are interested in working for Red Roof Inn through Goodwill Easter Seals. If you’re lucky you have an awesome worker and the beginning process moves along pretty smoothly.

If not, well, then you probably end up with a worker who pretty much does nothing and you have to chase down to get answers like these:

I haven’t heard anything yet. just be patient.
Hurry and get this paperwork done so that we can hopefully fast track your application because training starts in April.
Oh, because you haven’t worked before they may be more interested in having you work somewhere else for a little while to get experience.

Or even better your worker may forget to let the job location know that your biggest concern is you being pregnant and you want to know if it would work against me for training and such and would be better to wait.

Moving right along. The next step is getting a Goodwill worker who works with you by preparing you for the screening interviews, finding out what you would need to work for Red Roof from home and just pretty much get a feel for who you are.

I just have to say that my person through Goodwill is just awesome! She’s kept in touch every step of the way since we met near the end of May. She’s been very reassuring when it came to me being pregnant and worked really hard to find out when training would be so that I could actually attend if all went well.

After you meet your Goodwill worker comes the first screening call and it’s done through Goodwill with a person named Bev and probably Jenny. During this call they find out things like what screen reader you use or large print software, go over a few of the scripts that would end up being your friend, tell you about the shifts that are open and things like that.They do ask a few questions relating to your work experience and what would you do in this situation type questions.

If all goes well during that call, you move right along to the Red Roof Inn interview. Now this can be done in 2 parts, the phone interview and then the face to face. If you get to the face to face there is also a typing test involved and you get to sit in and listen to some calls and a few other things.

Now I didn’t get to the face to face portion, yay! I had the phone interview yesterday morning and that’s where my road to working ends!

I was so so so nervous when it was time for my call because I have never worked before and this would be my first. I’ve wanted it since March when I first heard about it and with being pregnant and now near the end I was afraid it would stop me. But I shouldn’t have feared and listened to my bf and my Goodwill worker that was pretty sure I’d definitely get hired! smiles.


What I will be doing is all the reservation type stuff and it’s a work at home job which is great! I’ll only take the short time off during the week I’ll be in the hospital evicting baby J, smiles. Since I like never sleep and I’m a night owl I’m going to be going for the third shift which is like the 11PM to 7AM shift.

Starting July 5, 2016 I will be going into training for one month with Red Roof Inn and I can’t wait! So once again it’s training time coming up for the blog along with baby entries hahah. So don’t miss the non-baby stuff, smiles.

Would you like cauliflower with that?

We made it to the final stretch! Welcome to week 28, the last trimester! Would you like cauliflower with that?

For those that receive the entries via email there is a video in this entry. You know the drill, smiles, Thanks to our Aunt Sharolyn the video has been corrected and is no longer sideways, lol.

Results of the sugar tolerance test
If you remember from the last update I mentioned that I had to do the 3 hour version of the sugar tolerance test, just bleh! As I said I think they like torturing me and making me drink that horrible orange drink!

For those of you that have never had to drink this here’s what may be as close as I can make it for you to understand. Think of the orange crush and then add sugar. If it’s not sickly sweet, then add more sugar! Gross right? Now imagine drinking that on an empty stomach and it has to be all gone between 5 to 15 minutes. Both my stomach and baby J was like….don’t like this, not at all!

Now I did this test last Monday. I couldn’t eat anything from midnight until after the test. In the end it was a little over 13 hours before we had food. Do you know how pissed off my little guy was?

From baby J
I’s was not happies! Mommy is suppose to feeds me when I says so, not makes me starve! I’m a growing boy in here you know! I kicks and pokes and pokes some mores but she still no feeds me.

Now if I would have failed this lovely 3 hour nightmare I would have had to poke myself 4, count them, 4 times a day! NO WAY! Luckily though all came back ok and baby J and I are just fine, smiles. No more torturing us with no food for hours on end! Now if I can just get him to understand that food won’t be withheld so he stops trying to immediately make me sick when he says he’s ready for food, lol. Any ideas?

