Abuse of Power

People in power that need to catch up with todays time. A judge that needs a lesson in todays culture and what symbols like “lol” mean.

Apparently, a woman named Paula Asher, who hit a car while driving under the influence, was ordered by the judge in the case to delete her Facebook account, after she typed the following status message on her Facebook page:

“My dumb bass got a DUI and I hit a car…LOL”

The judge seemed to take the “LOL” statement literally — that she was “laughing out loud” at her drunk driving accident — and ordered her to delete her Facebook account. She then ignored that order, leading to a contempt of court charge and jail time.

WTF! What does facebook have to do with any of this? I ean did this judge never laugh at herself when she did something stupid? Talk about abuse of power. If I was this lady I’d go after the judge for wrongful jail time.

Great, punish the woman for driving while drunk that’s expected, but the jail time. What’s that crap all about?

I don’t think this judge belongs on the bench and should be removed.


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