LD Wren, Oh the torture!

Oh, what a cruel cruel world I find myself in! Why must I be tortured so? My human is sooooo mean! However, she would not agree!

Do you know she is making me where this horrible hoooooooorrrrrrriiiiible gentle leader thing that I sooooooo hate! My human claims it’s to prevent me from having to get in trouble every time someone herre at work keeps talking to me or I get distracted by all the fun dogs around here. Lesser of 2 evils she calls it.

HMPH!! I say to that! Make her take this thing off of me, now now now! I’ll be good I proooooooomise!

Sighs, and if that wasn’t bad enough I have to practicly starve some days now. My human says that part isn’t her fault that her job has her schedule that way, but why must they keep moving my dinner time now? Don’t they know I’m a lab and I must eat eat eat when my tummy says it’s dinner time? Like really, such torture I must go through!

Then, then, she keeps telling me we’re moving soon! Honestly, can’t we be still already? I just found perfectly good spots that I claim for myself when I go outside. Now I’ll have to start all over! It’s bad enough that it snows and then disappears and snows again then disappears again and makes me have to look for good spots again while I try and snort the snow up my nose. Someone keeps spoiling my fun!

Ok, ok, ok, I’ll stop whining now! It’s just going to be a long long month and if I can’t complain sometimes to friends, then who can I whine at? hmmmmmmmmm?

By the way, you should all get after my human and tell her to update you on how we’re doing since it’s waaaaaaay past our 30 days. The slacker!

In fact, we’re about to come up to 60 days together after we left Leader. How about them apples!!

Finally, Hello and Happy New Year from LD Wren

For those receiving this via email there is a video in this post. Go to youtube.com/canadianlynx1 to check it out!

Hello all my great doggy friends and your humans. I hope you are all having a wonderful time as I am. Happy doggy New Year! Did you get anything special from your humans?

You’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard from me. Well, here’s why. That human of mine has a very crazy life she’s brought me into. We’ve been home for a little while now and she claims it’s a little calm, but I don’t believe her. If this is calm, I’d hate to see it otherwise.

So, we got here to my new house with all of these humans, big and little and I think even my human was ready to pull her hair out before too long! Ha, imagine that.

The first people I met was these 2 big humans and a little girl human. She wanted to pet me, but then would run away when I got close. Why would she do that? I wouldn’t hurt her. Ah well!

I then met my humans 2 little boys. The little boy human is just as hyper as I am. I think I will have lots and lots of fun with him whenever my human lets me play with them without this leash attached to me, hmph!

But whew, that baby human keeps trying to beat me over the head with a toy and my human has to keep quickly pulling me away or grabbing the toy. What, doesn’t she think I could get the toy fast enough or something? I think that would be a fun game to play with the baby human, don’t you?

Check it out, here’s me meeting the little humans in the house!

My human calls me demanding! Oh no no no, I am not the demanding one around here. That would definitely without a doubt be the baby human! Now how is it whenever he gets all cranky and demanding that he gets what he wants and my human tells me, no no no, it is most certainly not time to get up?

Well, ok, my human does try that with the baby human, but he doesn’t seem to like that any more than I do. Maybe she should stop trying that method?

I do get to go to work with my human and there’s lots of interesting things there, but my human wants to tell you how I’m doing there, so I guess I’ll let her this time. I can’t have all the fun now can I?

hmph, of course I can!

I got to play in a little snow, but it has already disappeared. What’s up with that! Why would it do such a thing? I mean, I didn’t get a chance to really roll around in it or anything. All I had a chance to do is snort it up my nose! How rude!

Ah well, time to go outside. Write again!

LD Training20 Graduation ceremony, The End of the Decade

Greetings ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children all of all ages! I have awaken from the dead! And here’s the last entry from training that I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for.

For those that receive this via email there are 2 videos in this post. You know what to do. If not, where’s my leash so you could get a leash correction!

Oh my god this class has been full of laughs and tears, frustrations and amusement, nervousness and excitement from day one! For me, the frustration side of things were more from chemical sensativity and not the training and of course the hardest part being away from my precious boys for the first time.

