Jan 18 2015

Why I prefer Uber

The first time I heard about Uber was while I was at leader Dogs getting my awesome dog luna. I wasn’t sure about getting the app for my phone since I was in the States and at the time I wasn’t aware that they were also just starting up in Ottawa. But, much to my surprise when I got home in October I learned they were hear and I’ve been using them ever since!

Here’s why I prefer Uber over the other taxi companies:
1. They have an app that goes along with their service.
The downside to this is that if you don’t have a cell phone like an IPhone and maybe an Android. Maybe sometime they can fix this if it hasn’t been thought of already.
Advantage of the app. I’m not having to sit on hold waiting for someone to pick up the phone and listen to horrible on hold music.

2. I can see how close a car is to my location before even making my trip.
This can be helpful in letting me know…ok, should I book the trip now or get ready first and then book the trip. Yes, sometimes it can change form a driver being 4 minutes away to maybe 20 in a blink of an eye, but still better than what you get with regular cab companies.

3. I can see when a driver has picked up the trip, their name, their license plate, their rating and again most important, how far away they are.
Regular cab company always says, “oh it will be there in 15 minutes” even though no driver has picked up the trip. Then when time comes and goes you call them back and they still tell you, “oh the car will be there soon” or “we’re still waiting on a car to take the trip.”

4. I have direct contact with the Uber driver.
With Uber I can tell them either by a phone call or send them a text message to look for a female in a purple jacket with a guide dog and I’m at this location.
Regular cab company you can tell them you’re blind and have a guide dog, but that message does not always make it to the driver. If your place is hard to find you also can’t communicate this directly with a regular taxi driver. You just have to hope for the best while standing around wondering where they are.

5. With Uber if I get a driver that was totally unprofessional in any way at all I could provide feedback on the trip and depending on the rating I give the driver I will not get that driver again.
I don’t know how many times I’ve had trouble with regular taxi companies being unprofessional by driving off because they don’t want to take my guide dog, driving recklessly while talking on the phone or just plain being rude cause they are having a bad day. I have asked so many times not to be sent certain drivers due to their attitudes or reckless driving just to get that same driver some other time down the line.

6. Uber is definitely cheaper.
Uber trip to Carleton University around $$17 to 20.
Regular taxi to Carleton University around $30.
Hmm, which would you choose?

Uber definitely has some bugs they need to work out, but since I’ve been riding with them from October until today I’ve had only 4, count them 4 trips that weren’t to my liking. Each time I explained to Uber what happened and they were quick to get back to me or refund my money if that was the case and I have not, repeat have not had any of those drivers again to this day!

Regular taxi companies still get my business if Uber happens to be really busy or if I’m in an area they are not, but my choice will always be Uber first as long as they are around.

Many cities such as Ottawa are trying to shut them down, why? They are afraid of the competition!

I think instead of hounding Uber and making fake trips just so they can hit them with a fine the city could be using their resources to help make the other taxi companies more reliable. Uber is trying, are the other taxi companies?

Listen to what riders such as myself have to say. Hell, better yet maybe close your eyes one day and call for a cab and see what it feels like waiting around for a cab just to find out it came and left without you. Call for a regular cab just to get in and see that it smells like the person hasn’t had a shower in about a week. Check in with the regular taxi companies are they really making sure their drivers don’t discriminate on who they pick up? Do they really pull drivers from their routes that drive off because they see a person with a guide dog?

These are things the city and those that want to attack Uber should be looking at instead of waisting time.

Uber all the way for me!

Jan 07 2015

The day from hell

OMG, did you ever have one of those days where you really should have just stayed in bed?

Ugh, that was definitely my day yesterday. I’d like to just hit rewind and start it over, but it would just mean I’d have to freeze all over again and that’s ok.

First, Luna and I had our first really really bad work morning. Due to the stupid ice outside she just absolutely refuses to do anything but pee outside which sadly has carried over to her going inside. I mean not that I blame her for not wanting to go outside in the ice, hell I wouldn’t want to either!

However what really showed me that yeah, not luna’s day was she stopped dead and just refused to work. Yep, lets turn around and go home, morning program canceled.

