Rambles from Inside My Head about Algonquin College

Whew, it’s time to do that school thing again in about two weeks. Are we all ready in here?

Most definitely, the summer thing is getting on my nerves. I’m getting rather bored talking to the others here in my head with me.

Now, our schedule for this year is great with the exception of that damn 8 AM class. *where’s that Starbukcs*

So Algonquin did a drunk person create this campus first of all? I mean I thought the ABC’s were like this…

a b c d . . .

Not like this

a b c d f g h j

Ok, you are now getting the letter E, but hey some letters are still missing.

Ok, that’s not it. Who did you guys order to number the rooms?

This is how you count.

311, 325, 366, 355 . . .

No no no, that’s how Algonquin counts not how we count, oopsy.

100, 101, 102 . . .

That’s how it suppose to go. Anyways moving on. What we discovered the other day while trying to learn where all my classes are for the fall term is that one building has 2, count them, 2 different names! At least that’s what people were telling me and I am easily confused…hello there’s 10 up here in my head, no doing that sort of thing you know!!

So, the Algonquin Acce and Algonquin CA building is it the same or are they 2 different buildings?

Now is that wasn’t bad enough, what’s up with some of the staff members that apparently worked there for who knows how long? There’s this one staff member that works in the D building cafe that wouldn’t know how to find her head if it wasn’t attached.

No no, more like she’d argue that the sky was purple.

It’s three times now I’ve been on campus and run into this one particular worker and managed not to bit her with my dogs leash. If I tell you that I want to sit somewhere specific because it’s close to the exit I need to get to C building…don’t argue with me and tell me that’s not how to get to C building.

Why in the blue hell would I want to go to J building to get to the C building? That’s just stupid.

Why would I want to go upstairs to get to C and then have to go downstairs to get to where I needed to be?

*rolls eyes*

Algonquin is great and friendly and helpful don’t get us wrong, but hell stop confusing me!!

Oh yes, and fix the broken staff.


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