For those that may not remember from like several entries ago our class ranged from age 25 to 75 I believe was the oldest and that’s including the mobility clients. Our class fit pretty well together and included everyone. Jokes were shared, teasing was done back and forth and for the most part no offense was taken.

Here’s a look at some of Leader Dog class 20-06. I wish I could have gotten Tonya and Wheatley, but the timing just kept slipping away from us.

I hate I didn’t get much video of Wren and I like I did the last time I was here, but the videos I did get and the experience we had together makes up for that.

The video I’m about to show you next is one of those moments. I’m warning you now that this time you most certainly will need tissues.

Leader Dog for the Blind started this year in August I believe celebrating the end of class for their clients and ***oh my god*** it is something I will remember and cherish always! Thank you Leader Dog for once again giving me this awesome match and the chance to meet new friends and add them to my ever growing Leader family!

Ready or not here’s our ceremony!

Thank you so much for following us during our training adventure. Please stay tune for whatever I post next, lol.

LD Training 17 to 19 final outings

For those that receive this via email there is a video connected. You know what to do, smiles.

Great day everyone! It is us, the ***attitude*** team!

Sorry you haven’t heard how we have been doing the last few days, but I didn’t want to write very small entries and decided to combine the last ones.

I believe I mentioned that miss Wren, the Christmas songbird and I technically finished training on Monday so have pretty much just hanging around beating each other up and having a discussion on who is top dog in this relationship.

Um, I’ll stil need to get back to you on that, ha!

Speaking of who’s the boss Wren believe’s that dogs in their own house, barking at her from a window is absolutely not allowed! lol,we got off the bus to do a route in front of a house that had a little dog in the window. The moment the little ankle biting dog started barking at Wren she turned and growled at it!

Like seriously. Thisdog of mine will ignore other dogs that aren’t named Sunshine, but will not tolerate other dogs barking at her from inside their nice warm house.

I can’t wait to see what she does with the little dog that lives next door to us who definitely barks a lot from it’s patio.

OMG, Wednesday morning was cooooooooooold! Who the heck turned off the heat? I actually had to wear layers for the first time while here. Just brrrrrrrrr!

We went to Target since some people wanted to do some shopping and it was a perfect time due to the cold to work more on inside work. But what the mean trainers didn’t mention until we were at the mall is that

Ooops, the stores don’t open until 9 or 10 depending on the store so my lovely humans and dogs you’re all going to walk outside from where we’re parked which is at Best Buy over to Target.

They are trying to kill us!

Carey got us going in the right direction and off Wren and I went. I was a little nervous because I was afraid that we would end up in the open area even thoughtrainers were spred out to help us out if we needed it. I was nervous because there are times that Wren is very subtle when she makes turns. But once again this girl showed me that we work great together no matter how demanding or how subtle she decides to be at times.

I had no clue when she took me around the carts or tables that were in our way. She went around them or hell even probably skipped them altogether. The only time I had to move her on her way is when she took me to stores that weren’t Target.

She didn’t even demand teats. Can you believe that!

I did give her one and lots of praise when we got past the open area and didn’t end up lost in it.

So, remember when I told you that I was going to teach my girl how to find pepsi for me? Well . . .

Hahahahahahah, once again what a coincidence. She did exactly that.

Linda helped me go find the blueberry pepsi and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to try the lime or the mango one and dlet Wren choose for me instead.

Guess what this girl did? She turned around and put her nose right on the pepsi lime. Pretty funny since the vanilla pepsi was next too it. It was just too funny!

Well, this was the final outing for everyone and the trainers decided that we were going to go back downtown. It worked out great because I wanted to know how tall the little songbir is because I could have shown that she is shorter than Luna my last Leader puppy. Ha, looks can be deceiving. Wren is 21 or 22 inches tall. It was hard to tell because Linda said she wouldn’t stay still long enough to find out for sure, lol.

Wren and I didn’t really go out on this lesson. I mainly went so that the class decided that we wanted our final group picture in front of the lion.

I’m hoping at the end Linda did record all of us, but I have no clue what you may have seen in the beginning.