Now lets fast forward to the evening. It’s waaaaay better than the morning.

So my first class at International Academy started last night and since it’s freaken cold out I took Uber and I got this person named Carl.

1. Carl took the long way to get around to the street we needed to be on
2. He past the address by a few blocks
3. He nearly caused an accident with several cars
4. He got irritated with the other drivers when they had the nerve to honk at him for reckless driving.
5. It took an hour to get me to school when it is a 8 minute drive from my house.

Not a bad trip right? You wouldn’t just say enough is enough and just want out of the car and find the place yourself now would you? He was a nice person and apologized, but really that trip was just *screams*

Now on a better note. Luna did much better than in the morning. That’s probably cause she just wanted away from that horrible cab trip and she figured working was the quickest way to do so hahahah. We got to our class and she happily went under the table and promptly fell asleep. Shhhhhh, Luna no snoring in class, sheesh!

In my business skills class there are I think 7 females and one male, 8 if you count Luna. Just a bit out numbered he is you think? Anna is the instructor and it’s cool since she’s also my instructor for my nutrition class on Thursday morning.

One of the best praises us guide dog handlers can hear….I didn’t know there was a dog there. Was she there the whole time?

Now, lets hope today goes much much better than yesterday!

Jan 06 2015

Luna’s first spa day

Well, yesterday was the first time I left Luna someplace and ran away. Since she is so much *my* dog more than my other dogs have ever been I was definitely curious on how she would act when I handed her over to someone else and I walked away without her. She absolutely can’t stand if I’m too far from her at home. She hated it while I was out at the families house for the holiday too, but this was a different test. I was leaving her with strangers, *hasp* bad bad me!

Ha, yeah right. Luna could care less. We walked into the grooming salon at Petsmart and Luna was like….oo, dogs to play with. All for me!! *wag wag wag, goes the tail*

I apparently still don’t rank higher in importance to my dog when dogs are around. *sighs*

She happily jumped around, tried to go over the counter and sniffed and really just showed that *working dog* yeah what’s that?

So, i handed her over to the nice groomers and walked away. Luna did not look back! HMPH!

Now, lets turn the page and it’s time I go back to pick her up. You know that dog that could care less about me when I left her. Hahaha, right, when she saw me she once again tried jumping over the counter to get to me! Guess that groomer was taking *waaaaaay* too long to get her too her owner. Then again I just think she was happy to see me cause it was past her dinner time, what do you think?

The groomer said Luna was an absolutely princess while she was there and enjoyed her spa day. *whew* means I won’t have to worry about her the next time it’s spa time.

Now she’s all nice and pretty it’s time to get ready to get back to class. First class this evening. Wish us luck!

Jan 01 2015

2015 busy busy busy


2015 is here and it starts off with a busy busy busy month! Just the way I like it.

What was the first thing that popped in my inbox to ring off 2015? An audition for NBC’s Hannibal in Toronto. I so want to try for that. Figures the moment I stop paying attention to acting so much something comes up that’s close and would be great to go for. They are looking for a blind person to be in a few episodes. Definitely time to get on the move and quickly update my acting stuff. Where the heck is that acting resume and I need a new headshot, oh yes and Luna does too!

lol, so in yesterdays entry I wrote that I wanted to watch Annie 2014 and that it needed to hurry and come on cable. Well, not long after that entry was posted I actually got the movie. nope, not on cable, sorry.

Annie 2014 definitely has some amusing parts and some things could have been better, but i’d definitely watch it again. I also agree that kids now would probably like it more than the original. I however like them both. They both in their own way have amusing parts.

Annie 2014
Annie, Sandy has to go.
Will, lemonade or chicken nuggets?

It’s back to school time. This is a good thing and a bad one, lol.

Good being that I finally will get to start working on getting my massage training for here in Ontario. I’m going to be doing it on a course by course basis for a little while since the school is like super expensive. Hopefully by the time i *have* to switch into the program itself the cost will be a bit cheaper. I also have to go out and buy new clothes. This school you *must* wear the school colors. You have a choice of white, cream or green. Bleh! Why couldn’t they have like purple? Ah well, guess I’ll pick green. Shopping on Monday it will be.