Braxton Hicks?
What the heck, braxton hicks! Where did those come from? i did not have those with my other 2 monsters. What, what what!

I explain what I was feeling to my doctor and she immediately said…that’s normal!

What, that’s not normal. I did not have these before, lol. Once again our little guy is out doing his siblings and making this pregnancy totally different. Of course I was told I don’t have anything to worry about unless I start getting them about 4 times a hour i think she said. Um, how about can we not have them at all/ lol.

Baby J’s room
As I mention above sorry if the video looks sideways. I guess the IPhone didn’t want to switch over to landscape mode. Not many people told us it’s sideways, but just in case, sorry, smiles.

I mentioned at the last update that we got him a 7 in 1 crib. Well, thanks to our neighbor Jason it was put together on Sunday and looks awesome! So, his room is pretty much all ready for him. Just need a few more things to finish it up, but for now have a look!

What’s your guess?
Well, the weight guessing game is just about out of participants, lol. So I think we will be starting the weight guessing game over with round 2, smiles. So get your second round guess in now! We have about 11 weeks to go and I am currently sitting at 181 pounds! Holy hell! Can you believe that?

Well, I think that’s all for this update. The next will be around July 1. So until then have a great week and try and keep cool wherever you are!

Remember if you’d like to get something for baby J please get in touch for our address or go through our amazon baby registry.

with friends like these

It may come a time in your life when you don’t have close family members to count on and you may need those trusted friends to step in during a bad situation. But, what happens when those so called trusted friends ends up turning on you at the worse possible time?

A mother and father sadly had to end up in the hospital at the same time and had to quickly make arrangements for their 2 year old daughter. They asked a friend if they could please look after her and the lady friend agreed.

Now, the next day just hours before the mother has to go into surgery the lady friend calls and states that they must find other arrangements for their daughter because their husband complained about how their anniversary was ruined and the child should have gone to CPS.

What the hell? I don’t know about you, but a comment like that would have gotten my partner or spouse a slap across the face What kind of thing is that to say about a child and to friends that are going through a hard time and you are suppose to be their friend?

ok, it was your anniversary so maybe to start with you could have said no, I’m sorry we can’t due to other plans if your anniversary is that important to you over the well-being of your friends and their child. Maybe they don’t have children of their own and that time is special after all, but doing it the way it was done is just unbelievable!

Then, then, to make it worse the husband had the balls to say the child should have just gone to cps! That leads me to wonder if these people really are their friends to begin with. No, the lady friend didn’t say these things, but she didn’t knock some sense into her husband. If they don’t have kids and ever plan on having them what does this say about him as a father figure? better re-think having kids with him then. if they do have kids and for him to say something like that about another child it makes me feel sorry for them if something ever happens and God forbid he needs help.

My best to the family that is currently going through this and to those so called friends of theirs I hope you’re filled with guilt for a long time over your recent actions.

Baby news week 26

To those that receive the blog updates via email there is a video in this entry so you’ll need to go to my youtube channel to watch it

This week baby J is a turnip eggplant, hahaha. The poor site we use once again is all confused, smiles. So who knows what he will be come tomorrow.

So here we are at the end of week 26 with baby news!

So last week I had to do the horrible sugar test again, just bleh! I really don’t think my doctor likes me, hahaha. Usually when you don’t hear anything no news is good news right/ Well, not this time! Sadly the test came back with my sugar being pretty high and that spells *disaster* This now means I have to take the 3, yes 3 hour test and I can’t eat anything after midnight. This is *not* going to make baby J happy at all! Once he tells me he’s hungry I can put it off for a little while before he starts hitting that button of, mommy I said *feed* me and feed me now! If I’m an idiot and not listen to him he decides to get more insistent and starts making me sick. Just great! So, on Monday I will be suffering from midnight until maybe sometime shortly after noon. This is so not going to go well! I think they just want me to drink that nasty orange drink again is all.

