Algonquin’s CSD department falls flat

They didn’t like it when I kept getting after them for what they were screwing up as far as my supplies needed for my program, so here’s one even better.

Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) at Algonquin College is suppose to be there to help students that have a disability be successful in school, right? Well, how is it that they can’t even get one, count it one course prepared for a student in a timely matter?

In September James made CSD aware that he would be going through academic upgrading for math and wanted to know how much time they would need for getting things adapted for him so that he could start. Well, they first told him that he’d have to do the test first to see where he’d place and they could go from there. Great, super, not a problem. Lets get the ball rolling.

Ok, so test was taken and got all the information that was needed and James was suppose to start in October, but um wait, what happened? Who dropped the ball?

Hey CSD where did you go? It’s now December did they forget about that math course and James? Why not go over to the geeks house and see if he has something to say about this issue. Although he’s lazy and probably doesn’t, ha!


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