The start of 2013

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013!

how did I bring in the new year? It wasn’t by getting drunk. Nope instead I spent it playing monopoly over at rs games and first getting my butt kicked by James but I’m not out yet. I’ve remembered how to um actually play the darn game and I now give him a run for his money before he kills me, *smiles*

But, today is not just New Years. Nope, today is also the 6th month anniversory for James and I. can you believe that? I can’t. Six months like just flew by. It seems like we just met and just started dating. Where in the heck did that time go?

2013 is already starting out to be a great year. If you’ve read my other posts then you should know that we got our dream house and move at the end of the month.

We’re hoping for some other good luck things to happen this year so I’ll just keep my fingers and toes crossed.

So anyone care to share how they brought in their New Year? Did you get drunk and seriously imbarrass yourself? Come on, don’t be shy share some stories with me, *smiles*


Time to cut back on caffeine

The world is about to come to an end for me. My bloodstream that’s really made of caffeine won’t know what to do.

Starting after the new year I have to cut back on the caffeine that makes up my blood supply. Why must I subject myself to such torture? Well, James and I plan on having a little one in the near future and I need to make some readjustments to my caffeine intake. Better to start that now instead of waiting until that day comes when we hear, “yep, you’re now pregnant.”

Our plan is by this time next here to have a baby jadan or Jadyn to spoil more than we already spoil our dogs. Can you picture James being a dad? Ha, it will definitely be amusing for me to watch!

No James we are not having triplets so get that thought out of your head now!!!

Anyways, since my time is growing close I better go find more caffeine to drink and flood my bloodstream to bursting while I can.


Dreams do come true!

Well, I didn’t think this day would ever come, but as of Friday morning my dream has come true! James and I at the end of next month will move into our dream house.

Accora Village is all we could ask for and them some. We completely fell in love with it the first time we saw it back in October and all over again once we went in after all the signing was done with the thought of where do we put this piece of furniture and what room is what.

The days of me being scared to leave the apartment here at Greenbank Towers does have an end in sight now. I can keep telling myself just 29 more days to deal with the discomfort and tenseness of running into someone that likes to take advantage of me. just 29 more days before i feel completely safe in our house.

We have 5 bedrooms, living room, dining room, front and back yard to find furniture for. Boy I am sooooo excited! These last days here need to fly by like really quickly.

Must find movers to help and people that can drive a u-haul and continue to bounce off walls! Will write more about the new place another time.


Holiday with the Homuth’s

Snow snow snow, there’s snow everywhere!!

To start off this great family time I had a snow fight with James and he lost, *smiles* He kept threatning to throw me into the snow bank, yeah right, never happened. He’s just a sore loser, ha!

My first Christmas with James and family and I heard this quite often, “James, that’s it you have to get rid of her.”

*csmiles* That was dad everytime he found out that once again I like something that he does, deviled eggs, corn, bacon and lets not forget his leather jacket that I said I’m going to run off with. I mean how can I not feel loved after all that, eh?

If that wasn’t bad enough dad said I must go back South when he heard that I stopped celebrating Christmas.

*sniffs* What’s a girl to do?

*chuckles* Christmas Eve Kevin stayed over with his dog Dexter and slept down in the basement. he was sleeping quite peacefully down there on Christmas morning, that is until everyone started waking up.

We did the usual routine feed and let the dogs out to run around in the snow and burn off some energy and then come back in and tear the house apart, lol.

Well, at some point Noah went downstairs to investigate which is where Kevin was sleping remember.

Hey Kevin, did we forget to tell you that sleeping is not allowed around Noah? *smiles*

Noah nicely wakes up Kevin by plopping his big head on top of him. “happy morning Kevin!”

I got to meet more of the family that I missed last time we were here since I was sick then, and guess what? i wasn’t even nervous this time. Funny thing is, James forgot that he actually didn’t introduce me to one of his aunts and uncles before, tsk tsk, *smiles* I think he’s getting old and forgetful. Should stop all that drinking.

Whew, never been around so much cigarette smoke though in my life. My poor head.

We all had to pile into the car to go on these visits, and damn I’m glad to say for once that it’s a good thing I’m tiny. Kevin, James and I had to squeesh into the backseat and it definitely was a tight fit, *smiles* But, but that wasn’t the worse part. No no, dad had to go and let out the smelliest fart right as he got into the car. *gags* Whew, that smell stayed in for at least 5 minutes. Where’s the gas mask, the air freshener!

I think dad’s is even worse than Kahlan’s grandpa’s, whew!

Now for the gifts. I was still a bit uncomfortable since I don’t know the family that well and didn’t get anyone anything, but also my first Christmas thing so yeah. But I know for next year, ha!