Now on the baby side of things.

We finally got baby J a few more outfits. Some have cars, elephants and ducks! Wow, I just can’t believe how tiny baby clothes are. I hope he can fit them when he comes out as much as he makes me eat, lol. I swear if he doesn’t come out at least 9 pounds I’l be shocked!

So along with that we got his baby bed which is a 7 in 1. I have never heard of a 7 in 1. This will last us a nice long time, yay! It came with a really nice comfortable mattress as well.

The next big thing thing that we need is the placard that will go in the living room and then it will be time to start collecting all those diapers hahaha.

The little guy is doing well. The ultrasound pictures came out better so don’t have to do that again. He is growing as he should, smiles.

I think we must have caught him at a rare moment of taking a cat nap because his heartbeat started off really really slow and then picked up speed when he realized he was getting attention. Of course he didn’t let us listen for long before he started nudging us away and then running away, lol. The lazy little turnip plant’s heart rate was at 154 this week.

So far I’ve gotten lucky and he hasn’t asked over and over again, but much to my dismay J *likes* peanut butter I definitely do not! This is a new development and maybe I’ll get lucky and it will go away, right? Maybe?

So, for those that are playing the guessing game here is the current weight. I am sitting at 180 pounds. Can you imagine that? Just wow and I still have lets just say 12 weeks to go.

I’m as big as a house!

So for those of you that can see here’s the video we did last week, week 25 so you can see what I look like now from the 10 week video.

The little guy is starting to really tap dance in there so I better try and figure out what he wants, lol. Catch you at the next update, smiles.

I’m ready! Let me out!

Week 25 and as of today there’s 14 weeks to go for the little mixed vegetable and guess who’s ready?

Ha, your guess was probably me, but you would be wrong! Baby j at todays ultrasound we discovered was already in the head down *let me out* position! Hahaha, and I thought I was in a hurry for August to get here! Now I guess it’s my turn to tell the little guy nope, sorry little one you still got 14 weeks to hang out in there. Like mother, like son, right?

You are probably wondering why this week he’s a mixed vegetable? Well, lets just say we discovered that the app we use What to Expect and their website didn’t match each other this time. The website said the little guy should be the size of corn…yet again, on my phone it said he was the size of a turnip, but, on my bf’s phone baby J is the size of a rutabaga! Now yes, turnips and rutabagas are pretty much the same I think, but um, how about the corn? So this week we decided that he’s our little mixed vegetable, lol. What will he be next week? hahaha, only time will tell!

Now lets back up to the beginning of the ultrasound, smiles.

Baby J was already bouncing around, poking and stretching and having a grand old time, but as I learned last time that doesn’t mean he’d stay that way! So this morning he had lots of apple juice followed up by all that water I had to drink an our before the ultrasound. This time however before the appointment I drank more apple juice to make sure he stayed in a good mood, ha!

It worked like a charm!

The techs were worried that just like last time J wouldn’t cooperate so they were prepared for that. We didn’t need to worry at all, smiles. The very first awesomely clear picture was a straight on shot of his little face. *Say cheese!* There was absolutely no problems at all getting all the shots they needed of him, face, heart and better measurements, yay!

Now here’s when it really got amusing. Baby J was of course moving around the whole time, but not making things too difficult, until . . .

We got to the part where it was time for us to get to hear the heartbeat. Well, hahaha, lets just say that was fun! He was clearly dancing around in his tiny house according to the tech and this is what we got . . .

baby J: 1 heartbeat….run away, come find me!
Tech, searches for baby again
Baby J, this time 2 heartbeats….bye bye, try again!
Tech, for the third time catch the little monster
Baby J, a little longer heartbeat…..ha, fooled you, catch me catch me!
Tech laughing, tries again
Baby J, Oh all right! You win!

His heart rate after all that fun is at 160!

