Be Careful What You Ask For

Who knew that joking around would bring such a gift. I think I better watch what I ask for these days eh? I just might get it. That boyfriend of mine James is a sneaky one.

On the way to Petawawa last night the conversation about jewlery came up ad I jokingly said that James should definitely buy me a diamond. I mean hell, he’s set on getting me to celebrate my birthday once more. So I told him the way I’d do that is that he’d have to get me a diamond for my birthday.

April is diamonds and diamonds are a girls best friend, right?

Well guess what? It’s not April but much to my surprise the little sneak actually had a diamond for me and never said a word.

I received a very beautiful necklace and it has a little diamond on it. I absolutely love it and I’m wearing it now and I actually don’t like wearing jewlery but I will definitely wear this.

Love you James and thanks so very very much!


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