Sep 21 2014

LD training7, squirrels, obstacles and for puppy raisers

For those viewing this by email there are videos in this post. You can either go to my blog directly or to my youtube channel, to view them. These videos are titled North Hills and are in 3 parts.

*shakes a fist*

I asked Jessica to bring back my nice sweet puppy and she ordered a army…yes I said army of squirrels! These squirrels most certainly took a lass in the best way to torment dogs and drive their handlers to drinking. I’m definitely not the only one that was wishing for a gun.

Luna the Terror was *way* distracted even with the gentle leader. So much so that after we were well away from the dog torturing squirrels she just didn’t want to work with it on.

Luna and obstacles:
Below are 3 videos that I would love to share with you. For all those puppy raisers that don’t get a chance to see what those future Leader Dogs can do once they are Leader Dogs I hope you enjoy.

The first video is Luna and I working through a full obstacle.

Sadly we didn’t get a perfect on obstacles since we needed to re-work one. Luna pulled me around, but I managed to step on the edge of one of the cones. So this next video is Luna and I re-working a partial obstacle. This one is pretty short.

This final video shows how the cutback turns are done. Although they confuse the heck out of me, we managed to do one hell of a job on this one, *cheers* This is also a short one.

I still need to work on better reading Luna when she has to push me to the right to get around something because her sign for that is pretty subtle. I’m very proud of my girl! Thank you so much to all the puppy raisers out their who puts in time with these guys at an early age and thanks to Leader *Jessica and her raiser* for Training my girl!

food change:
Tonight I started a food switch with Luna. She’ll be going from Purina to Fromms. Man, when I gave her dinner tonight she like scarfed down the new food right away and then slowed down when it was all gone and only purina was left, *chuckles* In case ones are wondering I’m doing a food switch because I don’t like the aftermath *what comes out* with her on Purina. It’s way too soft and hard for me to know if something is ever wrong. I’ve had good success with Fromms so I’m hoping that it agrees with her.

Playtime with Luna:
Earlier I posted a video that shows our first off leash playtime. Definitely go check it out. It is *super* cute!!

playing with Luna

Harness work inside:
*whew* wow dinner was quiet tonight. No, *sit…down…leave it* I had no dogs nose in my shoe or somehow managing to stick their nose under my shirt, *snickers* Everyone at my table was definitely pleased with the now able to use the harnesses inside! On to breakfast!!!

*wow* bingo definitely was great. I had a horrible headache but I still went and loved it. Things got pretty heated near the end when it was *slow close* and *anyone’s* game. I was working 2 cards mine and another clients and I was *definitely* tempted to switch cards when his number was called instead of mine giving him *bingo* Sometimes it sucks being too nice, hahahaha.

Tomorrow is a *no work day* so unless something major comes up I’m going to skip a Leader Dog post and work on catching up on school work. I’m a little behind!

Until next time *Luna the snorer* and I say good-night.

Sep 20 2014

LD, playtime with Luna Moon

Oops, this is a repost. I totally forgot to mention that those subscribed by email will need to go to my blog to view the video or my youtube channel, and look for the video, Playtime with Luna.

All that work must definitely have some playtime. Here’s our first off leash play session and it was great! Christie one of the instructors at Leader Dogs made the quick video. Thanks Christie!!!

Tonight’s entry will also have videos if nothing falls apart, lol. I didn’t want to try and get them all in one entry incase something fell over.

Sep 19 2014

LD training6, April fools, here’s your real dog

In this episode of Luna Moon the day starts off the same as it as the past couple of days. Breakfast goes great for the *spring team* but wait…something’s gone wrong! Oh no, there’s been a problem! Tune in next week to find out, this episode will end immediately!!!

Ha, just kidding!

Who switched my dog?
After breakfast that awesome great dog I had that listened and did what she was told without needing me to knock her around too much…yeah that dog *grumbles* I think some trainer must have switched my dog while I was eating breakfast. Something seriously just went *boom* and my dog turned into *listen* what’s that?

In the morning before we go out for our morning training session Luna and I have some play time and then I do a small obedience after to get her settled down and then out the door we go. Well, *whoops* this morning I forgot the small obedience after playtime and my Luna Moon turned into Luna the Nightmare!

Luna sit…*oh lay down*
Luna stay…*oh, get up and come to you*
Luna leave it…*but I want that*

*grumbles* who stole my dog?

jessica, so may are you ready for your traffic checks?

