You know you’re a parent when?

Some of these are so me, but most importantly I’m waiting until James can look at this list and cry, lol.

1. You can’t remember the last time you were able to go in the bathroom, close the door and not be interrupted.
2. You know the book “Goodnight Moon” – by heart.
3. You have actually acquired a taste for strained peas.
4. A full night’s sleep is a luxury – and something you haven’t had in so long you can’t even remember.
5. It takes you two days to shave your legs: one leg one day and the other leg the next day.
6. You have never been so frustrated and so in love with anyone in your life.
7. You are at dinner with a friend, they spill something on their shirt and you reach into your bag and pull out baby wipes to clean up.
8. You not only carry smiley face bandages with you, you also carry antibiotic ointment.
9. You have at least one story of how your child cut their own hair.
10. The three second rule isn’t set in stone, sometimes it’s five seconds, sometimes even more.
11. You realize that you are now one of those annoying people who carries a “brag book” of photos of your kids and corners unsuspecting victims with “cute” stories about your offspring.
12. Pregnancy and birth stories are interesting.
13. You have traded in your silk, wool and cashmere for the more practical cotton and polyester.
14. Baby talk is not reserved for just your children.
15. You have stayed up till 1 am making cup cakes for an entire class of first graders.
16. You catch yourself singing the Barney song in the shower.
17. When you are with friends and excuse yourself to go to the restroom you tell them you are “going potty.”
18. Suddenly Christmas Eve is very exciting.
19. Toting your little one has given you bigger biceps than you ever get at the gym.
20. You know how to get gum out of hair.
21. You can actually tell the difference between Huggies and store brand diapers.
22. You refer to your mother as “Grandma.”
23. Anytime you hear a child call for “Mommy” or “Daddy” you look around even though you know for sure that your child is nowhere around.
24. The last time you saw a movie that was above a G rating was…well…you can’t really remember.
25. You have no idea who is on “Grey’s Anatomy,” but you can name every one of the Wiggles, and you know their corresponding color.
26. You know exactly what to say at a goldfish’s funeral.
27. You have trouble concealing your knowing smirk as you listen to a first time mom-to-be talking about how things are going to be once her baby arrives.
28. You catch yourself watching Sponge Bob and Blue’s Clues even when the kids aren’t around.
29. You hear a crash in the next room and you not only know exactly what was the source of the crash, but who created it.
30. A child has a tantrum in the store and instead of being annoyed, you are overjoyed – because for once it isn’t your kid having the fit.
31. The phrase “It’s just a little throw up,” is not unusual for you to say at all.
32. You are “mom” to everyone, fixing ouchies, asking if they have had enough and making sure that they bundle up before going outside.
33. You can bathe a squirming, screaming toddler, wash their hair and dry them off in five minutes flat.
34. You know the emergency room nurses by their first names.
35. You know what a Nuk is, who Blue is and what you do with Enfamil.
36. You actually called all of your friends the first time your little one used the potty all by herself.
37. You carry the following items in your purse: baby wipes, a sandwich bag of Cheerios, antibacterial hand cleaner and theme Band-Aids.
38. You never thought you could worry so much.
39. You know well the power that a running car has over a cranky baby.
40. You can sleep anywhere.
41. You serve your husband dinner and cut his steak into little tiny pieces for him.
42. You realize that you sound just like your mother/father.
43. Not only do you know the names of all the equipment in the emergency room, you know what it is all used for.
44. You are very adept at talking on the phone, holding your baby, cooking dinner and writing your grocery shopping list – all at the same time.
45. You know the exact size of an object is to be a choking hazard.
46. You realize that all that parenting advice you so easily doled out when you were childless just doesn’t quite work in the real world.
47. You know the difference between a happy scream, a scared scream, a bored scream and a “I have just seen a spider! Kill it! Kill it!” scream.
48. You sing “The Clean Up” song while you are doing your housework – and all alone.
49. You know well the power of “Mom spit.”
50. You can’t believe how much space one little person can take up – in your heart.