The bad thing is I just don’t have the confidence in myself for this school stuff. I discovered in the last few months that y attention span for school at the college or university level definitely needs some work, like badly! All my tricks for keeping my focus and not getting so agitated and restless in school before are not working at this level.

luna will be going for her first *spa* day on Monday so that she’s all nice and pretty before our first day of class on Tuesday. And since there’s currently no snow thanks to mother nature, I won’t have to worry about her diving in it right away after her bath, lol.

Moving moving moving!!! The end of the month it’s moving time. Just in case you missed it, OTTAWA PEOPLE, come out, come out, where ever you are! Help help help, we need help!

Shhh, those of you in the peanut gallery, not help in that way, lol. Although it’s probably true.

Also, on the same day we get the keys for the apartment Luna and I are heading off to a concert. I’d tell you where, but I forgot where it is, lol. Good thing I’m not doing the driving, ha!

Now, back to my cheese cake while Luna snores in her bed. Where’s that muzzle?

Dec 31 2014

2014 the emotional year

So this year ends the way it started, cold!!!

This has been one hell of a year, so how about we wrap it up and hopefully get ready for a better new year?

1. This time last year I mentioned that I had to take my ex in-laws to court so that my daughter could come here for a visit. Well, finally in the first half of this year my wish came through. Good news, my daughter will be coming for a visit. Bad news, her grandmother will be coming with her. The really really bad news, I’m being made to pay for her hotel stay cause she claims she can’t afford it. What a crock of shit. She’s known I was asking for my daughter to come here for over a year and she could have saved up, especially since the woman has more money than I do, but nooooooo, she had to tell the judge she doesn’t have money and I should pay for it. I wouldn’t mind so much if she wouldn’t have tried to play dirty and tell lies or hell if it’s her I wanted to spend time with. And get this, she even had the nerve to ask if she could stay in our house. Yeah, I think not. I want to visit with my daughter, not babysit grandma the liar too. I hope she can figure out how to get around cause I’m not holding her hand there.

Sorry, definitely a bad topic. So we’ll just move right along, right, right!

2. On April 1, 2014 Noah died of cancer. It was the absolute worse day of this year and it is one I will never forget. the cancer came on so sudden, one month he was fine and the next it was too late to do anything. It was just there. Noah was my silly white golden boy from Canadian Guide Dogs and you can check him out if you look around this blog under his name, smiles.

After he died I wasn’t sure if I could go through getting another dog and I also couldn’t stand using that stupid cane! I beat myself up for over a month wondering if there was anything I could have done, and knowing there wasn’t.

Slam the door on the first half of this year, boy it was tough and emotional…bring on the second half!

3. While grieving for my pal Noah I started the application process for a new puppy since sometimes they can take a while. Some schools I applied to in the end turned out not too be what I wanted, but didn’t discover that until I really sat down to think over it. Then I decided what the hell and my last choice was Leader Dogs. loads of emails back and forth with loads of questions and in July I was accepted to their program! *cheers loudly*

Oh, also in July I made it to my 2nd year with James and I have now been in Canada for 11 years. Where the hell does the time go?

ok, so back to the good stuff, lol.

4. September 16, 2014 I got the most awesomeness dog I’ve ever met named Luna. If you’ve been following my blog, you know all about her. If not, then what the heck are you waiting on? Get to reading! You know that date of April 1, I told you I’d never forget? Well, the other reason for that is Luna’s birthday is on April 1, now how creepy is that?

Luna and I have been together for a little over 3 months now and she is totally my dog and keeps me on my toes. Still things to iron out, but getting her is a decision I don’t regret. Thank you Leader for my new best friend!

5. What’s the end of a year without something drama or moving wise. last year drama, the year before that moving. So can you guess what this year is?

Yep, that’s it, moving. This nice dream house has raised the rent so that it’s just out of my comfort zone and next year we will be moving…and it’s back to apartment living! I will no longer be able to just kick Luna out the door for her park time. I’ll actually have to get dressed and freeze in the cold with her. Now that is a crime!

