When you think of addictions you most likely think of alcohol, drugs and gambling, but there are loads out there. For example, shopping, sex, exercise, tanning, ext.

Those ones that are on the top of the list now are gaming and social media: such as, twitter, Facebook, foursquare and hey tell.

I just got started this year in the social media scene and I’m amazed at how much time some people I know spend on twitter and Facebook. It blows my mind. Some people I know can’t go 2 minutes without tweeting something. They have to have access to technology so that they can tweet, Facebook or hey tell people about the creep sitting next to them that smells like raw onions or how some adult is dealing with a child.

I definitely enjoy twitter and Facebook and sometimes hey tell, but I don’t live for it. It doesn’t rule me like I see it ruling some of my friends.


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