Who needs sleep?

Well, I must say I found it rather amusing when I finished my assignment for class to discover that the sleep that I thought I actually did was not true.

Four hours of sleep, yeah right! I’m lucky to get sleep once a week according to my time line.

How in the world do I manage to do all I do and not freaking sleep?

Before anyone suggest it, no, cafene is not my excuse either. I just somehow manage to stay awake for hours and hours on end before I go to sleep. Then when I finally sleep it’s like for maybe 2 hours if I’m lucky.

Now of course when I’m sick that time is different. I get 4 to 5 hours of sleep, drugged but hey, it’s still sleep.

Seriously, who needs sleep? Highly over rated, *smiles*



  1. Cat

    Can’t be the poster girl for caffeine. Since I’m awake with or without it.

    That is unless caffeine is now in the air, lol.


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