I handed Linda my camera knowing that technology and her don’t get along. I turned on the camera and told her what to do and you can hear me say that part. What I didn’t know is that, hahah, darn go-pro cameras turn off the little screen after a few seconds so a sighted person can’t see through the window to see what they are actually recording. has to be some setting, but anyways.

Linda is like trying to figure out what to do and ends up turning off the camera. I know because I heard the tuns of beeps when it’s turned off. lol, then she starts pressing more buttons and I have no clue what’s being recorded. One of the awesome instructors or heck maybe even Linda got it working and

Well, hahaha, here’s how that turned out.

Our final group activity was Family Feud and it was

The Leaders vs. the Dogs

I just have to say that I thought some of the answers in the tv version of Family Feud made me shake my head and wonder where the hell they found these people were bad, but noooooo, try the game version. Those answers made me wonder more on what planet they were on asking these questions.

It was a whole lot of fun and a very close game, but in the end, The Dogs took the game on sudden death!

The Leaders
Tonya, Valentina, Nora, Won and the South American interpreter

The Dogs
Tara, May, Cathy, Gab and Mike

LD Training16 From Wren and May

Hello all new puppy and human friends. It’s is me, super pup, Wren! Sorry we are letting speaking with you, but my human and I were trying to decide who would get to update and I won! wag wag wag wag. Yay me!

So, my human and I are doing very well. She says that we will be going home soon and I’ll get to experience loads more new things. She now tells me that I will have to start sharing her with the little humans and that I must remember to be careful with the baby.

Honestly, what does this humn take me for, hmm? I have a very good memory. Well, until I get excited and that all goes out the window, but I quickly remember afterwards. That counts right?

Oh, I am so happy happy happy! I got to play with my other family for a little while the other day. I was soooo happy to see them. They didn’t bring me any treats though! A well, I got to sniff the and kiss them all over. I was very sad though when they left. I whined for a while and my human sat on the floor and cuddle with me. That was great!

Anyways today I got to steal some chicken off the floor, but my friend Shunshine’s human told on me, but ha, it was too late and down in my tummy! Have you met my bestiest friend Sunshine and her human yet? Oh Sunshine is great. We play with each other all the time when we sit together and those humans are eating. We share all sorts of doggy secrets, but shhh, don’t tell those humans.

Sunshine and I even tried to talk to each other while we were working, but got in trouble for that one. Oops, suppose to ignore other doggies including friends while working. Whew, that part is hard sometimes! But other times it’s really easy to ignore those other dogs if they aren’t my friend. Like my human and I came up to one today while waiting to cross the road and I complete ignored the barking thing. Butboy that dog was loud, but I just ept on going and got a treat for it too!

Oh oh, sorry my doggy mind is all over the place tonight. Sunshine and I got to walk together too. This was before we got in trouble for trying to talk to each other. Sunshine walks almost as fast as I do. I don’t mind walking with her. I hope we can do that again someday. My human was very prou of me for not pulling her arm off when it was Sunshine’s turn to be in front of us. Why would I do that? I just don’t understand these humans sometimes worry about the strangest things.

I also got to walk with another doggy, but not sure of that dogs name and my human made me walk slow. I haaaaaaaaaattttttttttttteeeeeeee walking slow. Doesn’t she know this? hmph! She says it was a perfect chance to work with me on waling slower for when we have to walk with the little humans. What, they can’t go fast like we normally do? Why not?

Ah well, I did it without too much grumbling and got treats for it! So I guess I’m happy!

However, what I am not happy about is that they put that horrible horrible thing on my nose today. What did they go and do that for? I thought I was being such a good girl. That human I had before this human says that we had to do it, but whyyyyyyyyyyy? I was not happy, no no no, not one little bit!

Yes, I got treats, but I was still not happy and didn’t even wag my tail at them. I didn’t screams at them, but I didn’t works well for them either. That thing I wanted off of my nose. How would they like it if I did that to them, hmm?

Well, I’m going back to bed now. I must recooperate from the torture of my evening!

Ha, hello everyone now it is my turn. That Wren is quite the drama queen isn’t she? Seriously though, wow, she definitely does not like the gentle leader. She won’t have to worry though. I’m like 99.99 percent sure I’ll never have to put it on her. Well, unless there’s a Santa around, lol.

