Does Not Like Pepsi!

Well, lately there’s been lots of post regarding school stuff, so it’s time to move to a different book and see what’s inside.

If you don’t remember several post ago I mentioned I have a boyfriend and he’s the one that got me back into this blogging thing and surprisingly enough I now do it more than he does. That’s just because he’s lazy, *smiles*

Anyways, his name is James and we’ve been dating since July 1, 2012 and will hit the 3 month mark next week. Can’t believe that, seriously how time flies.

Things are going great there, better than I expected, but see there’s this one huge problem. He does not like Pepsi! I mean something is seriously wrong with this picture. How can you not like Pepsi? He’s a Coke drinker and that’s all good. I have nothing against Coke except for the fact, it’s, not, Pepsi!!

And if anyone dares try and say they taste the same I’m going to find you and smack you around with cases of Coke and Pepsi just for good measure.

Anyways, maybe I’ll have to trade James in for someone that’s a Pepsi drinker. This needs some serious thought now, *smiles*

I love you James!



  1. james

    Pepsi is that thing I get stuck with in between trips to buy coke. You’ll never convince me otherwise, goddammit! 😛

    Also: US coke and pepsi definitely taste the same. Not so much in Canada, for whatever reason. I even tested that theory once. I’d brought back a couple cans of coke from one of my trips stateside and stuck them in the fridge, with the coke I already had. I forgot which was which when I wanted one a day or so later. I pulled one at random and hey look, it was US coke.

  2. I’ve known James for a while, and it’s been clear pretty much from the word go that indeed, there is most definitely something wrong with the fellow. And when I say something, what I actually mean is several things that won’t be going away, no matter what sort of breakthroughs modern medicine and brain science come up with. But this Pepsi thing…I am quite honestly stumped as to how to properly respond to something so outlandish. Coke is well and good. Nothing against Coke whatsoever. But Pepsi is, as the kids used to say, where it’s at. Get a clue, man. Oh, and perhaps a set of taste buds.

    • Cat

      Hey Steve, you definitely have to share all those stories about him that he won’t tell me.

      I mean he failed to share with me that he does not like Pepsi, what else could he be hiding? Just to hide something like this from me is unbelievable to say the least.


      • You might want to subject him to some sort of background check. I mean if he failed to share something like this, lord knows what else he could be hiding. Whatever he’s hiding is probably in the basement or a back yard, at the rate he’s going. I’m frightened.

        • Cat

          Oh my! Yes, I better get on that right away.

          Maybe I should pay closer attention to all that mumbling he does in his sleep. That could give me other useful information too. *nods seriously*


          • james

            And to think I bought this woman a french vanilla on the way back here. Well. To hell with the both of ya. Srsly. trading you in.

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