Hey you Ottawa People, i’m still calling you out. If you can drive and are big and tough, PLEEEEEEEEEASE come help us move!!

6. A definite must see…Annie 2014. I really want to see what the *new* Annie is like. Hurry up and get on tv!

This year has been full of ups and downs, some have gone some still remain. 2015 will bring new things and I can’t wait to see how they turn out. So I raise a glass to you and Luna raises her tail!

Happy New Years Eve everyone, and now lets go have those drinks!

Dec 28 2014

Mother nature spoils things again!

*shakes a fist*

Darn mother nature spoiled my plans again. The perfect chance to have someone video Luna playing in the snow and guess what happens?

THERE’S, NO, MORE, SNOW!!!!! Yes, that horrible mother nature made the weather sooooooo nice that the snow turned into nice slippery ice. Ice, who the heck wants to play on ice? *groans*

Not only can’t the darn woman make up her mind if it will be hot or cold, but she clearly does not want me to have my first playtime with Luna in the snow! I’d strangle the woman if I could.

Ah well, it’s been a nice vacation minus a few hick-ups, but back home tomorrow we go, back to routine and schedules and oh yes, *packing*

Hey, anyone in or near Ottawa want to *PLEASE* come help us move?

Dec 23 2014

Petawawa for Christmas, Year 3

Wow, what a way to start a Christmas break.

Yesterday morning started off in a panic.
1. An annoying telemarketer calls James cell phone and that’s what wakes us up…at 8:30AM.
2. I discover that my alarm didn’t go off at 6AM *grumbles*
3. Luna who always starts yelling at me at 5:30Am decides that she’ll just sleep in for a change. Yeah, she just had to pick the one day we needed to be up, lol.
4. Call Greyhound just to find out that if we can’t make the 10AM bus then we’re just shit out of luck and have to buy the tickets all over again. Oh and the next bus isn’t until midnight. *midnight*
5. So, quick run around the house and throw last minute stuff in suitcases, feed Luna, rush Luna through parktime while all the time watching the clock.
6. Everything is all set and finally tag Uber for a pickup…*groans* it’s a driver I had before that is as smart as, well never mind.

Exciting morning right? Well, we make it to the station in time, but guess what? Ha, the driver is late! All that running around and missing getting Mr. Sub just to end up waiting on the driver after all.

Luna was a little out of sorts for a while due to me rushing her, but once we got settled on the bus she was a good girl and slept the whole trip.

This makes the second year that we’ve had fun getting started on our trip to Petawawa for the holiday. Maybe we should try hitch hiking next year?

Luna meets Missy and Willy
Oy, now the first visit definitely did not go off perfect. Missy and Willy did not like the fact that Luna was in *their* house. Big bad hyper puppy lets growl and snarl at her and maybe she’ll go away?

Nope, sorry puppies doesn’t work that way. I just introduce you to each other one at a time and use food as bait, ha!

Missy and Luna aren’t friends yet…too protective over who they see as *their* humans. Missy snaps at Luna if she gets too close to James and Luna snaps at Missy if she gets too close to me. Still needs work, but much better than dealing with constant snapping and growling and wanting to bite heads off.

Luna and Willy, well I don’t think they care about each other now as far as who’s boss.

While here Luna will of course be on leash and attached to me…which she absolutely hates! In fact she’s complaining about that very thing as I write this, lol.

Ha, I think I started a bad habit. I was laying on the couch and Luna hopped on top of me and curled up. It was sooooooo cute! Tried taking a picture but James is a horrible picture taker. He chopped our heads off. *sighs* so hard to find good help.

Luna is definitely out of sorts here though. Constantly whining and grumbling and groaning at me. Not use to the whole idea of *whoops* must be constantly attached to mom again, who knows.

Now as long as the *warm* weather doesn’t the huge pile of snow into a mess I should be able to get someone to video Luna in the snow this time. Keep your fingers crossed.

Dec 20 2014

A Puppy Christmas

This was shared on an email group I’m on and I just had to pass it along. Enjoy!