*thinks of Luna the Nightmare and groans* nope, not ready!

traffic checks:
*wow* Luna did abso-fantastic! For the time being Luna the Nightmare took a back seat and she nailed all of those traffic checks. *yay Luna* I had to slam on the breaks definitely once. I wasn’t expecting one to happen you know right after my first few steps. Luna hits *flying* speed after a couple of steps. Think Jessica was just trying to kill me.

Luna the Terror!
It is after lunch and Luna has gone from Luna the Nightmare to *Luna the Terror* During lunch she totally forgot what it meant to *go* under my seat at the table.

Luna under…*oh go visit Harper*
Luna under…*ah, you meant go play with Dottie*

*grumbles* damn dog!! Who kidnapped my real dog?

Luna go park…*stand here and look at you funny*

Oh forget it, lets go to afternoon training and hope for the best. hahahahahahah, *best* what best.

Luna’s harness work is great. It’s easy to read her and keep up with. So as we’re flying along I start to relax thinking my Luna the Terror will switch back to *good girl* like she did this morning.

Luna *oo give me that olive*…Luna leave it…*but but but, I want it* Take a few more steps after telling her to leave it…*oo, how about this, can I have it instead*

Can someone *pleeeeeease* give me back my dog!!!!

Luna meets a squirrel:
Oh wait the fun gets even better. A squirrel decides to make things even better by joining in. The nice squirrel is running in front of us and apparently not happy that Luna doesn’t give a damn that it’s there. so the little critter runs to a tree and flicks its tail which definitely gets Luna’s attention.

Luna **pounces* mine!

Nope, sorry Luna that mean squirrel just got you in trouble. I’m sure she gave one of us a dirty look after that ha, but she went back to work. A couple steps after that was the curb and she stopped at it with no problem and even body checked me so that I would not take another step. *cheers* good girl Luna!

introducing the gentle leader:
Well, Jessica wanted to work the route again, but this time with a gentle leader on just to see if we could make the route an even better success, less distractions. So I put one on her, but didn’t attach the leash to it and this time she did a much better job. She was still a little distracted, but it was *waaaay* better distraction wise than the first run.

Where’s my treats?
This is one super smart dog. During our walk today we started randomly giving Luna her treat rewards. I’d give her a treat at the down curb and at the up curbed, but then skip giving her one at the next down curb and scratch her on the head instead. yeah, sure I got some dirty looks from her.

What does the little monkey do? She blows the up curb after we cross the street. Then I have no choice, but to show her the curb and then give her a treat so she knows *stop* here.

Luna *ha, got my treat after all*

She did this more than once. And no, we didn’t have a pattern to when I’d food treat her and when I wouldn’t. So she wasn’t going by that.

So, this day has come to an end and I think all that mis-behaving wore her out. She’s currently snoring, *groans* on her mat.

As you may have noticed Luna has picked up 2 more names today, lol.

Jessica, can you bring back my Luna Moon tomorrow?

Sep 19 2014

LD, training5 first busy work day

Hey everyone.

Sorry this post is pretty late. I had loads of school work to catch up on that I couldn’t get done in the training center yesterday. So whenever you hear the words today or tomorrow that this post is for yesterday, *smiles*

Lets start with a tough situation that I need to get off my chest. I will not post names:
We had a situation last night during our 6:30PM lecture where a client totally called out another client. The room went absolutely quite, you could cut the tension with a knife and I know many people wanted to snap at the client that brought up the situation…me included. i don’t know about the instructor that was leading the lecture, but all clients after that was totally uncomfortable. This client that called out another in my opinion was way out of line on bringing it up in the setting and at least from my point of view, she’s one I will stay clear of. I hope the client that was called out *does not* let what the other client said get to them.

Now, on to the good stuff!!

Pictures of Luna:
I do have pictures of Luna and I will get them up on the blog hopefully soon.

My poop machine:
*whew* this dog can poop! I got at least 5 piles around 8AM. Can someone loan me some extra hands and legs?

This girl is definitely not subtle when it comes to her getting distracted. We’re just flying right along and *oo, down goes the nose* Ha, different than my last who was *sneaky* What I think will be guess work for me will be knowing when she’s distracted and when she’s taking me around something.

One awesome thing was she *did not* go for a piece of food that I dropped on the ground. yay Luna! She probably gave me a dirty look though for dropping her treat.