Pissed off baby J
Oopsy, the tech accidentally pissed off the baby. They had a good shot of the heart, but they wanted to try for one more and hopefully a better shot. He apparently changed positions from the one they got earlier since this time what they needed to see was under my belly button and it’s *really* hard to get pictures then. Well . . . the tech pushed down a little to try and get J to move over just a little bit and well um . . .

Baby J, medium kick….I don’t like that!
Tech, whew, I felt that. So she tries again to get him to move over and pushes down in the same spot.
Baby J, a *whole* lot harder kick this time….I said I don’t like that!
Tech, wow, he definitely does not like me pushing there!
Me, um, nope, I would say not!

The little guy kicked so hard that last time that the little camera thing went off my stomach. I swear if she wasn’t holding onto it, it would have gone across the room, hahahah. I do believe that we will have no trouble knowing when he is *not* pleased with something. What do you think?

That was our adventure with the ultrasound appointment today! Until next time, have a great week!

The end of week 24

The end of week 24 from Baby corn!

Hello outs there! Its meeee! I takes over mommys computer again and writes people. Its hard work writing from in here since I don’t have controls of things yet. Writing from dark water is rather hard don’t you know?

Send me some light!

Anyways, I has been a busy little baby. I’s learned how to pokes my mommy, but for whatever reasons she sometimes taps me back or says ow! *oops* guess its too hard? I also learns how to stretch and thats lots of fun too. Doesn’t seem to make mommy says ow then, but I’s like poking and rolling better!

one days I was jumping around and my daddys finallys felt me jumping! Its made my mommy laugh. He’s also tapped on me and mades me swims away! Not so hard out theres. I’s just a baby you knows? I tried kicking him back laters, but he know notice, mommy dids though, hehehe!

Well, times to go and bugs mommy now! Bye byes my new families and friends!

Now lets see how to get mommy up to get me’s apple juice? poke poke poke!

Update on baby papaya

Whew, you’re all probably wondering what happened to the baby update last week? Well, lets just say life kept getting in the way and by the time I thought of writing a post it was too late and my brain didn’t want to think of writing something that made sense.

So, without further ado, how is the baby papaya?

We had our 22 week check up last week and all is looking good. His heart rate was an astounding 162! Can we say *hyper?*

Oh most certainly! I gave the little guy not only watermelon, but apple juice before our doctors appointment and boy was he just a rolling and jumping around in there! There was *no* you can’t hear me this visit, smiles.

Now, because the little guy was a complete hellion at the ultrasound visit on the 25th of last month and wouldn’t let the tech take good pictures guess what? Yep, we have to do it all over again! *groans* We have to do another ultrasound on the 23rd!

I really need to figure out how to keep him happy while drinking loads and loads of water. Apple juice just won’t cut it since clearly all that water I had to drink watered it down and pissed him off, lol.

For those that don’t remember or need a refresher on what happened during the ultrasound visit take a look right here

I have discovered that this little guy goes nuts over grape Fanta just like he does with apple juice and watermelon. Guess I know what I’ll be adding on the next shopping trip! Speaking of watermelon…Aunt Sharolyn, we need more! hahahah

So, at last weeks doctors appointment I weighed 176 pounds and I was sticking at that weight for a little over 2 weeks. I was like *yay* finally maybe we’ll slow down now!

Ha, *fat* chance of that. As of today I have now hit 177 and I still got over 3 months to go. Someone tell this kid that we don’t really need to live in the kitchen will ya?

Message from Baby J
Hello out there world! I am having fun rolling around and keeping mommy awake especially when she is trying to rest. I also likes playing keep still when daddy tries to find me! They says I won’t be able to do that much longer. I will prove them wrong! Just they wait!

Now I keeps sending mommy signs to buy me toys toys toys, but she says I need clothes, but what fun are those? I means who cares that I don’t have enoughs clothes? I could also just wears my diapers, right? So to all my new families and friends I says toys toys toys. If you needs to know where to sends them, just ask my mommy or daddy and they will tells you.