Greenbank Towers Apartments, lets tell you what they won’t

Looking for that new place to call home? If you live in Ottawa Ontario or thinking about moving here, then I advise you to not move to Greenbank Towers because it’s not what it seems.

A nice secured building
Oops, wait that only applies if they remember to close the front doors or lets not mention tell you about major updating to the buzzer system and all hell breaks loose.

Those cameras that they have around the building in case something goes wrong I guess are great if you don’t find yourself actually needing them. If you have someone constantly harassing you in ways you are not comfortable with, do you think they are going to do it where a camera can catch them? No way, so then it becomes your word against theirs. Oh the shame of it all!

Nice friendly staff that care about their tenants. now who wouldn’t love that?
Oh, that last only until you’ve moved in and you need to fix something right away.
They are only nice until you start complaining about other tenants keeping you awake at 3 in the morning by hammering, playing video games or loud music at top volume or there’s a poor dog barking constantly for hours and hours and for weeks and weeks.
That only last until they make a mistake and you try and call them on it. Take a look at this post right over here and learn about that.
See the staff at Greenbank Towers Apartments aren’t allowed to be nice to the tenants in the building or they get called into the office and told to cut that out.

Oh look the building is so clean and well taken care of. That’s awesome isn’t it?
Well, we thought so too until it was time to move into a place and the apartment looked like the worlds biggest trash dump on the day we moved in. Better have your own cleaning crew handy. The elevators always smell like, well, I don’t want to go there. i just advise getting nose plugs or something if you insist on staying.

Speaking of the elevators lets talk about those for a moment ok?
I really hope you aren’t afraid of getting stuck in closed areas because those things do get stuck and way too often. It does no good to report it because they won’t do anything about it either since they claim they are “new” elevators. Be safe take the stairs if you must, but I wouldn’t want to always climb up and down them if I stay on the 18th floor, *whew* Oh yes there are 3 of them, but you would never know it. Damn things are slower than a turtle and when the stupid fire alarm goes off, ha, could take you forever to get back to your floor.

Now onto that lovely fire alarm
I hope you don’t like sleep or have kids. if so you can kiss sleep good bye a great deal of the time. Those alarms go off at all hours, 10 pm, midnight, 3 AM, you name it and it’s always a false alarm. For reasons like the sprinkler system in the basement set it off or the fire alarm panel went wonky or hell, just because it felt like messing up your sleep when it’s freezing cold outside. Even the fire fighters just shake their heads whenever they have to show up these days.

Staying on the topic of fires and your safety or your kids or animals. Hell even for your apartment that you’re paying all that money for. If they tell you that throwing lit smokes off the patio will get the person in some kind of trouble. sorry, they lie. All they will say is oh well and shrug and do nothing.
See one day we found out that the person above us was doing just that and they actually burned a hole in a piece of our furniture. What would have happened if a fire would have started out their on the patio? What if one of us would have been seriously hurt? Do you think the staff at Greenbank Towers cared? Of course not!

Is this the place you really want to put money into? Where you and your families safety could be at risk? No no no, please don’t move here. Find somewhere safer and where the staff care about their tenants and making things right if something goes wrong. Put your life and those of your pets and loved family members in the hands of anyone but Greenbank Towers who is managed by Paramount Properties.

Take my word for it. i lived in Greenbank Towers and have seen the real deal. Greenbank Towers may look nice and you may love all the pretty words they tell you, but that only last until you are a tenant!


Where have I been?

Oh wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written. Did you give up on me yet?

Lets see if I remember how, *smiles*

I do have lots to share and hopefully good reading for you to enjoy. The months of January and February were definitely quite busy.

My life with James moving into our dream house my visit with my daughter and the problems that could come up from that, dealing with school stuff and so much more.

I promise to send up all the details in the next few posts. So you’ll want to make sure to stick around.


You know you’re from Ottawa when

Thanks to James for adding this to my colection.