Tomorrow we are working on traffic checks *cries*

Playtime with Luna:
*chuckels* Luna is so funny when we play. she runs around the room with one of the bones in her mouth snorting. Now the funniest is when I give her the rope toy. When she has that one she runs around the room snorting, pouncing on the rope and batting at it with her paws. I’ll definitely get video of that when she doesn’t have to be attached to the leash. It definitely would be *no* fun seeing her get caught on the leash as she plays.

What the hell was that?
*chuckles* At 8PM I introduced Luna moon to our choir, *Shout Sister Choir* through facetime. It was totally awesome! I wish there was a way I could have had a video of our facetime ha! The look on her face when over 60 people said 8hi Luna* was great. They told me she got a look on her face like, *what the hell* Then when the choir all went *oo* Luna groaned and ran off the lay on her mat. *snickers*

Luna’s nicknames:
1. luna Moon
2. Luna Pistil
3. bouncy luna
4. pocket rocket
5. Lunatic
6. rocket launcher

So on to getting run over tomorrow! Wish us luck.

Sep 17 2014

LD, training4 First run with luna the pistil

First night with Luna Moon:
The first night with Luna went pretty good. She didn’t whine and wasn’t overly restless. She did sit up a few times, but I think it’s because it got too hot in the room. Once I turned off the heat she settled down.

Now onto my day with my *tiny moon*
This morning went fine. Once I got up and dressed she *dragged* me to the door. Hmm, guess she really had to go you think? lol

One of the biggest things we have to work on with Luna will be food refusal. She’s a little too interested in food, but from what I’ve observed of her so far she does catch on and learn pretty quick. Of course she might hate us after such a horrible lesson, *sighs* the life of a guide dog with such mean owners and trainers!

The first run through of obedience I did with Jessica. It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t *fantastic* Mainly cause she likes to lay down right after she sits, *no thanks* to the nice slidy floor. So after that I worked with her on the carpet and she did much much better. So I think I’m going to do her obedience there to make sure I absolutely have her listening to me and then move back to the mean sliding floor. This also means she’ll get people distractions as we do this since we’ll be out in the lobby area. *just can’t win*

First walk…um make that *run* with luna:
*whew* what the hell is in my dogs food? This girl can go from 0 to 60 in about a second. She has now earned the nickname of Luna Pistil. Sheesh, she moves faster than Noah and he went pretty damn fast! I guess in January when I have to run from one building to the other to make it to class on time I don’t have to worry about that now. i’ll make it there with time to spare. Of course can’t say anything about the people she might run over in the process, but hey I’ll get to class, *snickers* Guess they’ll learn to definitely get out of her way! I also discovered that she bounces when she reaches her *lets fly* space which has earned her the nickname of Bouncy luna. So in less than 24 hours my girl has gained a few names. Isn’t that great? *beams*

The funnier second *run* with the Pistil:
*yipes* slam on the breaks! So um yeah, moving fast with miss Luna Pistil I really have to slam on the breaks and risk going flying in the process. We were flying right along when Luna stopped us at the gate. Well, she stopped and it definitely wasn’t expected. *whew* good thing that gate wasn’t any lower…haaha or unlatched. Luna stops, but May goes flying? Now that would have been amusing.

So um yes, made it past the near flying incident and get to the part I like most, *chuckles* Luna and I starts going down a hill and this time I let her go a little faster than I did this morning. *run Jessica, run* Whoops, sorry!

So um Jessica, think you’d be willing to video Luna and I doing a route once we’re more in sync with each other? *chuckles*

Um James, remember I said that Luna doesn’t snore…yeah about that. I hope it’s because she’s had a long day and will soon *shhhh* One damn snoring human in the house is enough!

One proud papa:
lol, new first time handler was extremely pleased today. Sometime today his awesome dog gave him that great thing that all us handlers know and love…*that first poop* Yes, today John got his first poop and he absolutely was thrilled about it! *hands John more bags* Everyone that heard him make this announcement including myself happily told him that he could pick up our dogs poop too.

Congratulations John!! On to tomorrow. Someone bring *skates* for Jessica? HA!

Sep 16 2014

LD training3 DOG DAY, meet Luna Moon!

*grumbles and cruses*

Ok, third times the charm I hope. Sorry to all my email subscribers. Tonight of all nights the post does not want to completely be posted.