A Puppy Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my puppy gave to me

The Santa topper from the Christmas tree.

On the second day of Christmas my puppy gave to me

Two leaking bubble lights

And the Santa topper from the Christmas tree.

On the third day of Christmas my puppy gave to me

Three punctured ornaments

Two leaking bubble lights

And the Santa topper from the Christmas tree.

On the fourth day of Christmas my puppy gave to me

Four broken window candles

Three punctured ornaments

Two leaking bubble lights

And the Santa topper from the Christmas tree.

On the fifth day of Christmas my puppy gave to me

Five chewed-up stockings

Four broken window candles

Three punctured ornaments

Two leaking bubble lights

And the Santa topper from the Christmas tree.

On the sixth day of Christmas my puppy gave to me

Six yards of soggy ribbon

Five chewed-up stockings

Four broken window candles

Three punctured ornaments

Two leaking bubble lights

And the Santa topper from the Christmas tree.

On the seventh day of Christmas my puppy gave to me

Seven scraps of wrapping paper

Six yards of soggy ribbon

Five chewed-up stockings

Four broken window candles

Three punctured ornaments

Two leaking bubble lights

And the Santa topper from the Christmas tree.

On the eighth day of Christmas my puppy gave to me

Eight tiny reindeer fragments

Seven scraps of wrapping paper

Six yards of soggy ribbon

Five chewed-up stockings

Four broken window candles

Three punctured ornaments

Two leaking bubble lights

And the Santa topper from the Christmas tree.

On the ninth day of Christmas my puppy gave to me

My wreath in nine pieces

Eight tiny reindeer fragments

Seven scraps of wrapping paper

Six yards of soggy ribbon

Five chewed-up stockings

Four broken window candles

Three punctured ornaments

Two leaking bubble lights

And the Santa topper from the Christmas tree.

On the tenth day of Christmas my puppy gave to me

Ten Christmas cards I shda mailed

My wreath in nine pieces

Eight tiny reindeer fragments

Seven scraps of wrapping paper

Six yards of soggy ribbon

Five chewed-up stockings

Four broken window candles

Three punctured ornaments

Two leaking bubble lights

And the Santa topper from the Christmas tree.

On the eleventh day of Christmas my puppy gave to me

Eleven unwrapped presents

Ten Christmas cards I shda mailed

My wreath in nine pieces

Eight tiny reindeer fragments

Seven scraps of wrapping paper

Six yards of soggy ribbon

Five chewed-up stockings

Four broken window candles

Three punctured ornaments

Two leaking bubble lights

And the Santa topper from the Christmas tree.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my puppy gave to me

A dozen puppy kisses and I forgot all about the other eleven days.

Dec 15 2014

‘Twas the night before Christmas and the kennel was still

Here’s the cute little Christmas story that makes its way around all guide dog schools this time of year. If you have a guide dog, I’m sure you’ve heard it…and if not, well, why not? lol

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all handlers and those furry pups!

‘Twas the night before Christmas and the kennel was still,
The dogs asleep after eating their fill.
The Labradors curled up and quite snug in their beds,
With visions of edible goodies dancing in their heads.

The Goldens and Shepherds sprawled out on the floor,
Some twitched in their sleep and continued to snore.
The dog food was stacked neatly in the feed room with care,
With the scent of dog food swirling in the air.

The kennel cat lying on the cool window ledge,
Surveying the dogs as they lay on their beds.
Something was different, that little cat knew.
Tonight something would happen, it had to be true.

Before the trainers packed up and started for home,
They wished us all, “Merry Christmas!” in a merry tone.
The dogs sensed the joy during the training and walks,
The trainers were much happier and eager to talk.

In the mall working through the maze of people and stores,
We saw decoration and music and distractions galore!
The dogs pranced along without worry or fear,
But some balked at the man on the sleigh with the fake looking deer.

The cat sprang up when he was startled by a sound,
From a loud “Whoosh” in the air and a jingle around.
It reminded him of a dog’s collar when the animal shook,
But this sound kept on growing. He’d better go look.

