Newworlds Ateraan

Are you looking for a great role-play game? Need someplace to go to escape the real world for a while and just be someone else? I have just the place for you!

Come check out Newworlds Ateraan where you can find dragons, orcs, killer turkeys, elves, dwarfs, nymphs and so much more! Come learn about the druids, mages, warriors, merchants and all the other guilds that Ateraan has to offer.

Newworlds Ateraan is a role-play enforced game. this means that you are your char the moment you step into the game. Great for those people that are looking for this style, right? Right.

Are you totally blind and also looking for a role-play game to play? Guess what, Newworlds is that place for you. The staff do everything they can to include you. There are quite a few blind players on the game that can also help you out if you get stuck.

I have been playing this game since july 2010. It is my first ever role-play game. I’ve met some pretty awesome people here that I’m friends with both in and out of game. I’ve had my current character Neechi since November 2010 and people keep telling me she’s pretty awesome! I think they just tell me that though, *smiles*

I won’t mis-lead you, the game does have some bad times as well: such as, people not liking some rules or decisions that are made or the fact that sometimes the game goes down for a while and drives all of us that are addicted absolutely nuts. If it was absolutely perfect then it wouldn’t be any fun now would it?

Check out what some of the players below have to say about their experience with the game and I hope you find the time to come join us!



  1. flaen

    Hey! I’ll second that, I’m a player of Ateraan myself, who has the fun of playing with….May, as the name seems to be. We’ve run into each other over the last almost year, and Ateraan is quite a lot of fun. Being a fully sighted player, I actually found it to be a very cool experience being able to game on a nearly even playing field with partially, or fully blind people, bridge the gap so to speak. Definitely check it out if you have a chance, you won’t regret it!

  2. Serendil

    I’ll third, fourth, and fifth everything my wonderful partner in crime said, including how much we blind players love to talk, but we’re a fun, welcoming group, as are all the sighted players. We even get the staff talking on our blind channel sometimes!
    New Worlds Ateraan is very strict about staying in-character, that is, looking, speaking, and behaving only like the character you are pretending to be. There are only a few places where you can say or do something that is out-of-character, like talking about your cat trying to type on your keyboard for you. However, that’s what makes this game so much fun! You may startout with one idea for who your character is, only to find that the character itself has his or her own story to tell, especially as you get to know other people, explore the world, and come up with new great ideas for things you want to do or be.
    Serendil, or Dil, or Uncle Dilly is a merchant, one of the first merchants to have come into the guild. He’s a very tall, dark-haird elf who loves people, loves his work, loves helping out where he can. He particularly enjoys serving as a guide or helper to newcomers to the city and ggame. He’s happily married to Nivienne, another merchant, and he’ll happily tell any who wil listen all about her. His love of Nivienne is second only to his love of Waylumi, the goddess of light, whom he has worshipped all of his life. Dil and Neechi are great friends, having worked together to straighten out several interesting situations with new immigrants.
    So, have we titilated your curiosity enough yet? Then what are you waiting for? We’re waiting for You to come help us tell Ateraan’s story!

    • Hey there Ceci.

      That’s awesome. I’m glad you want to try it out.

      If you are blind then give vipmud a try.

      If you are sighted then if you go to Newworlds directly there is a link that will tell you what clients are good for the game. You can also create your char and have a chance to ask scores of players directly what works best for them. Either way works.

      Remember tell them Neechi sent you and I hope you enjoy trying out the game.


  3. lessa

    Ok, so figued i’d drop in, and just say i agree compleetly, new worlds was my first rp inorced game, and while i’ve tried others, i keep coming back to it, why? becausethe people are realy cool, sure we have chalanges, but thats what makes the game fun. As for me, i play a rough around the edges rogue, who wrks in justice, and is devoted to the lady of light, same as serendil oh, and i just so happen to put up with neechi, but don’ttell her i said that. Anyway, coe join us

  4. Drustian

    I could not agree more that New-Worlds Ateraan is THE BEST MUD out there. I have tried others, and none of them have had the same (dare I say it?) vibe. Yes, Ateraan has bad parts, but the vast majority of the game is all downright amazing. The administrators are on all the time fixing things and totally open for any problems that the playerbase may have, you can find your niche in roleplay, hardcore borging, or a mixture of both, and the game is simple enough to pick up without having ever played a TORG (text-only roleplaying game) before.

    Speaking as a player who’s logged a total of over two hundred days logged onto the game, I can attest to the fact that it is downright addicting. Ateraan is not a world you want to miss.

    – PoD, aka Player of Drustian.

  5. Schon

    Neechi, and everyone else in his thread could not be more accurate. I’ve been playing “MUDS” for years, yet, there has never been a one more compelling than NW. Hack and slash if you choose, adventure if you choose, find love and romance if you choose, irritate the sane with lunacy if you choose…. New Worlds is never boring, and is what you make of it. With a responsive staff, and an active player base, it never grows old. Just be careful where you choose you sleep.

    ;proudly salutes Neechi… then winks when no one else is looking.

  6. Lunara

    I think there are some really great pros and cons regarding NW:Ateraan, I would like to detail some herein. In a time when the popularity of MUDs seems on a decline as the technology behind MUDs remains old and hard to develop, MUDs fight over a group of players that are relatively stable. The people who love MUDs do love them dearly.

    Pros: NW:A is one of the few and perhaps the only MUD I have seen execute a balance between RP and levelling. The biggest difficulty is balancing the two aspects and I find that each player/character takes their own approach. Some maintain strict RP restrictions upon themselves, while others choose to enjoy the levelling aspect, but regardless, there is a certain level of RP all players/characters adhere to.

    NW also has a fairly wide variety of guilds to choose from, an expansive game world, quests, great support through their questions channels, guides and many northern(Kingdom) characters are often to lend a hand and bend over backwards to make your game experience more enjoyable!

    cons: The plot of the game hasn’t progressed in literal years. Sometimes the blend of RP themed characters and levelling themed characters can be hard to reconcile within the same game. And some people will wonder why a player might PK another player just because they killed a NPC.

    There is a lot more I could say, but it’s getting a bit long. Suffice it to say that I do believe with the willingness of staff, that the game could make great strides in the areas where it could use some work. The playerbase is great overall and at the very least, I think the MUD is worth giving a shot and seeing if you love it as much as the many current players of NW:A already do!

  7. Salif

    I will agree. This is an excellent game and highly immersive. If you ignore the loud and whiny few who are butthurt for some reason, you’ll have a great time. I’ve been playing for four years now, and couldn’t be happier.

    There are a number of guilds to fit all kinds of roleplay styles. I came as a brand-new roleplayer, and was able to learn quite a bit though one of the northern guilds, then tried my hand at the “harsh” south.

    The staff have always been helpful to me, and I hope this game continues on for years to come. Come and play, and have a great time!

  8. I have been playing this game since it was in beta and I always find myself coming back to it. Lets face it sometimes we all need a break. But the one thing that I can say is that the game is filled with some really awesome role players that make it fun and interesting. I would suggest that if you have not tried it out that you do, and you might be hooked like me!

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