*snaps the leash at the computer* Work I say!!

Puppies puppies puppies!!

Welcome to dog day!

For those receiving this via email I have no idea if you will be able to enter on the video from within your client. If not please go directly to the site to check it out.

This morning around 8:45 Jessica brought a nice chocolate lab to my door to play with me. Man he was hyper! He was definitely much smaller than Noah, but he had the same energy level and definitely the same *I’m going to pull your arm off* when really happy and want to play mood.

Ha, he was also a sneaky one. I sat on the floor to play with him and the little bugger snuck around and stole some treats out of the treat bag.

Now *cries* play time is over. The time is currently 10:20AM and it’s back to the horrible wait wait wait. Hurry time go faster!!

12:40 and there’s still no dog, *grumbles* We’re now all grounded to our rooms and not allowed to come out, so guess I’ll pace the floor now. The camera is all set up and ready to go and unless technology really decides to be against me I am not going to end up taping the wall, *snickers*

wait wait wait!!!

*cheers* Lets have a party!

My girl is here!! She arrived in my room at 1:25PM on September 16, 2014!! Check out the video!

Now which of us will get blown around more by the horrible wind/ *snickers*

Time with Luna Moon:
Luna has been totally awesome. My little tiny dog who I can fold up and stick in my suitcase has not given me too much trouble. However she does love the bed! We’ll have to work on that one. She’s rather determined she will be on the bed even after me being firm.

so far we’ve just practiced healing the dogs down the halls and I hang back a bit since i walk pretty fast. What I like is at the moment she doesn’t try and pull my arm off when she gets distracted by something. Right now however again it’s too hard for me to tell by just doing healing inside since we have to stay at a bit of a slower pace.

From first observations once I’ve gotten a little more relaxed with her just the tone of my voice when saying *no* works…then again she just now might be use to us going back and forth down the halls, that’s she’s like yeah yeah I know I know, *chuckles*

Dinner time she did great. I had already decided when I finally got the little one that I was going to put her under my chair at the table. She goes under the table and under my chair pretty good. It will need work, but it’s not a struggle. *whew* definitely makes me glad I have a tiny thing to deal with. The others at my table got nice big goldens or golden/lab crosses! I think the biggest at our table is 78 pounds.

I’m suppose to be walking the halls again for more healing…*shhhhhh* don’t tell I’m busy writing this post while my girl is sleeping on the floor beside me. *sighs* but I guess I should, mmm, maybe…but my dog is sleeping so nicely I don’t want to wake her!

Well, we just did the 8PM parktime and Luna says she is not interesting in that. I’ll give her one more chance around 10/10:30 and that will be it for her for the night.

So, it’s school catch up time for me. More about me and Luna moon tomorrow.

Let the fun begin!!

Sep 16 2014

Results of the Leader Dog guessing game

LMAO, now here are the answers for the guessing game. I hope you remembered your answers. A lot of you definitely were close on some answers.

We don’t have the height, but Jessica will give that to me later since she knows it was one of the questions for the guessing game.

1. Breed of dog? lab
2. What colour? black
3. Height? have to wait
4. Weight? 50.8
5. Gender? female
6. What month was puppy born? April
7. What letter will puppy’s name start with? L
8. What time will I get my puppy between 1 and 4? 1:25

I’ll give her name later this evening when I do my todays post with the video and will tell more about her then.

Thanks everyone who played!! Now back to my puppy.

Sep 16 2014

LD training2 Juno

The first full day at Leader!

Great news to start the day, my suitcase was found, *dances* As someone on my twitter said, “now I don’t have to run around naked!”

I received the call around 11:40PM that someone found my suitcase. Too bad for me that I didn’t see the call until after one in the morning. *cries* I could have have had it last night…I blame the excitement of the first day that I forgot to take if off vibrate. Ah well, just call them first thing in the morning.

That’s just what I did and I think I woke the poor guy up too, *whoops* He didn’t need that sleep anyways, right?

So called the poor guy and he said my suitcase would arrive sometime during the day! On with the day a much happier than when I ended the night before.

Juno walks:
Juno walks are where the instructors pretend to be your puppy. They hold onto one end of the harness while you hold onto the other and they guide you around and act just like a dog might. The purpose to this is to get an idea of your pace, pull, show you how it feels when the dog is moving you around something and so on.

Assigned seats:
*yay* the JMK group got their wish and our table stayed the same and here is the group that was nominated the *wild* group….we nominated ourselves that by the way, ha!

