Who Turned Off the Heat?

Hey, someone please tell mother nature to turn the heat back up just a bit. I mean hell it’s not time for it to be this cold outside, brrrrr!!

I’m not suppose to wake up some mornings and it be 0 degrees outside. I shouldn’t have to grab a coat yet just to take my dog outside. What’s all this about?

Seriously someone flip the switch back to at least comfortable weather.


Who needs sleep?

Well, I must say I found it rather amusing when I finished my assignment for class to discover that the sleep that I thought I actually did was not true.

Four hours of sleep, yeah right! I’m lucky to get sleep once a week according to my time line.

How in the world do I manage to do all I do and not freaking sleep?

Before anyone suggest it, no, cafene is not my excuse either. I just somehow manage to stay awake for hours and hours on end before I go to sleep. Then when I finally sleep it’s like for maybe 2 hours if I’m lucky.

Now of course when I’m sick that time is different. I get 4 to 5 hours of sleep, drugged but hey, it’s still sleep.

Seriously, who needs sleep? Highly over rated, *smiles*



When you think of addictions you most likely think of alcohol, drugs and gambling, but there are loads out there. For example, shopping, sex, exercise, tanning, ext.

Those ones that are on the top of the list now are gaming and social media: such as, twitter, Facebook, foursquare and hey tell.

I just got started this year in the social media scene and I’m amazed at how much time some people I know spend on twitter and Facebook. It blows my mind. Some people I know can’t go 2 minutes without tweeting something. They have to have access to technology so that they can tweet, Facebook or hey tell people about the creep sitting next to them that smells like raw onions or how some adult is dealing with a child.

I definitely enjoy twitter and Facebook and sometimes hey tell, but I don’t live for it. It doesn’t rule me like I see it ruling some of my friends.


Andrea Yates

Who remembers the event that happened in September 2001?

I bet a lot of you still do, 9-11, but does anyone remember the other horible event that happened at the same time that also got a bit of news time?

Andrea Yates murdered all 5 of her young children and claimed that she was hearing voices about the Devil wanting them so she had to save them. Killing them was the only way she could do so.

I remember this topic very well because I wrote a paper about it and received an A and it was the only paper in English class that “did not” talk about 9-11.

Well, yesterday in my Psychology class we talked about Andrea Yates and I actually learned more information that when I did my research back then I didn’t find.

For example, when Andrea first started hving problems it was after their 4th son Luke was born. Doctors strongly advised Andrea to take time to herself and stop doing everything and feeling that she had to. It was also strongly advised that they “did not” have another child.Against what the doctors said Rustle the husband claimed that he and his wife Andrea discussed it numerous times and decided having another child would be fine. They were just going through a rough time with their son and there’s meds for Andrea if things get rough again, no problem.

Well, we all know how that ended up. One day after Rustle goes off to work Andrea drowns all of the children in the tub. She then calls her husband and tells him in a cold voice, “you need to come home.”

Andrea went to trial twice for the murder of her children under the insanity plea. The first time she was sentenced to a Psychtriatic jail, but the trial was declared a mistrial due to a witness that lied. In the second trial the jury sent her to a Psych hospital instead.

Guess what? It’s research time again. I’m interested since the topic is being discussed in my Psych class what has happened with Andrea Yates. How is she now?

If you care to comment on this topic by all means feel free. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you remember this event at all.


Rambles from Inside My Head about Algonquin College

Whew, it’s time to do that school thing again in about two weeks. Are we all ready in here?

Most definitely, the summer thing is getting on my nerves. I’m getting rather bored talking to the others here in my head with me.

Now, our schedule for this year is great with the exception of that damn 8 AM class. *where’s that Starbukcs*

So Algonquin did a drunk person create this campus first of all? I mean I thought the ABC’s were like this…

a b c d . . .

Not like this

a b c d f g h j

Ok, you are now getting the letter E, but hey some letters are still missing.

Ok, that’s not it. Who did you guys order to number the rooms?

This is how you count.

311, 325, 366, 355 . . .

No no no, that’s how Algonquin counts not how we count, oopsy.

100, 101, 102 . . .

That’s how it suppose to go. Anyways moving on. What we discovered the other day while trying to learn where all my classes are for the fall term is that one building has 2, count them, 2 different names! At least that’s what people were telling me and I am easily confused…hello there’s 10 up here in my head, no doing that sort of thing you know!!

So, the Algonquin Acce and Algonquin CA building is it the same or are they 2 different buildings?

Now is that wasn’t bad enough, what’s up with some of the staff members that apparently worked there for who knows how long? There’s this one staff member that works in the D building cafe that wouldn’t know how to find her head if it wasn’t attached.

No no, more like she’d argue that the sky was purple.

It’s three times now I’ve been on campus and run into this one particular worker and managed not to bit her with my dogs leash. If I tell you that I want to sit somewhere specific because it’s close to the exit I need to get to C building…don’t argue with me and tell me that’s not how to get to C building.

Why in the blue hell would I want to go to J building to get to the C building? That’s just stupid.

Why would I want to go upstairs to get to C and then have to go downstairs to get to where I needed to be?

*rolls eyes*

Algonquin is great and friendly and helpful don’t get us wrong, but hell stop confusing me!!

Oh yes, and fix the broken staff.


Stole My Heart

I never thought the day would come that I would find myself in another relationship, but here I am. I think he’s lost his mind and probably thinks of running for the hills every once in a while after dealing with me and my multiple personalities! lol.

On July 1st which marked my 9 years here in Canada James and I started dating.
sorry Angell I forgot to get your permission, ha! Blame James, it’s all his fault. You can kill him if you get to meet him, *smiles*. This relationship was something neither of us was expecting, but I have no regrets. Well, maybe one, that we didn’t start sooner. Good things come to those who wait, eh?

I met James through his roommate at the time Shane at the end of May. During this time I actually had a huge thing for Shane. I won’t go into the long story of how we all met and what happened to change my mind about Shane, but somethings came up that seriously changed how I looked at things and when I seriously needed a friend James was there.

One thing led to another and well, here we are almost 2 months later. I can’t find the right words to express how much he means to me right now and what it means to me that he actually takes the time for me and cares about me unlike my last. Now all I need to worry about is the stories all of my goofy friends I might let him meet will share with him, *mutters*.

I know I make things difficult at times and my past sometimes slips in and gets in the way, but each day that goes by I’m greatful for what we both share.


Small Look Inside My Head!

Welcome to inside my head. I’m not sure you really want to be here because I sure don’t at times!

I’d like to take this time to personally not thank my boyfriend for leading me on another wild adventure…me having my own website.

*sticks tongue out at James*

This is your first taste of inside my head. There’s 10 of me here so I hope you enjoy the ride. I am not responsible for what one of my other personalities have to say so if you’re easily offended, then you better run away now and not return !

I’ll keep it brief this time since I must go sleep.