You think that 613 is the only area code that exists and HATE having to dial it to call people now
You talk to people from other cities about shawarma and are mystified when they have no clue what the hell you’re talking about
There was a point in time (or it is that point in time right now) when you wished you were 18 so you could drive, cab or bus to hull to get alcohol
You’ve been to “The China Store” in hull
You think Stittsville is the end of the universe
You’ve spent more then 4 days in one week at Rideau
You’ve waited 30 minutes for the OC transpo only to realize it came fucking early? Like, what the fuck is that?
You remember when the Scotiabank Place was still the Corel Centre, or better, Palladium
You’ve partied on Parliament Hill on Canada Day
You remember going on field trips to the museum of science and tech. every year of elementary school
You’ve travelled and waited for over half an hour just to get into Zak’s Diner in the Byward Market
You can spot Spartacat out of a crowd of 19,000 people
A winter without going skating on the Rideau Canal just doesn’t seem right
You have an irrational hatred for those ass holes in Toronto and everything they do, have done and will do
You’ve been to, and therefore fallen asleep at, a lynx game
You’ve thought that free 67′s tickets were the best thing you could ever possible win, ever.
You’re bilingual… or at least you can parler Franglais
You eat, sleep and breathe the Super Ex while it’s open
You’ve swam in Mooney’s Bay and had to shower for 2 hours afterwards to get that filthy, filthy water off of you
You don’t flinch when asked if you want to eat a beavertail
You’ve been at the top of the peace tower and thought you were amazingly high just because nothing else is allowed to be taller then it
You’ve cheered for and a year later, booed Alexei Yashin
You remember the Roughriders, and wish the Renegades would come back
You’ve watched for yourself on Speaker’s Corner on CHRO/The NewRO/A-Channel/Channel 6
You’ve seriously considered swimming in the Rideau Canal on one of those 30+ degree summer days
You remember a time when Patrick Lalime was kinda good
Everyone you know has some sort of story about how Alanis Morissette babysat their cousin’s best friend’s dog’s original owner’s son-in-law
You realize that MPs are you local celebrities
You swam in one of those sky blue concrete pools as a kid
You’ve ever been warned of the dangers of the “South Keys Swarmers”
You’ve taken the O-Train and wondered exactly why they ever built it
You wonder why Bluesfest is even called Bluesfest. Who knew the Black Eyed Peas could sing the blues?
You remember that Tom Green used to be funny
You know what a Dep is, and only go there for one thing
After just missing the 95, 96 or 97 you complain about waiting for the next one that comes in 5 minutes
You’ve been to a movie at the World Exchange Plaza, and regretted it for days
You complain about the lack of snow but only a year ago, you were complaining about too much snow
During grade school, you were warned about “The man in the white van.”
You have at least one “Woohoo!” towel
You know that the women on Dalhousie Street, aren’t just “friendly.”
The word Vanier strikes fear into your heart, in fact you duck and cover any time you hear it
You’ve been to a parade that only consisted of a few emergency vehicles with banners, some people marching, and Kool FM/Hot 89.9 van
The dreaded Ice Storm combined with the teachers’ strike made 1998 the best school year ever
You listened to 101.1 XFm, 93.9 KOOL FM and remember when the New Hot 89.9 was still new
You’re pretty sure that the corner of Preston and Somerset is the only place in the world where China and Italy touch each other.
You learned French back in grade 1 from Dimoitou et ses amis
The only reason you would ever consider reading the Sun is to see if the Sunshine Girl is hot (don’t lie to yourselves)
You remember RJ’s Boom Boom Saloon turning into the Liquor Dome, whose days of serving alcohol to minors ended when it turned into Capital City music hall, which after a few David Usher and Massari shows turned into… well, condos.
When you’ve never been in Place D’Orleans. In fact, no one has ever been in Place D’Orleans, Ottawa or not…
You remember the amazing breakfast at the Golden Griddle before it turned into a Hooters and now some pub or something
You’ve ever heard someone at school yell “shag” or “shawg” or however the hell it’s spelled
The Sens earned you some free pizza
You ever go out of town and the headlines report “Local Group Protest’s Ottawa’s Decision.” Hold on, guys! Don’t blame the whole city!
You hear the Tulip Festival is coming and can’t wait to see the concert line up! …Queen of the Netherlands? Who the hell is that?
You’ve been thanked for your garbage in a shopping mall
You’ve been cut off in traffic by a car only to realize they had a Quebec plate.
You’ve gone to Herongate Mall only to realize you need to kill more than 8 minutes.
You actually know who the Capital Prophets were.
You constantly complain about the lack of good bands that come to town because they always skip from Toronto to Montreal.
You’re fucking pumped for the Stanley Cup final! Go Sens Go!