Wren did a really really good job today. We worked on more obstacles as I mentioned because I want to get us better at reading each other. From what I can tell, even though she does a lot more shaking of her head, which makes me nervous that she’s too stressed or something is that we work very well together when Linda isn’t where Wren knows she’s there. Hell, during this afternoons lessons Paul was around on a bike and Wren didn’t even care. I didn’t even know about the bike until someone else mentioned that their dog got distracted by it. So go Wren!

Despite her grumbling about having to go slow when we wre behind Nora and Owen I didn’t have to work with her on not pulling to make us go faster. She listened very well and stayed at the pace I wanted her to be and even waiting whenever I stopped us to let the other team get more in front of us at times.

Wren and I have completed all of our personal goals that I wanted to work on and now it’s just hitting cruise control until Friday.

Everyone have a great night and see you tomorrow!

LD Training15 What, No Food for Us?

Mahahahaha, ok, I lied. There will be a post for today!

Leader is trying o starve us this week. The phone and Alexa have nothing in regards to what we are eating this week. What’s up with that?

I thought when I asked last night for todays menu that it was a fluke. But, noooooooo, Alexa says we shall eat nothing and when you check with the phone, there’s just a busy signal.

Time to pull out Door Dash for food?

Since there are some that have asked and I guessed missed it. Wren is spelled, W r e n and it is a little songbird. I am not the only one that thought, ***silent w*** what the heck! Hey Cathryn go and confuse people, lol. Isn’t the English language confusing enough? smiles.

Another friend of mine asked me what nickname I would give Wren since it’s already short. Wren is Wrenny and Wrennie the Pooh! She’s also miss Demanding while we’re working!

This week some of the things we will hopefully get to work more on are food distractions, more obstacle work so we can learn to read each other, fight with the gentle leader, sooooooo not looking forward to that one and going to play in the mall. I’m sure she’ll think it’s time to shop then!

And then, then the most important emotional day of al, saying goodbye to all of our new friends and the awesome trainers on Friday and taking Wren home to meet her new crazy family.

Ok, now really this time we shall see you tomorrow for more of Wren the Demanding Songbird and I, lol.

LD Training14, Message for All Puppy Raisers

Good day everyone. Sorry this post is so late, but I wanted it to be something special. Ok, wel, more special han the ones you have already been reading. As the day goes by I’m pretty much writing what I want to say in the entry, but after puppy raiser night my thoughts went out the window and new ones started to form.

For those receiving this via email, there are videos in this post. I really do hope the video came out ok since I’m not the one that set it up on the table. Probably cut of peoples heads and who knows what, lol.

have tissues ready because it may make you cry. You havve been warned!

For all puppy raisers!

I want to say thank you, thank you for all the hard work and emotions and time you put into these wonderful dogs you raise. Thank you for giving them the start they need to be the best and sometimes more than you thought they would be. You put in at least a yearof your time loving and caring for these dogs and then have the hard job of sending them off to puppy school wondering what will become of them.

When I first startedwriting of my adventures and doing videos of me receiving my first Leader Dog Luna my thoughts was that I would have something always to remember her by. No where in my mind did I think I would get quite the responses I did from puppy raisers. I did not think of the impact of puppy raisers watching dog issue day would have. But after my first zillions of messages it made my heart proud to be able to give back to you, the awesome puppy raisers in a small way!

For us coming to a school the heardest thing is waiting for that puppy. Pacing the room back and forth eager to meet our new partner in life. For you puppy raisers you only got an email saying your pup was matched and that makes you so proud. But you never got to see what that experience was like. What your hard work broght us, until now and I’m once again glad I could bring that small thing to you.

No matter what school you puppy raisefor if you have not had the chance to experience what it may look like on dog issue day, have a look. I was so excited that I said the wrong date, lol. I got Wren on December 3, 2019. For those of you that have seen it can skip the first video unless you wish to watch again, smiles.

Each school may do things a little different, but the emotions are pretty much the same.

Thank you puppy raisers and continue for whatever school you raise for to bring a dog or two into your hearts and give them the start of an awesome job.