*whoops* think it would have be great to find out the right spellings of names. So erm sorry guys if you ever read this and I spelled your name wrong. You can beat me for it some other time!

Jackie, Jack, jim, John, Jessy, June, Karen and May

So, did any of you pick up anything also cool about the group I’m in?…*no* the go back and read the list again and see if you can figure it out cause I’m not telling, ha!

months of the year . . .

During breakfast we found out that an instructor would be joining us at our table starting on tomorrow…*today, one of these days I’ll post this darn thing the night of and not the early morning after* Anyways, we found out that an apprentice instructor named Tina would be joining us and that she would be under blind fold.

*wicked smile* what was Jessica thinking, that poor instructor at our table!! I’d tell you what we already have planned for poor tina, but shhhh Jessica might read this and tell!

*checks time* nope, still no suitcase..on with the day then!

First training session:
Damn! I should have did an audio recording of the training center while I was there before doggy. Why didn’t someone mention that? *sighs* ah well, just means more fun doing it after I get doggy, right?

So, the training center, one great place that I can get school work done. Well, that’s when I’m not procrastinating and visiting with other people. *grumbles* school work getting in the way of more fun stuff, *sniffs* Nothing too exciting about the training center, just wait and wait and wait some more for your turn. Remember I have Jessica the team leader so I am always first and last to go in my group ha!

The first walk:
*cheers* I have a harness in my hand again!! Oh it’s been so long and man it feels weird. I’m just sure I’m like going to totally screw up the first time and all the commands will just fly right out my head.

But wait…what’s with the leash holding thing? *cries* Leader holds their leash the same way GDB, *guide Dogs for the Blind* does. But hey, unlike last time when I first saw this strange method I’m not working with a floppy leash that kept trying to escape and taps me on the leg. *nope* this time I have a leash that’s stiff enough to poke someones eye out! I still feel like I’m going to lose my leash holding it this way…talk about keeping me distracted. My dog might have to give me a few corrections, *going for things he/she shouldn’t* before I’m use to it.

I think Jessica must have been reading my mind cause my Juno definitely snuck something by me during our first walk, *grumbles*

I was pretty nervous when we started out and didn’t quite walk at my dog walking speed, but it was close enough to get the job done and get me use to it again. Plus, I was still stuck on the darn leash thing while trying to also pay attention to Jessica/Juno *whew* good thing there’s at least 10 of me floating around in my head to do all this multi-thinking.

As if that wasn’t enough for me to think about…hey May, here’s something else new to learn, *cut backs* Um, if I confuse you when I tell it don’t worry it just means I’m still confused too and maybe one day like years from now I’ll get it, ha!

Cut backs are when you’re speeding down the street and say pass a sidewalk on your right that you will need, but it’s before the curb. You get to the curb, praise that lovely dog of yours, give it some treats and then tell puppy right. When you are telling puppy right and doing all the signals you’re also making a 180 turn so that you’re going back the other way. Now, when you’ve turned yourself around tell puppy left and off you should fly up the sidewalk you needed to go up.

*make sense?*…no, well, that’s ok I just learned it so I still have to think before doing it too.

Moving right along. Here’s where that mean Jessica/Juno of mine must have read my mind. We did a street crossing and she did not cross straight. *whoops* but I like totally wasn’t all there for that one. It did not click in my poor raddled brain until the second time Jessica/Juno told me that it was a short street crossing. *gasp* ok, now I feel stupid! Mentally hit myself in the head. Back on course we go.

Poor Juno:
Payback! I get us back on course and we’re happily making our way back to the training center when Juno trips. Um, I don’t think it’s a good thing when you’re Juno can’t walk straight, do you? I need a new Juno or maybe I should just give her better caffeine! Of course she tripped right in front of a funeral home, lol.

That was the first adventure. Pretty fun and painless and just a little *duh* moments.

Was that *really* v8 juice in that can?
A group of us pile back on the van and head to campus and one of the instructors who will remain nameless…check out her blog right over here popped open a can as she plopped in the driver seat. She claims it was v8 in that can, but I don’t know. I think someone might want to check her drinks, *chuckles*

*whoops* red light! Instructor applies breaks, *chuckles* tries to stop, bus says *sorry* not stopping, instructor then says *screw it* and on we go through the light, hahahaah! what a rush.

