Abuse of Power

People in power that need to catch up with todays time. A judge that needs a lesson in todays culture and what symbols like “lol” mean. Apparently, a woman named Paula Asher, who hit a car while driving under the influence, was ordered by the judge in the case to delete her Facebook account, after … [Read more…]

Does Not Like Pepsi!

Well, lately there’s been lots of post regarding school stuff, so it’s time to move to a different book and see what’s inside. If you don’t remember several post ago I mentioned I have a boyfriend and he’s the one that got me back into this blogging thing and surprisingly enough I now do it … [Read more…]

Who Turned Off the Heat?

Hey, someone please tell mother nature to turn the heat back up just a bit. I mean hell it’s not time for it to be this cold outside, brrrrr!! I’m not suppose to wake up some mornings and it be 0 degrees outside. I shouldn’t have to grab a coat yet just to take my … [Read more…]

Who needs sleep?

Well, I must say I found it rather amusing when I finished my assignment for class to discover that the sleep that I thought I actually did was not true. Four hours of sleep, yeah right! I’m lucky to get sleep once a week according to my time line. How in the world do I … [Read more…]


When you think of addictions you most likely think of alcohol, drugs and gambling, but there are loads out there. For example, shopping, sex, exercise, tanning, ext. Those ones that are on the top of the list now are gaming and social media: such as, twitter, Facebook, foursquare and hey tell. I just got started … [Read more…]

Andrea Yates

Who remembers the event that happened in September 2001? I bet a lot of you still do, 9-11, but does anyone remember the other horible event that happened at the same time that also got a bit of news time? Andrea Yates murdered all 5 of her young children and claimed that she was hearing … [Read more…]