Yes, go. Go very far, far away. And take the Canadians with you.


You know you’re from Houston when

You’re on your way to work one February morning and suddenly you’re trapped in a traffic jam caused by a chuck wagon and fifty horses — with riders — and you look around to see that everybody in the cars around you is wearing a cowboy hat.

The “farm-to-market” roads have seven lanes.

If you want to be a snob about your grocery shopping, you can go to a Randall’s Flagship, a Kroger Signature, a Rice Epicurean, or soon, an HEB Central Market to buy bread and milk (but you have to dress up!)

You have to turn on the air conditioning in January, two days after a low of 29 degrees.

You have a Roach Story: You opened your flatware drawer to find a roach the size of the Taco Bell chihuahua. He stood up and looked you in the eye. You closed the drawer, bought new flatware — and stored it in the oven.

When you see your neighbor dancing around the front yard, you don’t think he’s won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes; you know he just stepped in a fire ant bed.

The name “Bud Adams” makes people snarl, and “Bum Phillips” doesn’t mean a bad screwdriver.

“Luv ya Blue” still makes you smile, even if you did run the Oilers out of town.

You know that the Astrodome will always be the Eighth Wonder of the World.

You come to work in short-sleeves and walk out at noon to find that a “blue-tailed norther” has blown through, and the temperature has dropped 40 degrees in a matter of minutes.

Your neighbor’s Christmas yard decorations look like a re-creation of the gunfight at the OK Corral, complete with a ten-foot tree decorated with boots and cowboy hats, and a Santa Claus who looks a lot like Wyatt Earp.

You wander into a section of town where you can’t read the street signs because they’re written in Asian characters instead of English, but you don’t care because you can get great prices on fake designer merchandise there.

You go to an art festival on Westheimer and you’re almost run down by two cross-dressers on roller blades, holding hands.

The “Killer Bees” are not stinging insects.

You hear everything but English spoken when you go to the Galleria to window-shop.

You know that “Dad gummit” has nothing to do with your father’s failure to practice good dental hygiene.

You think “Y’all” is perfectly good usage if you’re referring to more than one person.

For a Chili Cookoff, you’ll use anything from armadillo to frog’s legs, but you know that the only GOOD chili is made with chopped — not ground — beef, and it has NO beans and NO tomatoes.

Spring is not the season, Katy is not the lady, and 1960 is not the year.

Society matrons of “a certain age” still sport big hair, and faces that have gone east, west, and north rather than south.

You can leave your house, head out of town, and an hour later you still haven’t left the city limits. (During rush hour, you haven’t left your neighborhood.)

You’ve never seen I-45 in any condition other than under-construction — and you’ve lived here for 20-30 years.

If the humidity is below 90 percent, it’s a good hair day.

You know that “Clutch City” has nothing to do with automobile transmissions.

“The Dream” is not a fantasy.

The only real Mexican food is Tex-Mex.

A 747 with the Space Shuttle riding piggyback has actually flown low, right overhead, and nobody paid any attention to it.

You know that while saving you money, “Mattress Mac” has amassed more than the U.S. Treasury has.

You’re happy to have beaten Los Angeles out of a football team, but you’d rather that they keep the title of “Smog Capital.”

You see nothing unusual about an 80-something former sheriff’s deputy who wears a white pompadour toupee and blue sunglasses, mispronounces names, allows televising of his frequent plastic surgeries, seems unnaturally obsessed with slime in the ice machine, and screams, “MAR-VIN ZIND-ler, EYE-witness news” into a television camera every night.