So instructor, sure you don’t need the practice driving these buses too? *sweet smiles*

Back to campus in one happy piece and more ammo to tease am instructor over and even better news I get to my room and my suitcase is here!!

Afternoon training:
OMG, what did my Juno have for lunch…or maybe I should have asked why didn’t someone feed my Juno for lunch? I had a very very bad Jessica/Juno for the second half. She was definitely distracted and found the biggest things possible to pick up…paper towel roll, a *huge* stick, but missed the beer can, ha good thing. She even tried to cross the street without me. I don’t know where she thought she was going, but leaving me behind is *not* an option and most definitely not trying to cross a street when I didn’t say so, *tsktsk*

I’m going to have to be on my toes with whatever dog I get from Jessica. who knows what my dog might be sneaky about, *smiles*

The second session went better in the department of pace and pull. I was a bit more relaxed for the second half.

Tomorrow, dog day…*today again one day I’ll post on the night of*
I’m excited and nervous and a bit overwhelmed with thoughts of Noah and meeting new dog. I was prepared for the emotions to hit me at least one more time and they have started. Will they hit when I get my new puppy, I don’t know but I’m ready I think if they do.

So here’s to dog day!

Sep 15 2014

LD training1 Welcome to Leader!

Hey there everyone!

I have arrived and boy what a trip it was. Sorry post is later than I was going to originally put it up, but after reading this you’ll understand why I needed some time to myself first. So lets begin, shall we?

Leaving Ottawa:
I left my house around 7:15AM yesterday morning and *yay* no traffic, so we got there pretty quick. The person that helped me at the Delta counter was a very nice lady and around 8:30 we headed off to do that annoying security thing.

Do you have a service dog?
*urm what?* Yep I was asked that question when doing my check in. Although the lady was super nice I wonder what made her ask such a silly question. Sorry, but do you *see* a dog hanging nearby? Nope, just this horrible cane of mine!

Fail 1:
Did you know that on the international side for Delta they don’t have a Starbucks? *gasp* WTH! The domestics get a Starbucks, but not those leaving the country! How fair is that? I demand a refund, *sniffs* So I had to wait and *hope* that I’d get my Starbucks on the other end.

Fail 2:
Can someone please explain to me how a *dog bone* looks like a container with lucid inside?…Yes, you read that right I promise. They tagged my bag to scan because the *dog bone* I brought looked like a container with liquid inside. But wait, it gets better…the lady tried opening it! *rolls eyes* I think someone needs to put her in a new section quickly, she might miss the actual important stuff. If there’s some new bone out there though I’d love to know about it.

Fail 3:
*ow* Who the hell made the plane, a short person? That’s ok, I didn’t need that head of mine anyways! Sorry, I don’t know the type of plane I flew out of Ottawa on, just that it was not made for tall people and was only 13 rows long. However, the good thing is it wasn’t one of those noisy tiny flights.n *whew* but man my head hut after that…all this and I haven’t even left Ottawa yet, *groans*

Where’s your service dog?
*sighs* again with the dog…someone must have wrote that I had a dog on this trip, damn travel agent! Nope, no dog on this trip, but here’s the funny thing the flight attendant after I told her no dog says, “oh, good when I didn’t see the dog I was wondering if it was roaming around the plane.” lol, now remember I said this plane is only 13 rows long and not made for tall people…where in the blue hell would a dog have to hide on this more than tiny plane, in the bathroom?…*whoops* nope, I was just in there and no dog hiding there. *sighs* some people!

And we’re off!
*cheers* The trip has begun. We left on time and managed to arrive in Detroit even earlier than we were suppose to. That was some great wind helping me out I would say. *chuckles*

Oh, dance for joy, I get my Starbucks..someone loves me after all! Everything is right with the world again.

My first experience:
So I for the first time got to go on the moving sidewalk thing or whatever the hell you call it…like the escalators, but flat, lol. That was a pretty neat experience.

Need some exercise?
Damn, do I have to walk to China to get my bags? Up escalators, down escalators, on 2 moving sidewalk things, more escalators…are we there yet? No, walk about another 15 minutes…*whew* finally we made it, but . . .


Hey Delta, where’s my bag?
A hour and a half after I landed I was still at the airport when I could have been happily at Leader roaming the halls, getting lost and all that fun stuff. But * nooooo* I’m getting rather worried…no make that frustrated….*whoops* now make that pissed off that they lost…yes lost my suitcase! So we had to make a claim and *hope* they found my bag you know…before I needed that annoying thing called *clothes*

Welcome to Detroit, but I hope you didn’t need your bags!!