Another emotional time for us handlers is getting the chance to meet you the ones that cared for them. I did not get to experience this last time I was here, but still got to know Luna’s raisers. But, oh, my, god, actualy knowing that the day was finally here, the day I could talk to Wren’s raisers was exciting! I was extremely nervous wondering if Wren would behave, if they would like me, what would we say and would we need a boatful of tissues.

Ha, I became friends with Wren’s raisers on facebook first and whewe, let e tell you, it’s hard tying to make sure you don’t ask questions about your puppy because you want to hold those for puppy day!

Cathryn and Chris you both did a great job with miss attitude. I love her to pieces. I’ve loved Wren from the moment Linda started dropping hints about her. I was praying the whole time that there would not be a last minute switch in dogs, because I wanted to meet this dog so bad!

I had to hold back tears when Wren sawher puppy family again. This girl was so extremely happy. Check it out and please forgive me if it didn’t work. I’ll beat up the camera person, smiles.

Wren was my dog from the moment this team saw my video. There was no question in their mind where she would be going and I have to agree. Wren and I are a team and once we establish that I’m boss and not her, but shhh, don’t tell her I said that, there will be no stopping us.

I watched this video again after it was ready and all I could do was curl up with my little songbird and ry. Thank you again Cathryn and Chris and all other puppy raisers for the awesome work you do. you are appreciated, never forget that or think that you aren’t!

There will not be a training day entry for day 15 since that is a day of rest and ha, well, I pretty much used it to make sure this entry sounded right. See you tomorrow!

LD Training13 Oh No, It’s Friday the 13th

Welcome to the Friday the 13th edition of Leader Dog Training! Where anything can happened and make you wish you just hid uner your bed.

Oh wait, you can’t do that at Leader. So, I guess you have to hide in the closet instead!

I should have know that it would be a day I wish I buried myself back under my covers when the alarm went off.

As soon as the lovely Alexa alarm went off at 5:30AM, Wren decided that, hey woman, I need to go out, like now now now. No waiting, take me out and step on it!

Of course the demanding princess had to wait because there was no way in hell I was going outside in just a t-shirt and shorts. Was she crazy? She didn’t like the idea of waiting of grumbled the whole time she had to wait.

I finally get her outside and guess what?

Nothing! othing, absolutely nothing. She ran out there like her fur was on fire, spun around a few times and I was pretty sure she was going to give me a great pile of poop. But noooooo, she stopped and looked at me like, hey, what are we doing out here? There’s no one out here yet!

I threatened her with no treats after that and went back inside to get ready for the day, to which she promptly snorted at me. Like, yeah right human!

Who matched me with this dog anyways? Can I get a refund yet? lol.

Obstacles and the demented team leader Phil.
This mornings Friday the 13th fun was in downtown Rodchester and we were going to be working on obstacles. To which everyone was like, um, hey didn’t we have enough of those last night?

Sadly nope, that wasn’t enough. The dogs got practice at moving obstacles, meaning people and carts and dogs and bags and who knows what else wanted to jump in our way. But todays lesson was for those other annoying obstacles that don’t move, like overhangs and things that people put in your way to block the sidewalk.

Wren did one hell of a job at showing me everything! I did have to remind her that was we got in the grass to go around the obstacle that she needed to get back to the sidewalk, not stop and smell the bushes!

Linda and I were both wondering how it would go when Wren would have to take me through things that were on both sides where we’d have to zig and zag and wtist and turn due to the fact I sometimes still have a hard time reading her when she needs me to move right. As demanding as she is she hasn’t quite learned to just shove me over to get me to do what she wants.

However, when we got to the zigs and zags, we did it perfectly! I don’t know what we were doing differently, but I was able to read her and her me just fine. I was very proud of our work.

Well, during our obstacle course we also had to deal with the horrible demented driver Phil trying to run us over! He failed of course, ha!

There was one time that he completely came out of no where and shocked the hell out of me, and as he was dlriving by had the nerve to say

Try and out run me will ya?

Heheheheeh, Wren just did her job, stopped she was suppose to and snorted at him!

My girl definitely earned a few treats for that one.

Go Wren!

So, I know all of my updates have been up beat and full of laughs and fun, but just so you can also see that there can be some hard times as well here’s what happened after the morning training was over.