From the rooftop came a noisy thump and ker-plunk,
The kennel cat scampered to the Christmas tree trunk.
A jolly old man in red appeared from the chimney,
Standing in the kennel gazing at the wonder in glee.

The dogs still so quiet, all sleeping so sound,
As this man dressed in red tiptoed in and around.
He patted the cat as he walked past his spot,
And made his way to the trainers’ empty coffee pot.

A brown German shepherd sat up not quite awake,
Followed by a Golden with a mighty loud shake.
All of the dogs jumped up making a loud noise.
In spite of the rumble, the jolly man kept his poise.

After preparing the coffee pot, it started to brew,
He sat down on a chair and took in the view.
Dogs all around him, spectacular in breed,
He knew well their jobs, the blind people they would lead.

The dogs standing up and barking quite loud,
Quieting down after a chorus of howls.
The man dressed in red laid a finger on his lips,
And with a twinkle in his eyes, he silenced the yips.

Gazing at the dogs in training he started to talk,
“Hello my pups, I’m Santa Claus”.
Turning to fill his mug with coffee and cream,
He said, “I’ve always wanted to stop here. It’s been one of my dreams.”

The cat peeking out began exploring Santa’s sack.
“Yes, little kitty, that’s an empty pack”.
Santa smiled as he looked into the dogs sparkling eyes,
Deep brown ones and gold ones held wide in surprise.

Some of the dogs he remembered from last year,
In their puppy homes, cute and full of holiday cheer.
“I didn’t bring you presents or bones for you to chew,
I’ll tell you something better, what you are going to do.”

“You are working hard with trainers who deeply care,
Giving you praise and correction, gentle and fair.”"
You’ll go many places and face many strange things,
You’ll ride buses and subways and hear fire sirens ring.”

“You’ll See cars drive close to you, but you will stand tall and strong,
Not moving into danger, not moving toward wrong.”
“Just when you think that this trainer’s the best,
Once again you’ll be faced with another of life’s tests.”

After you learned every lesson your trainer can teach,
It will be time for your trainer to turn over the leash”.
“Your new friend will be someone that is blind and can’t see,
Your guide work will help them walk independently and free”.

“Some are visually impaired and can see just a tad,
Most of their sight is missing and their focus is bad”.
“Your training as guide dogs will replace their eyes,
You will work as a team facing challenges that arise”.

Santa sipped at his coffee and looked over the brood,
Knowing what he had to say next might sound a bit rude.
“Not all of you will do the work of a canine guide,
Your time here isn’t wasted, you won’t be cast aside.”

“Some of you will be a service dog for a person with different needs,
Making their life so wonderful, happy and free”.
“Your work is so important, People wait on long lists,
To receive such good dogs as you, the school folks insist.”

When the last drop of coffee filled Santa’s cup,
The jolly man turned smiling at each wide eyed pup.
“The best gift of all is to give something back,
That’s why there’s nothing for you all inside of my pack.”

Finishing his coffee Santa visited each pen,
Petting and scratching each dog again and again.
“Next year and many more after this magical night,
Your gift of guide work will replace someone sight”.

“Each day you’ll guide your new friend along the way,
Noticing harm you’ll step out of the way.”
“You will travel the cities and find new ways,
With the Masters harness in hand day after day”.

“Your master will love you and treat you with care,
And remember your training and trust will always be there.”
“The bond you share will be special and strong,
Like a new puppy or the tune from a song”.

After the last dog had been petted and softly soothed,
Santa put away the coffee pot and made ready to move.
Up to the roof top he rose quickly high above,
With a smile and a wave as he slipped on his gloves.

The dogs peered out the window as Santa flew out of sight.
They heard Santa say, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night”!

Author Unknown

Dec 15 2014

One month later

Oops, time ran away from me again! It really needs to stop that. I didn’t realize that my last update was a little over a month ago. Bad May, bad!

So, lets catch everyone up on how things are going around here.

Moving once again
It use to be I moved every here from one State or Province to another. Ha, now it seems I have to move every 2 years, lol.

Thanks to the rent increase at Accora Village we decided that it would be best to move instead of running the risk of tapping too much into our extra money that allows us to you know eat and drink and buy things. I first debated on waiting until the summer to move because then it wouldn’t be like freaken cold outside and neither of us would be in classes during the summer.