You wander into a section of town where you can’t read the street signs because they’re written in Korean instead of English, but you don’t care because you can get great prices on fake designer merchandise and great food.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Houston.


What does your bed say about you?

1. How often do you make your bed?
Whenever you think of it
Every day

2. How often do you wash your sheets?
Once a month
Once a week
Not very often

3. How many pillows do you like to have?
3 or more

4. When you are lying down in bed, what side are you on?
The left side
The right side

5. What type of bed do you like?
A firm bed
A soft bed

6. How thick is your quilt or comforter?

My damn bed says I have my head in the clouds. I think i need to find a more accurate bed.

So, go find out what your bed says about you.


The end of 2012

Well, this post was suppose to come yesterday, but I had a sick dog and then got to doing things with James and well, ooopsy! So here is my year end questionaire.

1. Was 2012 a good year for you?
Well, the first half was a bit of good and bad. The good part was I finally got my own place here in Ottawa after living ffirst with a friend and then on campus at Algonquin College. But, it didn’t last long my best friend died shortly after my birthday in April. It was pretty hard for me and for her family. My heart and love still go to them and her little ones.
Now the second half of the year was owe so totally awesome. I met James through another friend and we started dating, but you can read all about that in other post. So get to it!

2. What was your favourite moment of the year?
Thanks to Shane, meeting and getting to know James. But the biggest of all happened at the end of the year. Getting the approval to move to our dream house that we’ve wanted since October. Again all that you can read about in other post. So what are you waiting on?

3. What are your plans for 2013?
Lets see, move into our house, switch to a better Massage Therapy school, start a family, keep being happy and giving James hell, ha!

4. What countries did you visit?
I went to the states to see friends and family and played a little goalball. Man I miss that.

5. What date in 2012 will remain etched in your memory?
July 1st

6. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Letting go emotionally a bit of the hate and pain I’ve had for some people since 2008.

7. What was your biggest failure?
Still not having the money to get my son back from where he doesn’t belong. Still not able to legally fight for something that never should have happened.

8. Did you suffer any illness or injury?
Sadly it was the worse year for me with being sick. Blah, maybe 2013 will be better.

9. What was the best thing you bought?
My new Macbook Air. My old one can finally rest in pieces after I drop it down 18 floors, *smiles*

10. Whose behaviour made you appalled and depressed?
That would be a few people, but I’m not going to state that here.

11. Where did most of your money go?
Hmm, lests see. Um, rent yeah that’s it.

12. What did you get really really really excited about?
Finally getting that call that said we got the house. *cheers loudly*

13. What songs will always remind you of 2012?
Meet in the Middle by Diamond Rio is very special.

14. Compared to this time last year are you:
a) Fatter or thinner? Meh, that’s about the same I think.
b) Happier or sadder? Most definitely happier. Still need to work on things, but all is going well now.
c) Richer or poorer? Sadly the same, broke. Anyone want to loan me some money?

15. What do you wish you’d done more of?
Nothing. I was quite satisfied with the amount of everything.

16. What do you wish you’d done less of?
I really wish I didn’t have to spend so much time arguing with people over at Algonquin College. Ugh, man that was a headache.

17. How did you spend Christmas?
Well, this time I spent it with James and family. It was great. I was a bit uncomfortable at first, but all is good now. Mmm, mum makes some extremely good food. Next year I think I’ll see if we can leave James out so that I get some pumpkin pie.

18. Which online users did you meet for the first time?
That would be Jerry. We’ve known each other for about 11 or 12 years and finally met in May. I’m glad to say that he’s the same in person as he is online.

19. Did you fall in love in 2012?
Oh absolutely. I wasn’t planning on it, but somehow James stole my heart and that was that.

20. How many one night stands?
None and never will be.

21. What was your favourite TV show?
That would be WWE wrestling, always.

22. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?
Hate is such a strong word. I don’t hate them, but I am not happy with some of the stupid things they’ve done to make me stop trusting them or even wanting to deal with them.

