Where’s the Ham?

Well, it’s that time of year again. Where everyone is making lots of nasty, gross, disgusting turkey. *gags*

The best part about this year is that I get to spend it with James and his family who I really like, but here’s a serious question. Where’s the ham? Please tell me there will be ham. I mean, I hate turkey, eew!

Now maybe if there’s lots of pumpkin pie I won’t mind, but as long as I get it and not James the greety pig.

So mom, is there ham?

I’ll tell you all how things go if I survive sometime over the weekend.



  1. wonkykitty

    yes you can have ham… and pie. i’m sitll suspicious of that new male of yours, since you never got my approval and all…

    • Cat

      *cries* I can’t have pie. There’s no pie around here. I think he stole it already.

      See, you have a right to be suspicious of him. You should come beat him up.

      Hopefully you’ll get to meet him if you guys go to Montreal and I come watch.


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