Anyways, I got a very beautiful bracelet from James that just like the necklace I won’t take off unless I have too. A jewlery box that I absolutely love and can stick a picture in. As soon as I find Kahlan’s picture I’m going to put it there, some house shoes that looked very warm, but sadly need to get a bigger size and James and I got a Starbucks gift card, yay! That was a good thing since the money on my card just ran out, ha.

Now this trip is coming to an end. We are off for home tomorrow, but the best thing of all is we get to sign and view our dream house, *jumps for joy*

This has been the best holiday ever. I love you James and the rest of the Homuth family!


Oo, time for a snow fight?

Well, this morning got to throw and kick snow around at Noah and Lacey and they both had a super time. Later this afternoon we’re going to let them both run around the backyard and play until they hopefully fall over.

Lacey even got to play with Missy outside for a bit in the snow. She listened to James very well and came when he called her. That’s awesome! Hopefully things will go well when we try this later.

But, but I must have my chance at throwing snow at James

The cold and I don’t get along that well, but I can’t pass up this opportunity. It’s a chance in a lifetime!


Petawawa for the holiday

Let the holiday begin!

James and I made it to Petawawa today to spend the holiday with the family. What will this be like for me?

Well, it will definitely be different. It’s not my family, but I now consider them my family even though I haven’t known them long. That’s a good thing right? Hmm, well, they consider me part of the family so I guess it is. Definitely a bit nervous since I don’t know if I’ll be seeing other members of the family that I don’t know yet. *hides under the bed*

But hey, mom remembered that I love pears and she had some here for me this time. That definitely made me smile and was unexpected. Now will there be ham as well? I surely hope so, turkey, bleh!

Jim is suppose to come home tomorrow and that will be good. Haven’t seen him since Thanksgiving the last time we wre here.

Hmm, I see and talk to mom more so not sure If Jim would be ok with me calling him dad or not. *ponders* I call him that to James, but not to him yet like I do with mom, Betty. *confused, nervous* Ah well on with the fun.

Now to figure out how to lock James out of the house so that I get all the pumpkin pie and he gets none, ha!

Whatever your faith please have a safe and happy holiday.


Snow snow snow!

OMG, someone turn off that darn AC and tell the snow it’s not suppose to be here yet. It needs to come for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and then go away, right? Right.

James and I went to Walmart today because if the weather is correct we’re suppose to be getting a whole lot of horrible freezing white stuff and I didn’t have the right type of shoes or gloves. I knew for sure that Walmart would have gloves, but the boots I was pretty worried about. Got lucky there too.

Since i sadly have to go out to a doctors appointment I’ll get to see how well they are. *brrrr*

now if I could find a really good winter coat I’ll be almost set for this horrible winter thing again.

Why did I move to where it’s super cold again?


So uncomfortable, but stuck in situation

I’m not sure what’s worse wanting something so bad that it drives you nuts, or wanting something bad enough but may not get it.

I’m no longer comfortable with the building I’m living in for extremely personal reasons. There’s also this really awesome place that I wish we could move to like last month, but we need a co-signer. Sadly those aren’t easy to come by.

Knowing that there’s a much better place out there and the fact that it’s just out of reach due to needing a co-signer makes it even difficult to stay here.

Trying to explain to people that no matter how big this complex is that doesn’t mean I won’t run into the person that’s causing me the discomfort. In fact, I see them more than I like and it just makes it so I never want to leave the apartment.

Ugh, I need something to seriously keep my mind busy or something if a co-signer can’t be found or falls through or something and we have to stay here. Maybe this first step of writing down partly what’s going on will help me.


Maybe not!


Phone call more important than passenger safety?

Some Blueline taxi drivers need to go back to class on passenger safety if there is such a thing. Especially when driving passengers with some form of disability.

Early this morning I had a huge craving for nachoes and cheese sticks and just had to go to Denny’s So off James and I went.

We went through our usual song and dance, waiting downstairs, blind passenger, let driver know blah blah. All went well with that part, driver was a good boy.

Sadly though when we got to Denny’s he either received or decided to make a phone call. This very important phone call made him lose his mind and forget about his blind passengers safety, because guess where he dropped us off?

*looks around confused*

In the middle of the parking lot of Denny’s and drove off! Didn’t ask if we needed help or anything. He just went on with his conversation, very loud too I must say, took our payment and poof, off he went.

Luckily for us a waitress was watching and came outside to help us. Yes, we would have eventually found the sidewalk, but that was completely stupid on the drivers part.

This Blueline Taxi driver this morning made their company look very very bad.

Where was that effective and professional service?