Glad it’s Not Me and Picking Up A Roommate

Whew, all I can say is, “I’m glad it’s not me.”

I took James to Algonquin College today so that he could register for school and all that happy stuff, so now he’s a student in training, *smiles* Unfortunately for the boy thing he has to get up and be at school 4 days a week by 8 in the morning. That’s probably not the worse part for him. No no, that is probably the fact that he has to do math that early in the morning, ha!

So do I hear loads of caffeine time in the morning starting on October 15th or somewhere around that time?

Oh yes, lets also mention that also starting around that time I’ll be picking up a roommate. Yep, going to try this whole roommate thing again and hope things work out this time. That means once again lets try for this 2 bedroom thing and see what happens. *looks for the nearest place to buy Pornstars*

Ha, that’s Pornstars the drink!


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