*cheers and dances*
I’m here..well, sort of. I’m here but not my bags, *groans* but enough about that for now…lets talk about the good stuff.

Leader arrival went great. I met Jessica Bimmermann when I walked in who is my instructor. There are 19 of us in class. I am the *only* one from Canada…go me! I also believe I am the youngest out of all of us, but will try and confirm that later and let you know. I am Jessica’s *only* client. So for those of you that have already played the Leader Dog guessing game I will be changing the last question. If you haven’t played yet…then what the hell are you waiting for? Get over there and have fun guessing what I might get and when!

Now, you would think that I would be first to get my dog right come Tuesday afternoon? *nope* Jessica is the team leader, plus she’s working with an apprentice instructor who goes under blindfold this week, plus she makes sure that everything else goes as should. I mean *sighs* I could still end up last getting my dog. Now wouldn’t that just be a pisser!

Anyways, so the rooms here are like *huge*, but I’ll tell more about the rooms and the layout of the building and all that in another post.

The JMK group:
A few of us have already hit it off extremely well and have declared ourselves the group that must sit together. somehow at dinner, not on purpose mind you our table had 6 people that started with the letter J and for the longest time it was just me…which of these things does not belong, lol. Then another lady came to join us that started with a K. I’ll write more about each once I find out if they wouldn’t mind. This group plus all the staff have definitely made me feel ok about the fact that I have *no* clothes! *grumbles* They either make a joke about something else or let me know in whatever way they can they’d help me out.

So, I think I’ve rambled on enough, *chuckles* and will definitely right more later. Sadly nope, I still have no suitcase and it is now nearly 3AM. Maybe later I’ll get lucky? Maybe?

Sep 13 2014

Intro to Social Work

Ok, so I will seriously figure out a time to make sure to fit in writing about how classes are going. So, about Social Work and Social Welfare.

I had this class Tuesday morning. This is my second class on Tuesdays and I have to say of the 2, this is the less reserved of my classes. This group has more energy than the other. Of course that could also be that my first class is 8:30 in the morning and this one isn’t, ha!!

Again, this was an introduction class day that wasn’t *snore* when is it over kind of class. It was active from the start.

1. Our class nor the instructor knows how to count, *sniffs*

We started off with the lets get to know the instructor. we were only allow to ask 6 questions. Um, somehow we ended up asking 7 and I was the one that asked the last question. Of course I didn’t realize this until later when I went back and watched the video that we all suck at counting, lol.

2. Everything we have to do for this course assignment wise and test wise will be done online. *cheers* That’s definitely cool at least for the sighted students in the class. For me, *sighs* not so much. We know that CU learn sucks as far as submitting papers online through the system, but we have “no” idea how it works for taking test. This could be fun to find out just as long as I don’t get punished for it in the end.

We have 2 mini assignments, 2 test and a book review to due for this term. *no final!*

So calling out all my book lovers again just like I had to do for the last class, but this time I think the task may be even harder. I can’t even find Ebooks of these books. Again, I may be overlooking a source and I’m hoping you can help me out.

Here’s the book list:
1. A Place to Call Home by Pat Armstrong
2. Bathtubs but No Water by Gerry Steele
3. Get That Freak by Rebecca Haskell
4. Ontario Works by Julie Vaillancourt
5. Random Acts of Culture *this one has no author listed*

Not easy choices as you can see.

What I also like about this class is that everyone so far is willing to participate in the class discussions. The instructor asks a question and we don’t just sit there hoping someone would answer. No no in this case it’s *whew* everyone just about has something to say.

Here is the topic that really had everyone’s input on Tuesday and on our discussion board. Feel free to add your on thoughts if you wish.

1. As a social worker we could come across many types of individuals and situations. What would you do if you were a social worker and faced with a problem that goes against what you believe in either religiously, personal views don’t match or cultural differences? Would you still help that client because you feel you have too or would you step aside and refer them to someone that could possibly help them better than you could?

2. Regarding suicide, how do you think a social worker could best help a client? How can people in general make people aware of suicide?

These are just a couple of the topics that are being discussed. I’m not going to list them all here, just the ones that right now anyways are generating the most discussion.

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