What kind of mother is Laura Parrish McBride?

Warning, warning, warning, this message is not meant for any young ears!

I have never ever in my life heard of a mother that is so against her child being happy in my life. I have never ever met a mother that believes that because her child wishes to move somewhere better for her and her daughter that is no where near her that feels it’s ok to insult her daughter, her daughter’s boyfriend and all of this while her grandchild is in the same room.

This so called mother who is suppose to want the best for her child by the name of  Laura Parrish McBride, had the nerve to write this to her daughter after they were forced to leave their apartment due to disturbing the peace and refusing to leave and had the cops called on her.

Thanks ok you will look sometime I’m about to blow up for real .I never knew you were such an ungrateful person won’t let your brother even get a drink .your self righteous let me tell you something I’m tired if you running me in the ground and your cop calling bull shit you have gone too far this time my dear you can hate me go ahead but I have had enough of your hipicitical self righteous crap .To be continued ..let’s see how you like being locked up…,

What the fuck is wrong with this picture? What the fuck is wrong with this mother? She talks about ungrateful and self- righteous, but she is the one that loves to put her daughter down and hates anyone that makes her daughter happy and hates any friends that helps her daughter find happiness and stand up for herself. Anyone that doesn’t put up with Mrs. Laura McBrides shit she hates and will cause trouble for and is pleased when her daughter suffers.

What fucking kind of mother would rather her child be with someone like Matt Weaver who could care less about his daughter or his past children? Where the fucker couldn’t give 2 shits about spending money on his child when she went to visit him and couldn’t even bother to help cover the cost to get his daughter to his location. What kind of fucking mother wants her grandchild around someone like that? Oh, right, Mrs. Laura Parrish McBride does because he kissed her ass and let her run all over him and the family. He was a spineless jellyfish and loved being bossed around by a sexless bitch.

I wouldn’t let your ass in my house either if you were my mother and acted like you were gods gift to the world and made my child cry and continued to insult my boyfriend. I wouldn’t give you a glass of water or a slice of bread either if all you did was insult and belittle. What the fuck does that show your grandchild? Do you not care Mrs. Laura McBride? Did you ever fucking stop and think that while hurting your own daughter that you’re hurting your grandchild? Of course not because shit is all about you and if you’re not getting your way then who cares who’s hurt.

Woman, you need a strong dose of fucking reality. If your ass did go to jail then it’s where you need to be and your ass hit several times a day. Maybe it’s time you grow up and stop demanding everyone does things for you right now and hop to it.

I’m glad you aren’t bringing them to Akron because if I ever had to meet you in person I’d have the cops on speed dial as well and my stun gun nearby for good measure.


  1. Matt Weaver

    While I agree with what you are saying about Laura, is she stirred up the hornet’s nest, I want to clear the air in regards to what was written about me. Yes, this is Matt. I want to set the record straight in regards to me even being brought into the post. I’m not involved in this whatsoever. I talk to cerenity practically every day via Facetime. We have lots of fun together, and I would have thought Cindy would have mentioned that. I actually gave cindy, $100 towards getting bus tickets when renny was going to come and visit with me. What Cindy did with the money doesn’t matter, because I do not know. What matters is, I sent her, via Paypal, $100 that was to be used to get Renny and herself to Columbus, and then on to Cincinnati. The trip didn’t happen that way. In the end, the owner of the house in which I am staying, had to drive down to columbus in order to pick Renny up, and she also ended up paying for cindy’s hotel room. she didn’t need to do those things, and she hasn’t even said anything about wanting that money back. Oh, and she also paid for dinner so that we’d all have something to eat. The fact that James paid for the second half of the trip, that of getting renny back to columbus, and then for me to get back to Cincinnati, wasn’t lost on me. I did tell cindy as we were planning this venture that I would pay for the first part and she’d need to pay for the second part. If anyone would be required to reimberse James for the money he paid out, it would be Cindy, because she was going to be responsible for getting Renny to Columbus and then for me to get back to cincinnati. The negative things that were said about me in this post was highly uncalled for. For someone who doesn’t know me, there sure was an awful lot to say about me. Also, Laura isn’t my mother, so she’s not mine to control. Thanks for reading.

    • May

      Unfortunately Matt, yes you are a part of it because you are the child’s father who should be trying his very best to get his child away from a woman like that. She is the worse kind of influence for a child. She had that poor little girl blaming herself for shit that happened today. sadly, yes you came up several times that lead up to today. Todays event just resulted in todays post. And hornets nest is an understatement. Laura caused a cluster fuck today.

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