Andrea Yates

Who remembers the event that happened in September 2001?

I bet a lot of you still do, 9-11, but does anyone remember the other horible event that happened at the same time that also got a bit of news time?

Andrea Yates murdered all 5 of her young children and claimed that she was hearing voices about the Devil wanting them so she had to save them. Killing them was the only way she could do so.

I remember this topic very well because I wrote a paper about it and received an A and it was the only paper in English class that “did not” talk about 9-11.

Well, yesterday in my Psychology class we talked about Andrea Yates and I actually learned more information that when I did my research back then I didn’t find.

For example, when Andrea first started hving problems it was after their 4th son Luke was born. Doctors strongly advised Andrea to take time to herself and stop doing everything and feeling that she had to. It was also strongly advised that they “did not” have another child.Against what the doctors said Rustle the husband claimed that he and his wife Andrea discussed it numerous times and decided having another child would be fine. They were just going through a rough time with their son and there’s meds for Andrea if things get rough again, no problem.

Well, we all know how that ended up. One day after Rustle goes off to work Andrea drowns all of the children in the tub. She then calls her husband and tells him in a cold voice, “you need to come home.”

Andrea went to trial twice for the murder of her children under the insanity plea. The first time she was sentenced to a Psychtriatic jail, but the trial was declared a mistrial due to a witness that lied. In the second trial the jury sent her to a Psych hospital instead.

Guess what? It’s research time again. I’m interested since the topic is being discussed in my Psych class what has happened with Andrea Yates. How is she now?

If you care to comment on this topic by all means feel free. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you remember this event at all.


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