In my file and on the chart on the back of the room doors it is suppose to state that my room should be cleaned first so that way it was time to air out from whatever cleaning products they use since I have chemical sensativity. The smell may not be completely gone, but enough so that I can handle it without a major headache or something.

Well, today was the first day it went horribly wrong. I don’t know if they forgot and my room was done close to last or if when they were done the heat kicked on and stay on for a long time, but the moment I opened the back door to my room I knew I was in trouble. The smell hit me like a freight train and I instantly had a headache and got dizzy.

Unfortunately since I also had to park myself I couldn’t walk right back out and holding my breath that long wasn’t going to work either. So I left the back door opened so the cold air could come through and hopefully take out most of the smell so I could at least easily breathe in the room. Of course freeze too in the process.

I’ve had this condition for quite some time now and I’ve learned to just push through when things start to get bad, because face it, the world is not a scent free place and I can’t let it control me. So I try as long as I can to control it.

Unfortunately during lunch I knew I was going to lose. I had taken in way too much stuff that my head reacts to for smells and got super disorientated and had to miss out on the afternoon training. I haven’t had it that bad in a few weeks because as I said I fight it off as long as I can, but sometimes my body says enough is enough and forces me to take a break and sleep it off.

Definitely a bad ending to Friday the 13th.

Now onto Saturday and our trip to Detroit! See you tomorrow!

LD Training12 Night Time Walk with Wren and Christmas Lights

Good evening everyone!

For those receiving this via email there is a video in this entry. By now, wy the heck aren’t you subscribed to my channel, huh huh huh? You should know the routine if you’re not subscribed at www.youtube.com/canadianlynx1

You’ve already heard from miss Wren for today, so this entry won’t be very long, smiles.

We did our night time route and Wren did one hell of a job!

Finally, there is a video of us working together and I’m hoping the person running the camera caught Wren looking back at me every time she wanted a treat so you get to see what I was talking about in the other post with her demanding her treats, lol.

For those that hoped I was feeling better, thank you, yes I’m doing ok. Was just having a day of seriously missing my boys and was just too emotional to work my girl today.

Ha, but she totally made me feel better by jumping all over me and giving me loads of doggy kisses and sitting on my head.

Yep, that’s my girl!

LD Training Special Edition, Message from Wren

Hello doggy friends and I guess you human ones too!

I am Wren. You may have heard of me, yes? This human that I’m with now, she talks about me all the time. Well, at least I think she does. She also keeps calling me Luna. Like really, doesn’t she know what my name is? I am a very tiny black lab that weighs I think 50lbs they say, but who knows! My doggy day is July 3, 2018.

My human was feeling kind of sad today, so we didn’t go out this morning. But that’s ok I got to rest for a while and then I got to jump all over her to make her feel better.

Ha, and I got treats for that to. I got this human of my trained almost to my liking. She stil needs some work on giving me treats when I tell her I need them. She has this horrible habbit of say no no Wren, not yet. What’s all that about? Hmph, I work for treats!

Well, ok, I work because I love it to and she gives me all sorts of hugs and scratches on my belly. So I guess I’ll keep her. What do you think?

Hey, my human tells me that I get to see my family before puppy school and that’s exciting. I wonder if they will bring me treats too? She says I must be on my best behavior. Like duh, I’m nothing but a good girl. What does she take me for. If I’m bad, then I get no treats! Oh the work I have to do with this human of mine.

Oh, yes yes yes, she every now and then lets this little human say hi to me as well. She says that’s her little boy. I wonder if he’ll give me treats? He even gets my name right. I must try and get him to teach my human my name.

I will have 2 little humans to play with when we’re done here at Leader Dog. She says I will fit right in with the family. I’m full of energy just like they are.

My human says I’ll have to be careful with the little baby human and not play too rough and accidently hurt him or bite him. I don’t tries to, but I get sooooooo excited when I play. Lots of new changes coming my way. I hope they will keep going ok. I like this new human of mine so far even though she still needs work.

Well, I’m off to rest now before I have to go outside and then drag my human around for a night walk. Walk walk walk, I can’t wait. That means more treats for me!