23. What was/were the best books you read?
Oo, now that one is hard to answer. I love reading so can’t honestly say.

24. What was your greatest musical discovery?
I found Shout Sister Choir that I’m now a part of. Does that count?

25. What did you want and get?
Got that awesome dream house that I’ve mentioned like a zillion times now, lol.

26. What did you want and not get?
What I want is my son back in Canada at least and that will only happen when I have the money to pay a lawyer that can legally work in both countries.

27. What was your favourite film for 2012?
I didn’t watch movies much, but maybe now for 2013 that will change.

28. What did you do on your birthday and how old were you?
I don’t celebrate my birthday. There’s bad memories associated with that day for now.

29. What one thing would have made your year more satisfying?
Hey, I’m happy with what I got that I wasn’t even expecting. So I’ll just leave it at that. Now ask me at the end of this year and my answer may be different.

30. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2012?
I have purple in my hair which is totally cool. Other than that I keep it pretty tomboy simple, *smiles*

31. What kept you sane?
Me sane, are you nuts?

32. Which celebrity did you fancy the most?

33. Which political issue stirred you the most?
They all bore me, but since I’m dating someone that is interested in that stuff I have to pretend to pay attention, right?

34. Who did you miss?
my daughter and my son as always.

35. Did you treat somebody badly in 2012?
Not to my knowledge, but if I did I’ll apologize now in case they are reading. Sorry to whomever that may be.

36. Did somebody treat you badly in 2012?
Yes, in the apartment building that I’m currently living in. No details, sorry.

37. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned this year.
That good things come to you when you’re not even looking for them. Happiness does still exist.


The start of 2013

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013!

how did I bring in the new year? It wasn’t by getting drunk. Nope instead I spent it playing monopoly over at rs games and first getting my butt kicked by James but I’m not out yet. I’ve remembered how to um actually play the darn game and I now give him a run for his money before he kills me, *smiles*

But, today is not just New Years. Nope, today is also the 6th month anniversory for James and I. can you believe that? I can’t. Six months like just flew by. It seems like we just met and just started dating. Where in the heck did that time go?

2013 is already starting out to be a great year. If you’ve read my other posts then you should know that we got our dream house and move at the end of the month.

We’re hoping for some other good luck things to happen this year so I’ll just keep my fingers and toes crossed.

So anyone care to share how they brought in their New Year? Did you get drunk and seriously imbarrass yourself? Come on, don’t be shy share some stories with me, *smiles*


Time to cut back on caffeine

The world is about to come to an end for me. My bloodstream that’s really made of caffeine won’t know what to do.

Starting after the new year I have to cut back on the caffeine that makes up my blood supply. Why must I subject myself to such torture? Well, James and I plan on having a little one in the near future and I need to make some readjustments to my caffeine intake. Better to start that now instead of waiting until that day comes when we hear, “yep, you’re now pregnant.”

Our plan is by this time next here to have a baby jadan or Jadyn to spoil more than we already spoil our dogs. Can you picture James being a dad? Ha, it will definitely be amusing for me to watch!

No James we are not having triplets so get that thought out of your head now!!!

Anyways, since my time is growing close I better go find more caffeine to drink and flood my bloodstream to bursting while I can.


Dreams do come true!

Well, I didn’t think this day would ever come, but as of Friday morning my dream has come true! James and I at the end of next month will move into our dream house.

Accora Village is all we could ask for and them some. We completely fell in love with it the first time we saw it back in October and all over again once we went in after all the signing was done with the thought of where do we put this piece of furniture and what room is what.

The days of me being scared to leave the apartment here at Greenbank Towers does have an end in sight now. I can keep telling myself just 29 more days to deal with the discomfort and tenseness of running into someone that likes to take advantage of me. just 29 more days before i feel completely safe in our house.

We have 5 bedrooms, living room, dining room, front and back yard to find furniture for. Boy I am sooooo excited! These last days here need to fly by like really quickly.

Must find movers to help and people that can drive a u-haul and continue to bounce off walls! Will write more about the new place another time.