But, then I thought better of that because I have a little person coming to visit me next summer and I figured better I know the new neighbourhood and already set up instead of trying to learn where things are and not really knowing when she got here. So, winter moving it is, *again*

The end of next month we will be going back to apartment living over at Parkwood Hills

Well, I haven’t talked much about school this term and that’s mainly because it just didn’t go as good as I would have liked and planned. Since I really didn’t have to *go* on campus for school, the procrastinator that I am chose to stay home and watch the classes later. Classes by video is a great idea, but ha for me it makes it so easy just to forget I have a class.

Next term however I definitely don’t have a choice, I *must* go to classes. Starting January 6th I’ll be going to C.I.A. Hahahah, amusing!

School 1, Carleton and school 2, International Academy

International Academy, I’ll finally get to start working on getting my national license for massage therapy, yay! Might take me a while since I’m paying for it on a course by course basis, but I’ll get there in the end.

Out of my mind
Back in September I wrote like every single day and the posts were very good and amusing to a lot of people and just about everyone was saying I should like write books and stuff. Hahah, would you be surprised that I actually don’t like writing. It’s like my least favourite thing to do, academically that is. when it comes to writing for school stuff, I absolutely suck, lol. but writing for pleasure I seem to do great even though I hate writing. Figure that one.

So anyways, while at Leader Dogs for the Blind I wrote my first poem in like years. That one was specially written for class 15/03. Shortly after I got home in October I wrote another poem that was a bit better than my first and not long ago…like last week I completely lost my mind and decided I wanted to enter my poem into a writing contest. So, on December 8th I checked to see which poem would be the best and it was the second one I wrote and submitted it. Will I win? Ha, I have no idea, but people say it was good enough to enter, so we shall see.

Now on to the best part, Luna!
Luna and I are doing great! I mentioned Leader dogs a moment ago and much to my surprise I found out that Luna and I are still highly remembered at Leader, ha! Hmm, now it’s December and I was there in September, makes me wonder…them remembering me is that a good thing? *smiles*

There’s finally loads of snow, not just fluff on the ground for Luna to play in. I tried doing a video of her playing in it, but erm that didn’t go so well. Every time I got down on her level to make sure she got on camera, she tackled me into the snow, *grumbles* That and I had to tell her not to try and eat the camera, it was not a toy, lol. So videoing Luna in the snow is definitely a 2 person job and will have to wait until we travel next week. Hopefully they’ll still be lots of snow to play in.

Work wise however. *whew* Traveling with Luna may be tricky if the sidewalks aren’t clear so I know that she hasn’t pulled me off into some deep snow pile just to play. I was told to try the gentle leader with her and I will as soon as mother nature decides if it’s going to snow lots or warm up enough where most of it disappears again. Darn woman is not making it easy for me to fix my dog, ha!

Luna gets *loads* of praise on how well behaved she is, especially during choir. During choir practice she just lays on the floor and doesn’t move…well, that is until someone says the word *ok* Really need to change that trigger word. It’s a pain in the ass!

Speaking of choir! We had another show yesterday afternoon. The purpose of this show was to try and beat the 2012 world record for the most people singing Jingle Bells and the choir I’m in Shout Sister Choir kicked off the event.

Sadly, we didn’t break the record. We only had 350 and we needed 489. I think we could have if the event got a lot more advertising, but ah well it was still fun. If you wish to see a small clip of it, then watch and listen I have no idea what part was caught on video if it’s the whole choir or if you can see Luna Moon. It is about 7 minutes into the news. Hopefully i can find other videos since there were loads of people there videoing the shows.

Luna of course got lots of attention after our part was done by little kids and she loved it. For all the parents that respected the fact that Luna is a working dog and let their child know they couldn’t pet Luna while she was working. i thank you! And of course since they were nice and respected that, their children got love from Luna and her from them, *smiles*

Now to get ready for our next adventure. Off to the families for Christmas next week. Poor Luna!

This time I promise it won’t be a month before the next post, lol.

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