Ok, bye bye for now time to roll around again! This typing from inside is hard work!

Time Warner ignores blind customers

Here is something I feel that all blind individuals should be aware of if you are either with Time Warner Cable or thinking of switching to them.

Now TWC has an app that is pretty much accessible except for one part and that would be the guide! Since September 23, 2015 this feature has stopped working.

Now my boyfriend and I are both blind and first contacted TWC about this problem then and they said they would look into it. We even provided them with an audio file of what the issue was so they could see it.

Guess what happened?

Absolutely nothing that’s what! It’s now May 9, 2016 and we are still fighting with this same problem. Every update that TWC releases I go in and check to see if maybe they fixed the guide with no luck.

Every time this situation is brought to their attention they want to know what errors come up and what we were doing when the error occurred.

How many times must we try nd explain that it’s not an error that it is a feature that speech does not read any longer.

On a recent call from TWC we were told that their engineer of developing said that voiceover for IPhones hasn’t worked since the IOS 9.0.1 version.

Now you may think this is just an IPhone issue, but as of today since I had to switch to android for a while the TWCTV app guide portion is just like the IPhone. The guide feature does not work at all. I am still waiting to hear from TWC to see what they say about why it doesn’t work on the android, but from my experience with them regarding the IPhone things don’t look good.

Does Time Warner Cable care at all about their blind customers? There are so many of us complaining about this no longer working, but they still refuse to listen or work with blind customers to fix the problem. I could understand not being able to figure it out if the guide feature never worked and them being stumped, but TWC had it working before September 23, 2015 so why not try backtracking to see what is missing in the code or something?

stubborn smart and shy?

Welcome to week 21! My little banana has 18 weeks to go!

So, today was our ultrasound to see how the little bundle of joy is doing and I thought all would be ok since I gave him one of his favorites to start the day off, *apple juice* This worked for a while. He was happily jumping and kicking around and enjoying his treat.

That didn’t last long!

You know how you have to drink loads and loads of water before an ultrasound and curse a lot since you really have to pee, but can’t?Well, apparently all that water diluted the apple juice and the ultrasound that was suppose to be only a few minutes ended up taking nearly *30* minutes! Have a guess why?

The thought of having a baby that already shows loads of smarts and huge bouts of stubbornness is a very very scary thought indeed!

The moment I got on the table Jaydon switched gears and showed us how stubborn he can be.

We first wanted to see if baby J would be nice and let us see what sex he is even though we already knew the answer. Hhahahahahahaha, he was having none of that! That’s my privates and you can’t see…how rude! The tech tried for at least 5 minutes before giving up and moving on to other pictures.

But, baby J the hellion did not make those pictures easy for her. No no no, he made her work for each one. Anything she tried for he’d move away or turn around so she had to try again, smiles.

Now the funny part happened near the end of the ultrasound. This little boy of mine showed how smart he already is and the trouble that we are soooooo going to be in when he enters the world, lol.

The tech was holding the camera thing in the same spot for a while and Jaydon happened to kick or move or whatever right where the camera was so I asked her what she saw. Hahahah, she told me that baby J just moved and had his hands covering his face!

Again says baby J, this is mine mine mine and you can’t have that picture!

So I thought of maybe trying to bribe the little monkey with the hotdog we were getting after the ultrasound would work or maybe more apple juice….*nope* he was having none of that.

Fine, I decided to outsmart my smart banana and told the tech to hurry and try and look at his privates while he was busy covering his face. Hahahahahah, and it worked. We got the second confirmation that baby J is a boy!

Ah, but, my oh so sweet, stubborn, smart boy was *not* pleased with that trickery!

The tech went back to try for his face again and after a few kicks/slaps and flips baby J was then face down and made it even harder to get a picture of his face!

Smart, shy and stubborn? Yep, that’s my boy and I think all of our friends and family better start sending us well wishes come August 29, hahahah.

I have now hopefully made him happy again with apple juice and corn dogs. So, until next time!