Annoying things people ask dogs

lol, I’m sure Noah says probably worse when we ask him some of these questions. I definitely know he at least rolls his eyes. 1. “Where’s your bone?” It’s somewhere in this house probably. Instead of asking, why don’t you help me look? 2. “Who’s the best doggy in the whole wide world?” I’d like … [Read more…]

Dog dictionary

Leash: A strap that attaches to your collar, enabling you to lead your owner where you want him or her to go. Make sure that you are waiting patiently with leash in mouth when your owner comes home from work. This immediately makes your owner feel guilty and the walk is lengthened by a good … [Read more…]

12 most talkative dogs

No. 1: Beagle The Beagle might be best known for his nose, but this scenthound has what his fans call a “musical” voice. He’ll sing along to sirens and bark when strangers come to the door, but if you keep him active and occupied, he shouldn’t feel the need to serenade the neighborhood at all … [Read more…]